Old School Mixology

27th November, 2012

Life is all about change; I would never want to be the same person I was a year or two years or ten years ago. I love the journey and I love the evolution; I love that things get more interesting every day. When I first started this site, I was working as a designer and using my own body as a canvas to flesh out germinating ideas. It made for some crazy looks, but nothing I truly regret. It was just part of my creative process, a way of uncovering my voice.In the intermediary years, I’ve really discovered my métier, as a creative director and stylist. I’ve found a special space in the world for myself, where I get to dream up ideas, create concepts, and bring them to life for a living. It’s addictive and exciting and I just want to put all my energies there. Thus, along the way, my own personal style (the subject this site most often explores) has subdued a bit. As a designer, I had the luxury of focusing on and fleshing out one big idea a season; these days it’s a new mood, client, concept and assignment every week. I just need my clothes to function for me, as I pour all my ideas into my work (which I’ve also begun to occasionally share here).
That doesn’t mean I don’t still live for a good dose of heavy mixology now and then, and the holiday season is the perfect time to pull out all the stops. I guess it brings out the inner Christmas tree in me!Speaking of Christmas, can you believe it’s almost here?! I spent yesterday updating Shop The Glamourai with lots of things I’d love to give and get ~ like the social media version of a letter to Santa. CHECK IT OUT!

|WEARING| Hat Attack beanie, Zara coat (read my ode to it HERE), Theory sweater via Zappos Couture, gifted Corey Lynn Calter pants, Z Spoke clutch, Kate Spade shoes |PHOTOS| by Jeremy James

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