The Dream Machine

28th November, 2012

Society has long been shaped by the brave, by young people who challenge the status quo and go against the grain and forge their own reality. In America, the period of the 1920’s was especially, headily fueled by these raucous cultural progressives. It was the decade of The Lost Generation, a liberal period of political turbulence and intercontinental exchange, which set the stage for a new kind of woman, who plucked her eyebrows and bobbed her hair and wore her skirts too short and had the hedonistic nerve to go riding in cars with boys…Lincoln cars, founded in 1915, also came of age throughout the 20’s. Recently they’ve commissioned groups of artists to tell the tales of what it feels like to ride these waves of change, to craft their versions of the stories that shaped The American Dream. As three of those chosen storytellers, Jamie and Kevin and I strove to capture the titillating thrill, the provocative promise, the joy and the hope and the reward of choosing to live for change, rather than accepting a world that’s already been made. This is the first in our trilogy of fast-driving fashion fantasies.|MAGGIE WEARS| vintage cloche, scarf, and dress from Early HalloweenHue stockings, Ivanka Trump shoes |JOSH WEARS| vintage suit and tie from Early Halloween, vintage Tiffany watch, Rogue shoes

|PHOTOGRAPHY| by Jamie Beck & Kevin Burg |STYLING| by Kelly Framel |HAIR| by Francis Anthony Rodriguez for Kerastase |MAKEUP| by Porsche Cooper |CREATIVE DIRECTION| by Maury Postal

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