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17th January, 2013

Trends disseminate and subsequently disappear pretty quickly these days. In fashion terms, it feels like oxblood has been the ‘it’ thing for ages now (when it’s really only been a few solid months). As immersed in the industry as I am, I feel like I should be sick of it by now and onto the next big thing ~ but I’d prefer to keep the faith a little longer. I think this color’s a keeper.See a few other ways I’ve worn or wanted it HERE, HERE and HERE ~ and how I styled it HERE!|WEARING| Ray-Ban sunnies (obsessed over ’em HERE), Chaser trench (previously seen HERE), Jennifer Zeuner necklaces, Maggy Frances top, Pour la Victoire backpack, Rachel Zoe pants, Alexander Wang shoes|PHOTOS| by Mark Iantosca

  • ClosetConfections

    I agree, it’s definitely a keeper. LOVE that backpack. I haven’t worn one in years, but you’ve got me reconsidering…


  • Juliette Laura

    Absolutely love the color, I think it will be around for a looooong time.


    Juliette Laura

  • Naina Kamath

    Oh, that bag that bag. Furry and so subtlety luxurious.

  • Oksana

    I am in love with this wonderful combination! Beautiful backpack.

  • Heather

    Love the rich colors here and that bag is amazing!

  • Nico
  • Huyen

    gorgeous, those colors look lovely on you.


  • Kait | Keeping Change

    That backpack… I’m in love

  • MauModo

    I really love oxblood an i don’t care if is/isn’t a ‘it’!


  • Sophie

    I will always love oxblood even if I should be moving on, it just looks so great with all skin tones! love that backpack xx

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  • Anastasios

    Cool oxblood look dear! I love your back bag 🙂


  • Elena Vasilieva

    loving all things burgundy. the backpack is awesome

  • Rachelle

    such a beautiful coat, love this look.


  • Théa Unknown

    Your bag is amazing!


  • monkeyshines

    fabulous jacket!


  • Adeola Naomi Aderemi

    I love the colour too and I also think its a keeper!!!

  • Anonymous
  • Kelly Ann

    I love your pants and the color of your bag, gorgeous!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  • Caitlin

    I’m with you; I’m all for oxblood sticking around for a long time. It’s such a flattering color on most skin tones!

  • Courtney
  • Caroline

    Love the styling! For me oxblood is such a classic colour that I think it will always be around!

  • Sara Morais

    You look like a grown-up school girl 😀 I like it!

  • Alexa

    Oxblood is my birth-color. For every day of the year there is a color associated with it. Mine happens to be oxblood, is it a coincidence that before knowing this fact my favorite color in life was (and still is) purple? J’adore oxblood, yesterday, today and tomorrow. I hope it never leaves and I am even sad that it took this long to get recognition. Vive le oxblood!

  • Malibu PR Gal

    LOVE the color… interesting mix of textures. They compliment each other beautifully!

  • Suzan

    As an animal lover, you should not wear fur! I LOVE your website and you, but I don’t condone paying for someone else’s skin who has been tortured their entire life. I’ll still keep reading of course. I’m an avid fan 🙂

    • Alisyn

      Especially since it’s from a baby cow 🙁

  • jolicassoulet

    Once again, you nailed it! this look is great, love the oxblood color! its very flattering with your skintone,

  • Rachellaudable

    Love this outfit <3

    My Blog

  • Denisa

    Very nice outfit and I like your coat and bag. Have a great day.

  • Luba Dimitrova

    Gorgeous look ! love it !

    XX luba

    Well Living Blog :: posting from Antiq Palace in Ljubljana

  • Anonymous

    You never disappoint. Love the trench and bag…

  • Iwona

    Cool coat!!! I greet:)

  • Carola Disiot

    faboulos in burgundy!


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  • Flora

    I love the coat. It suits you very well.

  • Project Style

    I totally agree: this colour is forever! I LOVE it!

  • Melissa, BikePretty

    Four years ago I was working as a handbag designer in Italy and it was impossible to find any leather in Oxblood, or “sangue de bue” as we called it. I’m so glad this gorgeous color available again. It’s great for investment pieces because of its versatility, but it’s more special than black or brown.

  • Xenia Kuhn

    This bag is amazing.

  • Damaris Chamorro

    Beautiful bag!


  • Freya – Fashionable People
  • Jules Fashion Week

    The color red is so pretty !!

  • B.

    I couldn’t agree more! Oxblood is such a classic color. I think it will be around for awhile. What a great backpack!

  • Jess Shanahan

    There’s so much I love about this. Those trousers with the simple shoes, the amazing coat, bringing back the backpack and the simple nail polish!

  • Caroline Paris
  • Heather P.

    Loving the oxblood trend lately myself. I think it goes well with a lot of the things already in my closet, which is why I hope this trend never goes away either. But alas, I hear green is the color this year…and oxblood with green just reminds me of Christmas, which has come and gone.

  • Sofya

    The sunglasses are amazing !!

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