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21st February, 2013

If you’ve followed this site for a while, you may know that I used to have really short hair, and that I’ve been growing it out for a couple years now. The impetus behind this was wanting to have more styling options, but it’s taken me a while to figure out just how to do things with it. One thing I’ve realized is that products make all the difference, and I’m having fun discovering new ones. Apparently hairspray isn’t the only option!I love that, between styling and blogging, I am introduced to so many places and products I might not otherwise be exposed to, and I’m always so excited to share them with you. One of my recent favorites is True Grip by L’Oréal Professionnel. It’s a salon product that was recommended to me recently by a hairstylist friend, and has rocked my world ever since. Like a magical fairy dust for your hair, a little puff of it creates the most incredible texture, grip, and volume. It’s the only reason I was able to come up with so many different hairstyles on my own during Fashion Week. I would have never figured out an updo otherwise.I can’t recommend it enough ~ especially if you have really thin hair (like I do) and want to create bigger volume. I’m always running around town visiting clients, taking meetings, and putting together shoots, so I’ve started keeping a tube of it in my purse at all times, to build up and tease out my hairstyle throughout long workdays.Because I’m so obsessed with the stuff (and have been extolling its virtues to all my friends), L’Oréal Professionnel and I decided to team up and make this fun little video, to show you all how True Grip works and why it’s changed my hair game in such a big way. If you have any questions about it, let me know and I’ll try to answer them in the comments.|VIDEO| by 87AM |PHOTOS| by Mark Iantosca

  • Louise

    What a fantastic video with Loreal! You are such a beautiful woman. Really I am fascinated!

    Much love

  • Great video and you hair looks great,

  • Anonymous

    Wow! You look amazing in all three hairstyles! Amazing video but what that little bottle can do is even more amazing! I could surely use the “power” of this powder since my hair are so thin and volume-less most of the times.

  • Valeria

    what’s playing in the background? what’s the name of the song?? u look marvelous btw!!

  • Jen

    Great video! As someone with very fine hair, I am always looking for new products that will really give me a boost. I am going to try Loreal True Grip! By the way, you are gorgeous , are you a model/ex-model? and I love your hair! I don’t know what it looked like short, but I have always struggled because I have never been able to have long hair due to my super thin hair- unless I got extensions and I just don’t even want to go there. Ugh!

    Thanks again!!

  • Anonymous

    My hair is naturally stick-straight and super limp. This definitely helps with keeping my style in place throughout the day!!


    • Jo L.

      Hi Kelly!

      I love you hair and have been a long time fan of your hairstyles from your short hair to your current length. You are an inspiration for us fine haired girls. I too am in the process of growing out my fine hair and my length is close to yours, but I’m having a terrible time figuring out how to curl it or basically what to do w/it at this length though. I love your short hair curl tutorial! Would you maybe kindly consider doing another curl tutorial? It would be a lifesaver! Thanks so much!

      Your fan,


  • mariposa fashion blog

    super video & greats products!!
    xoxo from germany

  • Loving the new hair! I only wish that I had know about this product while I was growing my own out!

    New post is up on Local & Opulent – jewellery event and what I wore.

  • Colourdiva

    Would be great if you also try Oribe styling products like Maximista which thickens the hair strands root to end and finish with Dry Texturizing spray for maintaining volume and touching up during the day ! Also comes in a travel size !

  • Cara Northcutt

    I’ve been wanting to try the Loreal Salon line since I first heard of it. My best friend swears by these products, I definitely must try now.

    xx Cara

  • Wow i love the video! Beautiful job!

  • Jennifer

    You are just too fabulous!

    xo Jennifer

  • MUST try this, immediately!

  • Eva

    No Olivia Palermo

  • Lust Covet Desire

    Love good hair tips, thx for sharing!

  • Cool video! Love it! Definitely going to check this out! You remind me of a super agent spy in the video. : ) Super!

  • You are so gorgeous I cant get over it

    xo Ashley

  • city

    thanks for share...

  • Abbie

    It feels like all of your posts are just advertisements these days. It’s hard to put a finger on what is genuinely Kelly anymore because you just throw a million different things our way that you’re clearly getting paid for. There’s no harm in that but it doesn’t seem like you’re very selective with what you shell out, and it has really changed the nature of your blog.

    • Anna

      Rude and not true! If you understand anything about the business of blogging you’d appreciate that the time and effort it takes to create these posts for exposure to such a large, focused audience deserves some type of compensation. I actually think Kelly does a fabulous job of staying true to herself within sponsored posts. She’s a stylist, of course she’s going to have access to products and things that the rest of us would otherwise not know about and her true fans want to hear about them regardless of the deal on the back end. Lay off judgmental, or just go away!

      • Abbie

        There’s no need to get so riled up over one comment. Kelly is a grown woman and can probably handle criticism. I wasn’t attacking her as a person, but in a increasingly-saturated blogosphere I think it’s important for people to voice their opinions on changing content and what feels authentic vs. inauthentic. If I really didn’t like her blog at all I wouldn’t be here, now would I? And I wouldn’t have taken the time to share my two cents, either. People who write criticism off as rude are generally insecure, and I don’t think Kelly has anything to be insecure about. I, of course, think the lady should make money off of this blog, I just find that certain posts lately are blatantly advertisements with not a lot of The Glamourai mixed in.

        • I agree with you completely. While I dont know if its her voice or not… I dont think personally it comes across as too advertisey but I have seen MANY other bloggers make it seem that way. I do not think you were being judgemental AT ALL though. Just stating your opinion. I understand you were not saying she should not have this stuff but more so the WAY its written MAY come across as too advertisey……

  • Mariana Paulos

    Amazing! xoxo

  • Freya – Fashionable People

    The Tom Ford nail varnishes are gorgeous!

  • Your photos always look so cool, it makes such a difference… My hair is very thin and this would actually work perfectly for me, I’ll have to find it…

  • That last style in the video is amazing!! Love being introduced to new products and I’m especially fascinated by the idea of powder – must try this! Thank you, Kelly!

  • V

    no wonder you hair has been looking amazing recently!! I was really wondering what the change was

  • Théa Unknown

    Amazing photographs, you’re stunning!


  • Hey Kelly.

    First of all, kudos on the epic music. Probably not your selection, but it sure does add some oomph to that vid. At first I was wary of the sponsored nature of all of this, but as someone who’s always on the hunt for the next best hair product, I appreciate your advocacy of this seemingly innocuous little bottle.

    One question: Will it hold curls in longer hair? Or is it really meant for shorter, thinner hair?
    (I also have stick-straight hair, but much longer).


  • Carly

    You make me want to have hair short hair again! As a girl with fine hair, and a lot of it, I will def have my eye on this little gem thanks to you! I love when you do tutorials/beauty posts and i personally LOVE hearing about new products that we can all get our hands on! thanks for sharing.

  • we have the same type of hair. thanks for sharing. need some of this in my life! <3 btw… who cuts/styles ur hair?

  • Fantastic video! I can’t decide if i want to grow my hair out or keep it short but the way your’s is styled here has me leaning towards the latter. Definitely loved the direction of this collab and the music is SO epic!!!

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  • I absolutely love this video and it really shows just how veritable True Grip really is! I am a hairdresser and salon owner for over 23 years and have used Loreal Products for 27 years and they always have had the best color and styling products out there!!! True Grip is one of them along with my very favorite Infinium Hairspray!!!!!

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  • fanfan Chen

    This video is so good, it makes me want to go buy it immediately. btw, what is the music called? music is SO epic!!!

  • Fantastic video and definitely a product I must try.

    xx, C

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