Behind The Scenes

3rd December, 2012

The thing I like best about a photoshoot is not the finished product, it’s the process. It’s the never-ending evenings we spend dreaming up concepts; it’s the long days and late nights prior to shooting, which are engulfed in finding the appropriately transformative wardrobe and making the props and booking the cast and choosing the lights and the location ~ but most especially it’s those magical moments on set. It’s communicating with my photographic collaborators, working together to achieve the perfect shot. It’s connecting with the hair and makeup artists and the models, bringing them into the dream, helping them believe it too. Every member of the troupe must put on the same play. And so in the end it’s all of us, working together, believing in the vision and figuring out how to execute it and how to make it magical and beautiful and inspiring and transportive and worthwhile. It’s carving out a gateway through which an eventual viewer may find an escape.

What I really loved about shooting the commission for Lincoln was that it wasn’t an ad campaign or even a fashion editorial. It was just a story, and I had the chance to tell it with a few of my favorite fellow raconteurs.|PHOTOS| by Carly Piersol for Ann Street Studio

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  • bellaconsience

    What a beautiful photoshoot…and what a beautiful short story through the photos…i feel like the mind breathes during a creative process

  • Ashley Taylor

    Gorgeous pictures! The ones with the sheer dresses in the windows though?! UGH. Stunning!

    xo Ashley

  • Andrea

    These behind the scenes shots are amazing! I love little glimpses into the making of a real editorial.
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  • Anonymous

    this shoot looks so great and beautiful!

  • Buki of James1542

    It looks like you all had a great time working together! Thanks for the behind the scenes look. It’s always interesting to see all the work behind the effortlessly chic shoots!

  • CJAJ09 CJAJ09

    love this. You guys seem like such a great fun team.

  • Manon
  • An Act of Style

    I too love beeing on photo shoots. I’ve done men’s clothing only, but it is o much fun!

  • An Act of Style

    I too love beeing on photo shoots. I’ve done men’s clothing only, but it is o much fun!

  • Styleclouds

    The photos are stunning! xo, Christina

  • Rachelle

    Lovely pics. So cool.

  • Karina Ibelis

    Amazing pics… is nice to see your dedication !! Great looks and great outfits!
    karina ibelis

  • pili’s style

    it looks so exciting!

  • Rebecca (hearts)…

    Definitely seems like an extremely involved but terribly rewarding experience. The end results were absolutely amazing.

  • Denisa

    Wow, really amazing pics and result. I like it. Have a great day.

  • Jennifer

    It is so cool seeing behind the scenes photos and seeing all the secrets that help create the picture.

    xo Jennifer

  • monkeyshines

    stunning photos!


  • A Key to the Armoire

    Loved the behind-the-scenes look…so much work, but so rewarding to see the final product! Great work, all of you! You have amazing talent and are great artists!


  • evil eye style

    So glad you featured what happens behind the scenes! Every detail counts!

  • Sophie Lewis

    Fantastic shots! I especially love the ones of the shoes and the jewelry! xx

  • Berty Morales

    Great job and thanks for sharing these amazing photos!

  • Adeola Naomi Aderemi

    Excellent shots!!!

  • Olivia

    so beautiful! Jamie and you are so inspiring.

  • Cleo Lane

    LOve this post!

  • kristine lily

    What a great look behind the scenes, thanks for letting us all have a peek!

  • Betsy
  • Jamie

    These photos really attracted my eye to all the details and seemed to give everything a real texture. Beautiful shots!

  • Saint Allison

    Behind the scenes shots are always my favorite- luv that you took these in b&w!


  • Chael

    Thanks for sharing the report and the oh so cool photos

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