A Glamourai Giveaway: With Karen Millen

30th October, 2012

I am so grateful to every one of my readers; thank you all for tuning in day after day, month after month, year after year to follow my adventures in fashion. I am truly honored to have your support, and aim to always raise the bar around here, push some boundaries a bit, and hopefully continue to inspire you. I love when you take the time to comment on posts, or chat with me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. It’s what makes this medium so much fun!

As a way of saying thanks, I’ve teamed up with British designer Karen Millen to organize a little giveaway. I know that my readers are an intensely stylish bunch, but what that means is different for every one of us. So, I hope you’ll find something in one of these three looks that speaks to your unique aesthetic:|OFF-DUTY LUXE| vintage Ray-Ban sunnies, Karen Millen sweater, corduroys, bag + heels|POLISHED WORKWEAR| Westward\\Leaning sunnies, vintage scarf, Chanel bag, Karen Millen shirtskirt + boots|AFTER DARK| Tom Ford sunnies, Helmut Lang blazer, Karen Millen dress, bag + bootsSo tell me, which look suits your style best? Off-Duty Luxe, Polished Workwear or After Dark? Let me know in the comments; one winner will be selected next Tuesday, November 6th, to win her favorite look! And make sure to follow me on Twitter and Facebook, where I’ll be announcing the news.

Better yet, because I love getting to meet you guys, I’m going to be hosting a party at the Karen Millen store in Soho next Thursday, November 8th ~ please save the date! Everyone is invited; I’ll have more details for you very soon.

Until then, I hope everyone in the area is staying cozy inside with loved ones ~ Hurricane Sandy is raging outside!!

|PHOTOS| by Mark Iantosca

UPDATE: This contest is now closed. Congrats to our winner, Elissa at Professionally Petite!

  • Stephanie

    I’m loving the polished workwear look!!
    sknebel (at) udel (dot) edu

  • Sara

    All of these looks are gorgeous, but Off-Duty Luxe fits my style to the T! You just can’t beat KM’s design aesthetic!

  • mckenzie.collins

    It really depends what mood I’m in! My style could be a bit of everything at times haha 🙂 Love all of them!


  • Danielle Chan

    really really infatuated with the After Dark look – I feel like each piece could be worn multiple ways!

  • The off duty luxe look is something I’d wear any day. Now that I have a short cut (like yours!) one can never under estimate the cute/cool that a turtleneck brings to a look.

  • Alison

    I absolutely love the Polished Workwear look! The skirt has a great print and those boots are gorgeous!


  • Sarah H

    That’s tough, but I think polished workwear. Although those after dark boots are calling my name!

  • Lauren Luttrell

    I like all three looks, but especially the polished workwear.

  • Jana Carson

    All three looks are so great, but I love the Polished Workwear pieces the most! I would wear the heck out of that black shirt! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    lovely looks,but i loved 2nd one best!!!


  • Anonymous

    i love how simple each piece is but all look super chic paired together!


  • Caitlin Roberts

    Polished workwear! This looks like a classier version of one of my favorite outfits in middle school – just wished I had leather shoulder adornments and snake embossed wedges then! Some things, like the perfect-length flirty skirt never get old…

  • Manita Singh

    Love the after dark look 🙂

  • Meg

    The middle one – although I might not wear the pieces together, they’re so versatile and I could see them mixing and matching well with other staples.

  • Steph

    After dark!

  • I am loving the turtleneck this season, so the Off-Duty Luxe look is calling my name. Those notches at the hip are too perfect!

  • Kelsi

    I looove After Dark!

  • L.Y.N

    I love the Polished Workwear, the look is classy and timeless.

  • Hayleigh

    I love After Dark! It is my favorite by far, the pieces have such a good harmony about them when put together. The look is just the something my closet is calling out for. I love tuning in for your posts everyday. I’m so addicted. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Dini

    After Dark of course!

  • Polished work wear! Even though I don’t work! 😉 Oh my goodness that whole outfit is just amazing.

  • I adore the sunglasses and shoes from the off-duty look. The workwear look top has amazing details on the shoulder. I love the jacket and glasses in the after dark look!!

  • Jen

    After dark. It’s so versatile!

  • Catherine

    Polished Workwear! I love the toughness of the leather accents contrasted with the feminine silhouette!

  • Kamal

    Hello Kelly..

    Love reading your blog and love the after dark look.. those boots to die for!

  • i love all of the outfits, but the “off-duty luxe” especially caught my eye 😉

  • Lorenza

    Off-duty luxe is great. All the pieces are adequate for workwear and daily wear. Plus, they look incredibly comfortable…especially that sweater!!

  • Anne Dreshfield

    I absolutely adore the After Dark look — it’s so feminine but also structured with that stunning blazer and those incredible boots. Really, I stopped scrolling and got within an inch of my screen to get a better look at those babies! They’re so sleek and versatile. Thank you so much for all you do, Kelly, and here’s to many, many more posts! xx


  • LOVE LOVE LOVE the Off Duty Luxe and After Dark looks. Off Duty is casual but still put together and the silhouette of the After Dark dress is classic!

  • Gabrielle

    What a grate giveaway, thank you for inspiring us every day! My favorite look is “After Dark”. Be safe everyone at the east coast! xxx from Switzerland


  • All of the looks are gorgeous! If I had to pick one I think it’d have to be After Dark. Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  • kiera

    I feel like picking a favourite look is here is so hard, but I think I would have to pick the after dark outfit.

