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13th February, 2013

I never feel fully dressed without a whiff of sultry scent ~ in fact I can’t even crawl into bed without a little spritz. I love the visceral thrill of a great fragrance: be it the effervescence of childhood, the mystery of incense, the familiar musk of a former love, or the exciting air of a new-found crush ~ but there’s nothing better than finding a perfume that feels just like you. These are the fragrances that color my reality, the few that feel right in my world:1. TokyoMilk / Poe’s Tobacco: I love this one as an on-the-go refresher. I keep it in my bag and it serves as a great midday pick-me-up, because it mixes well with other scents.

2. Chanel / Eau de Cologne: I use this clean, airy fragrance as a room / linen spray ~ there’s nothing quite as nice as a whiff of this, wafting off of freshly-pressed bedding after a long day in the gritty city.

3. Serge Lutens / Santal Majuscule: I picked this up on my last trip to Paris, and now go through bottles of it like tubes of toothpaste. I just can’t get enough!

4. Orientaliste / Jasmin: I procured this treasure in Marrakech, and haven’t been able to find anywhere to buy it since ~ so I treat every drop like it’s liquid gold! I think it’s the most beautiful perfume on earth, and it kills me to reserve it for only the most special of occasions. I’d bathe in it if I could!

5. The Different Company / Rose Poivrée: I have an odd habit of dropping bottles of this on my bathroom floor, so I keep having to reorder it. Not that I mind! It reminds me of the magical friend who first gave it to me, and thus of all the beautiful, creative, strange souls I’ve known and loved. Each has had a scent and an aura all their own…

|PHOTOS| by Jeremy James

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  • Kay

    this is so awesome!! i love perfume, too!! thanks for such a wonderful tips regarding to scents! love it~~ and always have loved your blog and your style!! :)

  • Rachel

    everyone needs a bottle of chanel eau de cologne on their perfume tray!

  • herwaisechoice

    Love your collection of scents! My personal favourites are Chanel Gardenia and the JImmy Choo perfume. I also love spraying the Essence of Shangri-La (the scent they use in their hotel lobbies) before bedtime… it transports me on a vacation!

  • Pauline T

    Oh yes Chanel is an all-time favorite!

  • Anonymous

    really want to try the Chanel one!

  • kejti
    • Anonymous

      DONE!! You just made my day; thank you!!!


      • Betsy

        Aww I had just found this for you too, Kelly! Haha–happy shopping, may snag a bottle myself ;)

  • Malibu PR Gal

    A beautiful display of perfumes – which I have always wanted, yet I have only stuck with one – for over 15 years. “Child” was my go to scent until a year ago when I needed a change and switched to a local “brew” called Leilana. A beautiful bouquet of Hawaiian florals. The selection you have above looks tempting : )

  • Claire

    Chanel is great, but I’m really addicted to the Vicktor Rolf Flowerbomb right now. Damn sephora and their samples! – Find & Share Beauty Products with Friends

  • Vintage Danielle

    A gorgeous display, doll. I tend to forget to wear my perfume but when I do, I adore Romance by Ralph Lauren.

  • Donna

    I’m hoping to add Chanel Mademoiselle into my collection! Love your selections.

  • Bianca Grogan

    Great choices I am going to try to add one

  • TheDressyChick

    I love fragrance, like you I never leave home without it. Thanks for sharing your favorites!

  • Adeola Naomi Aderemi

    Great choices!

  • Brie

    Me too. I love the idea of having a signature fragrance, because I know so many people who do and it’s kind of comforting to get a whiff of it and turn around to find that they’ve just arrived at a party. My mom and grandmother both have signature scents, so they each have one bottle of perfume with maybe a backup of the same scent. I love borrowing a scarf or piece of clothing and getting that familiar scent for a few days.

    But I’m in love with so many, and I can’t seem to find that one scent that I’d be happy with each day and night. I love Prada Candy (sweet but also musky), Philosophy Pure Grace (clean and soapy), and Stella McCartney (rose and amber) for day, and they’re all quite different. At night, I always go for Thierry Mugler’s Alien (like a deep jasmine/vanilla/amber/woods scent) with Lush Midnight Massage bar (jasmine and vanilla) as a body oil. So at least for dinners and nights out, people can anticipate the same fragrance each time.

  • Caroline

    Oh these sound fantastic! Lately I’ve been really partial to Parfumerie Generale (numbers 5 and 13)

  • Chloe Polo

    Lovely choices!

    UK High Street Fashion & Style


  • anonymous

    Wow, you press your sheets? Now that is devotion to perfection.

  • Sharzad Kiadeh

    Ooolala! They all sound sound magical!

  • Théa Unknown

    Amazing fragrances!


  • Grace Hummel

    I have a full 2 oz bottle L’Orientaliste’s Jasmin, it isn’t for me…if you are interested…