Behind The Scenes: Spooktacular Beauty

19th October, 2012

Whenever I shoot a beauty how-to (as I’ve done HERE, HERE, and most recently HERE), my sincere aim is to create looks that will not only inspire you but also be truly usable. Since yesterday’s Halloween piece involves the most complex concepts yet, I wanted to also share a few behind-the-scenes images from the making of, to give you a better sense of the intricacies of each idea. I hope these will help to serve as a companion guide to creating your own innovative Halloween costumes!|ABOVE + BELOW| Erin’s ‘Mod Model’ look, just before Porsche drew on her lower lashes with liquid eyeliner.|ABOVE + BELOW| I love the hairstyle that Francis devised for Erin’s ‘Glamorous Geisha’ disguise. The secret’s in the back-combing! Just tease your hair into three little rat’s nests (at either side and on top of the head), then smooth each section back with a brush and secure with bobby pins. Keep it all in place with a thick spritz of Kerastase’s Double Force Controle Ultime hairspray|ABOVE + BELOW| I bobby-pinned fresh fall flowers into Erin’s freshly-sculpted coif, as Porsche finished her eyes off with FLIRT!’s Far Out Lengthening Mascara. I think it’s very telling that of all the mascaras in the world (and Porsche’s tried them ALL, trust me), this one is her absolute favorite. You must give it a try if you haven’t already!|ABOVE + BELOW| Femme fatale curls, a classic trench coat and some liquid eyeliner: can you believe that’s all you need to create the most dramatic costume of all?! The ‘Super Sleuth’ is so easy and chic.|PHOTOS| by Jeremy James

|CLICK HERE| to revisit all the finished costumes!

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