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11th February, 2013

For some time now, I’ve been into really minimal jewelry ~ simple stuff that, once I’ve put it on, I never have to think about again. Each piece just seems to become a part of me. My everyday watch is by Fendi and the rings I’m always wearing are from Catbird, David Yurman (similar), and Jennifer Zeuner ~ plus more Catbird, Catbird (tread carefully there if you’re not obsessed with this store already ~ it’s a slippery slope toward full-on addiction). The top necklace was a gift from my mother, who had two of them made for my sister and me (similar here), from two diamond links removed from an antique bracelet my father gave her. I love how wearing it everyday feels like a reminder of the connection we three will forever share. The lighting bolt necklace is by Jennifer Zeuner, as is the drop-front lariat, while the hook cuff is by Giles & Brother. The only thing missing is my newest addition to the daily repertoire ~ a second wrap cuff by Phillips House.

Do you switch out your jewelry everyday, or work/sleep/live in the same staple pieces like me?

|PHOTOS| by Mark Iantosca

  • Heather Patton

    While I don’t sleep in my jewelry, I do find that I tend to wear the same things every day. It makes getting dressed a lot easier in the morning, and simple jewelry like the stuff in your post goes with everything. I’m still on the hunt for an everyday watch, which I think might be my mission this spring!


  • Very nice pieces, love the way you featured them !

    XX Luba

  • CJAJ09 CJAJ09

    I live in my jewelry too. A watch, a pair of bold earrings and a ring are my absolute staples. You’ve now got me thinking it might be time to add a thin necklace to that set


  • Anna ANTJE
  • Elisa

    You’re totally right, good jewelry is always the one you don’t notice any longer, but that people with good taste will. I love layering thin old chains and rings, you can keep them in the shower and it always gives daytime outfits a cool, subtle shine.

    Elisa – Wandering Minds fashion

  • Denisa

    I really like that rings and that idea to make pics with paintings. Have a great day.


  • cute jewels, I love gold.


  • Madeline Tolle

    i’m exactly the same way! I have a couple of pieces that I wear and never take off. I only waver from my staples if I’m looking to try a statement look.


  • I love how you’ve showcased the jewellery! very creative


    UK High Street Fashion & Style


  • I definitely have pieces that I always wear. As for the Catbird addiction, truer words have never been spoken. Such a tiny store but the customer service and selection of delicate pieces are impeccable.

  • love the jewelry and how you display it 😉 xo, Alma


  • Isa A.

    Love the display, really original 😉 I have tons of jewelry, but I usually wear the same pieces everyday.

  • Somebody from Somewhere
  • Pauline T

    Subtile golden jewelry is always and forever my favorite. Statement pieces are great too but it’s not the ones you’ll keep a lifetime!

  • Fabulous pictures. So creative & fun. Love it! And can’t forget the sweet, delicate pieces – J’adore!

  • Cara Northcutt

    I have my everyday staples and will add in a piece here and there. Now I don’t feel so bad about having my go-to’s that I love so much 🙂
    xx Cara

  • ThĂ©a Unknown

    Love the rings


  • mulberry&melrose

    i totally love simple jewelry too, love your choices 🙂 -S


  • Mediterranean Blick

    The rings are marvelous!!!!




  • Anonymous

    simple rings and bracelets are to go!


  • Vera Ribeiro

    Since a create my Jewellery line, VR, I wear one of my floating necklaces everyday, all the time, and everyone who has it, also keeps the necklaces all the time. They are so light, so “floating” , you don’t notice they are there.
    Take a look of them, Facebook, VR-Vera Ribeiro Jewellery, and let me know…

  • I sleep with them look you 😉 I love all your pretty rings !!!


  • Suzanne K

    I have a TON of jewelry so I can’t bare to wear the same piece(s) everyday – I’d feel too guilty! Oddly enough, the pieces that are the most sentimental to me get the least amount of wear (other than my wedding rings)… I guess I feel they’re too special for the everyday, so I break them out only for special occasions. (That being said, I’ve always envied girls who have “signature” jewelry that they wear all the time.)

  • Cara D

    I am definitely a staple-jewelry girl. Tiny pony necklace, Catbird rings (! Seriously, it’s a massive, irresistible addiction), teeny-tiny watch my parents got me for graduation, class ring (I have a pretty one), and pearl studs. With plain outfits I throw on a long necklace, and if I put my hair up and am feeling wild, I may exchange the pearls for dangles. I have scads of other jewelry in boxes…never touch it. Love my tiny, delicate, every-day whisper-slim rings and tiny pendant and pearls.

  • Gemma

    The only pieces I actually sleep in are my engagement ring and wedding ring (Mociun and In God We Trust) on my left hand and my Catbird rings (one Satomi Kawakita, two Catbird ones) on my right hand – anything else is a small but rotating selection.

  • Em

    I LIVE in Catbird. I have several threadbares [inspired by you, actually] and one of their ear cuffs that I never take off. I also have my wedding ring [just a hammered gold band] and vintage ring I found at a local flea market. Otherwise I change it up on my necklaces and the occasional bangle.

    xoxo, Em

  • Kodi

    I wear the same earrings most days, a simple silver chain that I’ve had for years and my engagement and wedding rings obviously. Everything else changes daily, and I so badly want a few Catbird rings but I haven’t bought any yet. Perhaps I’ll have to drop a major hint to my husband for my birthday this year…

  • Juko

    Who on earth has painted the picture beneath the jewellry – I looove it, it is so striking (of course the jewelry is great as well, I am very into minimalistic). Please, if you know something about the origin or artist – can you tell me about it?

  • Lauren

    LOVE these pieces— understate jewelry is typically the best.


  • I Love Jewelry because it is really cool

    Beautiful Earrings

  • jewelswl

    JEMMA WYNNE has the best gold bangles for everyday!

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  • Guest

    Wow!! It is superb idea.

  • Serena

    Superb !! idea. See more such fascinating jewellery-

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