The Beat Goes On

29th November, 2012

After the giddy high of the 1920’s, America plunged down a dark corridor in history. First came the Great Depression, then the Second World War. Politically and economically, society was in turmoil, legions of people simply felt beat. We rolled into the 1950’s with a heavy sense of cultural and emotional dissatisfaction ~ and a deep yearning to once again create change. Poets and writers like Jack Keruoac, John Clellon Holmes, Neal Cassidy and Alan Ginsberg led the march, giving voice to their generation’s malcontent. They recognized an intrinsic optimism underneath the nihilism; they were the enlightened progressives to give beat a new rhythm.The cool kids of the day craved a dose of dangerous fun. They rejected materialism, dressed simply, and wore their hair straight. They sought mind expansion through poetry, drugs and music. They had deep, ramblingly intellectual conversations and smoked cigarettes and had tempestuous affairs and felt what it means to be alive.With the 1953 Lincoln Capri as their charioteer, the beatniks orbited the night and bopped at the hop. The party didn’t stop just because the jazz club closed; it followed them wherever they drove.Live fast, die young: a generational embodiment of On The Road, they fell hopelessly, dangerously in love. Turns out, they couldn’t be beat down ~ as a culture, we’d once again rounded a bend, and there was no looking back…|SIERRA WEARS| vintage beret, Zara top and pants, Salvatore Ferragamo flats |MAGGIE WEARS| vintage beret, Zara sweater, vintage skirt from Early HalloweenKORS Michael Kors loafers |JOSH WEARS| vintage glasses and sweater, Zara pants and shoes

|PHOTOGRAPHY| by Jamie Beck & Kevin Burg |STYLING| by Kelly Framel |HAIR| by Francis Anthony Rodriguez for Kerastase |MAKEUP| by Porsche Cooper |CREATIVE DIRECTION| by Maury Postal

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