November, 2012

  • The1960s

    The Feminine Mystique

    Inspired by the gauntlet of social independence thrown down by the beatniks, the hippies of the 1960s pushed their radical cultural…

  • The1950s

    The Beat Goes On

    After the giddy high of the 1920’s, America plunged down a dark corridor in history. First came the Great Depression, then…

  • The1920s

    The Dream Machine

    Society has long been shaped by the brave, by young people who challenge the status quo and go against the…

  • Mixology

    Old School Mixology

    Life is all about change; I would never want to be the same person I was a year or two…

  • TrompeLoeil

    Trompe L’oeil

    I’m always delighted by the cheekiness of tromp l’oeil, an artistic technique that uses extreme realism to create optical illusions.…

  • FamilyTime

    Family Time

    Happy Thanksgiving, my friends! I am so excited because this year, for the first time, Erin and I will be…

  • Psychedelic

    A Psychedelic Cocktail

    Recently piled on a few of my coolest neutrals, including a coat I consider to be the 2012 interpretation of…

  • Workwear


    Being on set for a photoshoot is when I’m the happiest in my life. The collision of creative collaboration and…

  • Tired


    Plopped down on this big ol’ spare tire, to rest my tired legs after a loooooong week. I’m right in the…

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