New York City Spirit

5th November, 2012

As you all know, this past week has been a tough one on the city I live in and love. Hurricane Sandy left considerable wreckage in her wake, with potentially long-lasting effects. While I luckily never lost power, my sister (pictured here) was without it for five days, so she escaped the Lower East Side and came to camp out at my place.Whatever minor challenges we encountered were nothing compared to what many have suffered ~ so all I can say is that, more than ever, I realize how grateful I am to live in a place that is so resilient and dynamic and intense and alive and so generous with opportunity. There’s really nowhere in the world like New York.It’s been hard to think or write about fashion at a time like this ~ but fashion is part of the soul of this city, and I know every one of its citizens would like to see New York back on her chic feet! It’s been very surreal and saddening to see the city moving at anything less than full speed ahead ~ so while it feels right to get back to work, it would be wrong to forget that so many people are still unable to do the same.That’s why I hope you’ll join me in donating whatever you are able to the Red Cross ~ it’s so easy to do and every little bit helps. Contribute any amount online by clicking HERE, or automatically share just $10 by texting the word REDCROSS to 90999.And, if you live in the New York area, don’t forget that Erin and I would love to see you at this Thursday’s soiree at the Karen Millen store in Soho (located at 114 Prince St; we’ll be there from 6-8pm) ~ I think it’s high time we all had a little fun!|IN THIS POST| Erin wears Ray-Ban sunnies, a Michael Kors trench, sweater and leggings from Shoptiques, and a vintage clutch. |PHOTOS| by Jeremy James

  • very elegantly choice of words, and I feel like the real spirit of new york is to be back on “chic feet” as you said. I hope everything returns to its normal vibrancy soon. you look really beautiful in these pictures, great pants.

  • Viviana Alma Falcone Molinelli

    great trench!!!! love it…xo, Alma

  • Winter

    This is so nice of you. Your writing is so beautiful (especially the description of New York, i completely agree) and the pictures are exquisite to go along with it. Great work! xoxo W

  • wonderful trench – get well soon nyc

    ♥ Thankfifi

  • Caity

    I know NYC will be back on its feet. The spirit of the city is too strong to give up now.

  • Anonymous

    love the coat! and im sure NYC will be grater than ever!

  • Sophie

    That is such a gorgeous coat! I wish more than anything for New York to be back at full speed soon but I’m getting less hopeful as I have yet to even regain power on Long Island! I love to see that everyone is donating so much time and effort into helping those who lost everything, and I hope everyone who has read your post will contribute as well. Those pictures of New York are stunning. xo

  • NYC is a symbol of resilience and force to stand up after sad events. yes you are lucky to be there and share this side of the city through your fashion posts. Besides this, I love your trench;)

  • Aww I’m thinking of you all New-Yorkers, but I know the city will soon be back on its feet, as stylish and lively as ever 😉

  • Lovely post! I have made my donation! Thank you for these hopeful words. I am coming down to the City for my best friend’s baptism this weekend and look forward to adding to the local economy. I love Manhattan!

  • julie

    I am so sorry for all the people suffering as a result of Hurricane Sandy. Having grown up in Miami, I know a thing or two about hurricanes. Hope everyone is back to normal and looking fabulous again soon !

  • monkeyshines

    fabulous trench!


  • Your pics are out of this world. I love them.

  • Sometimes, people think that those connected to fashion, especially bloggers, who are used to write about fashion and events and the fancy side of life, are not capable of writing about anything else. Some people think they’re futile and empty. But the truth is, bloggers like you have the power to make the difference and what you’re doing here is so generous and so thoughtful, I can only like you even more and think that you must be a great person.
    I can’t even express and translate in words how hard I dream about moving to New York. I’ve been dreaming about that since I was little and I feel like, somehow, New York is a part of me so it makes me sad to know that such intense city like New York, with such unique dynamic, is now running at half-speed and so many people have lost so much. I wish I could be there to help. Really.
    Anyway, hope everything gets better soon!

  • Great post! I’m glad to hear you fared well during the storm. I ventured to my downtown office over the weekend and the scene was surreal to say the least. I feel fortunate that my loved ones were all safe, and I agree with you completely about the city’s resiliency!


  • This is a great post and so glad to see that everyone is taking one step at a time!

  • So Simply Sophie

    beautiful tribute to our beautiful city. New Yorkers are strong and we will pull through soon!

  • Jennifer

    I’m glad that you and your family stayed safe!

    xo Jennifer

  • camila

    She’s as pretty as you. I’m not from NYC but was there during Sandy and am still praying for people that were affected the most. But because NYC is the greatest city in the world, we also decided to talk about the nice things here

  • Jules

    Your sister looks stunning!! I hope all has turned back to normal after hurricane sandy!!

  • that trench is brilliant. loving the photos too

  • Anonymous
  • sydney

    Great post! I’m sorry about the hurricane! I hope you and your sissy are doing good!:)

  • Ashley Taylor

    Coveting a trench with leather sleeves. Love it

    xo Ashley

  • le petit plastique

    Love NY and those amazing RayBans!

  • This is what New Yorkers are made of….TOUGH STEEL…and no ones looks better than them while doing it!

  • Inspirareland

    Thoughts are always with the ppl of NYC. 🙂

  • Ivana @ Macarons and Pearls

    What a beautiful and heartfelt post! New York is such a unique and inspiring city, and I’m sure it’ll stand up stronger after this last trial! And on a fashion note, Erin looks so fabulous in front of the NYC skyline! Perfect photoshoot!

    xx Ivana

    Macarons and Pearls

  • StyleNonsense

    I Agree With The Last Comment “TOUGH STEEL!” Hope Your Sister Is Doing Okay! On A More Shallow Note, Your Jacket Is Lovely!

  • Nina Sarin

    What a nice post. As a former New Yorker, this goes out to all my friends who barved the hurricane and the always fabulous city!

  • Mouthful of Style

    What a nice post. As a former New Yorker, this goes out to all my friends who braved the hurricane and to the fabulous city!

  • knockingonfashionsdoor

    It´ s been incredible. In Europe, all this disaster has been followed with preocupation. Fortunately, american people are strong enough to front it and impruve this sad situation. Kisses fron Europe!!

  • Lubna

    What a brilliant outfit! Love the coat and purse x

    Lubna |

  • TheEdgyTimes

    You word it perfectly…New Yorkers are resilient and dynamic. Just like 9/11 (I was there), you’ll all come out stronger and more appreciative of life’s little offerings. I sincerely wish a quick recovery to all affected.

  • steph

    great post. ive donated and volunteered. love my city.

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