DIY: Halloween

18th October, 2012

I love getting dressed up for Halloween ~ it is THE fashion holiday! It’s also the best day of the year to live in New York City; everyone really lets their inner freak flag fly. It’s terribly entertaining to ride around on the subway and see everyone kitted out in the weird, wacky, and wonderful ~ and the diversity of ideas you see scampering around town really illustrates that all you need to create a great costume is a little bit of imagination and ingenuity.

I’ve always believed in making my own Halloween ensembles, and usually try to do so without spending very much (if any!) money. Oftentimes, I’ve been able to simply pull a few things from my closet, combine them with a more-elaborate-than-everyday makeup look, and voila! Instant costume.

This year, I wanted to show you a few of these DIY costume ideas ~ all of which I’ve done on myself in the past and all of which can be created without buying that terrible, cakey, costume shop maquillage. To prove this point, I rounded up my favorite beauty team and cajoled my sister, Erin, into agreeing to model for me. I hope the pictures we made will inspire your own spooky experimentation, as each of these can be recreated using products already in your kit, or better yet, with a few new FLIRT! goodies that you’ll actually be able to reuse again & again, long after the sugar high of Halloween has faded away. I always love a 60’s-mod, Twiggy/Edie Sedgwick-inspired look. To reproduce the fierce face that makeup artist Porsche Cooper designed on Erin, first cover your eyelids in a base of Dreamy Eyes Eyeshadow in Birthday Cake, then define and shade the creases (a 60’s signature!) with a much darker shade, Ink Spell. Next, draw a sharp upper lash line with Opening Line Liquid Liner in Ebony Edge and apply a thick set of false eyelashes. Draw on the bottom lashes with a bit more liquid liner, then finish it all off with a generous sweep of both Far Out Lengthening Mascara in Extreme Black and Lash-A-Delic Mascara in Mod Black. With this look, more is more! For the final touch, a light dusting of Peek-A-Blush in Caramel Belle and a heavy-duty-dose of Big Flirt Lipgloss in Pearl Powder:Fun fact: I was dressed in a geisha-inspired ensemble on the fateful night that my friends nicknamed me ‘The Glamourai’ ~ so it’s an affectation that holds a special place in my stylistic inspirations. More than that, it’s a Halloween costume I’ve thrown together last-minute on more than one occasion! If you have a vintage kimono and some flowers to stick in your hair, you’re halfway there.

Drive the idea home with this surprisingly simple beauty look. Begin by covering the eyelids with a light-colored base of Dreamy Eyes Eyeshadow in Showstopper, and shade the inner corners with the slightly darker Gold Envy. Using Opening Line Liquid Liner in Ebony Edge, draw on a thick line above your upper lashes. Extend this line out past the edges of your eyes, but take care to keep it straight (as opposed to a curved cat eye shape). Next, take the Look of Love Eye Pencil in Tipoff, and use it to draw a softer line over the base of your bottom lashes. Extend this line out past the edge of your eyes as well, but don’t let it intersect with the top line; you want to leave a space in between the two. Fill that space in with a bit of Dreamy Eyes Eyeshadow in Solid Gold, then use the same color to highlight your inner eyes. Finish with Far Out Lengthening Mascara in Extreme Black, Peek-A-Blush in Crazy Love (applied extra high on the cheekbones, rather on the apples), and a light tap of High Wattage Lipcolor applied just to the middle of your lips, for a subtle bow shape:
If you caught THIS POST, you already know I’m a fan of a drawn-on mask. It’s a look I first experimented with about 5 years ago, for a friend’s spy-themed birthday party ~ for which my costume consisted of nothing but a khaki trench coat and a full tube of liquid liner, but was still a HUGE hit. Easy and impactful!

Start out by tracing the mask shape around your eyes, using Opening Line Liquid Eye Liner in Ebony Edge. It’s important to get the outline right before you start filling everything in; that way you can easily make adjustments without having to wipe the whole thing off and start over again. Once you’ve achieved a shape that you’re happy with, fill it in all the way up to the corners of your eyes with the same liquid liner. Next, pat a bit of Dreamy Eyes Eyeshadow in Wild Night over your eyelids; this will lock the liner in place and keep it from creasing as the night goes on. Finish with Agent Lash Mascara (so appropriate!) in Agent Black, and Big Flirt Lipgloss in Big Crush (their newest color ~ it’s so film noir and I’m obsessed!): |SPOOKTACULAR BEAUTY| starring Erin Framel // photography: Jeremy James // art direction & styling: Kelly Framel // makeup: Porsche Cooper for FLIRT! Cosmetics // hair: Francis Anthony Rodriguez for Kerastase

|THROUGHOUT| Erin wears clothing by Milly |FOR MORE IDEAS| Check out FLIRT!‘s Facebook page!

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