    I look forward to seeing new posts come up on your feed, especially when they are detailing your inspired styling (my favourites were the gatsby-inspired, and midsummer nights dream-inspired posts!)

    Hope the storm isn’t causing you too much trouble!

  • On you I love all three looks, but if I were to choose one for me it would have to be the middle look, the workweek one. That skirt is just too cute, and the whole outfit is wearable yet adorable.

  • 05mm

    After dark! <3

  • Rae Pavey

    I absolutely love the Polished Workwear look!

  • ID

    Polished Workwear all the way. I like the others too but that look would get the most mileage for me. I love the little ribbon detail on the skirt as well as the shoulder detail on the top.

  • All of them are beautiful, but I am particularly fascinated with the details on the Polished workwear look. Amazing!

    Stay safe in the storm!

  • Rachel

    Hope you are staying safe and dry! I love the polished workwear look! Gorgeous! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂


  • Chelliekelley

    I absolutely love the “After Dark” look!! What I love most is that every piece worn in this look can be used again for many different looks including that gorgeous Karen Millen dress! I love what you did in this particular look with the blazer and the boots, such a great transitional look for days when the weather is being fickle. The dress is fun and girly but with a sophisticated touch, the way the blazer is cut really flatters the body because it narrows the waistline, the color of the Karen Millen boots are to die for and very unique adding a nice touch to the whole ensemble, and finally the Tom Ford sunnies complete the look with some attitude in those cat-eyed frames.

    As I mentioned above, each piece could be worn again in many ways. To begin with I would wear the Karen Millen dress again with plain or patterned tights, a different blazer, or no blazer at all. The Helmut Lang blazer could be worn for many other outfits whether it be with another dress, skirts, trousers, denim…the possibilities are endless. Finally the Karen Millen boots are a must have seeing as how they could really be the star piece of an outfit. I imagine they would look so cute worn with a pair of denim, a nice button-down shirt and a fur vest!

    I’m always looking for looks that make me feel super feminine, sophisticated, and unique all in one and this outfit definitely fits the bill. It seems like something that I would be extremely comfortable in and would wear many times in many different ways!…Yay giveaway! =)

  • Erin Celeste

    All the looks are fab but I like the polished workwear best, the shoulder design on the top is beautiful and I like the cut of the skirt. Very classy but edgy!

    Also that scarf looks so cozy, I think I need to go scarf shopping!

  • Pomai Weall

    You are truly a fashion inspiration and I look forward to visiting your site for daily updates. Even this Hawai’i based fashionista can relate to your timeless and chic, city aesthetic.

    As for this post, I am in love with the After Dark ensemble!

  • All about that Off Duty Luxe!

  • Adela C Mazankova

    i really love the “polishe workwear” look since it really is polished but somehow rebellious at the same time due to the shoulder details, ankle boots and the quirky cut of the skirt.
    lovely altogether!

    i am following everywhere 🙂
    Adela C. Mazankova (AdelaCMazankova on Twitter)



  • Erin L

    I love the after dark look

  • Angela Carrio

    All of them are gorgeous, but AFTER DARK is amazing! 🙂

  • Hi Kelly!

    I really love reading your blog and am always so stunned by your interesting looks, your collaborations with Jamie are some of my favourite posts. I was just wondering whether or not this giveaway was open to international readers? I’ve recently moved to Germany and would hate to miss out on such a fantastic giveaway. As for my favourite, it has taken me ages to choose – all the looks are so beautiful! The ‘After Dark’ look is my absolute favourite – and as many readers have pointed out before, all those pieces work really well together but would work with a multitude of other outfits too.

    Hope you’re staying safe during the storm!

  • Kate

    After Dark! It’s all about the color of the boots.

  • Schmidty

    Off Duty is me …I love the sweater and the flow of the entire outfit from head to toe.

  • Ah Ms Glamourai… I doubt I could rock any of these looks… being a size 16 and all!

    (oh wow, I just saw the Australian website and they go up to my size! How unbelievable!)

    Well now, that changes everything! The after dark is a look I think just maybe I could do… although it may mean I’ll have to hunt for a blazer equal to your lovely Helmut number… Now that’s a big ask! And not only for my bank balance…

    As many others have said, I truly love your sense of style, especially loved the story on visiting the gardens at Versailles – that was hillarious and beautiful at the same time!

    We are sending lots of love and good vibes to you from sunny Sydney… I just saw I picture of a shark swimming along a New Jersey street… underwater of course…

    Fingers crossed the cleanup is smooth and hassle free…


  • Marián
  • Priyakg

    Hello, hello! You want us to pick one?!?!?! How is that fair when you can do no wrong?!?! Anyways, love lovin’ the Karen Millen goods, especially that checked skirt in the polished workwear look! Conservative plaid/houndstooth with edgy leather? WIN! I love the top and the embossed pattern on those wedge boots! 🙂

  • Rebecca

    OMG I LOVE the Off-Duty Luxe look!! It’s so me, and unfortunately, it’s so out of my price range, haha! I would love to have it. The sweater is amazing. The details are beautiful. I’m loving the whole outfit, from head to toe! Blonde and beautiful, as my swedish self, hehehe.

    P.S. Love your blog!!

  • Sofia

    Hi Kelly!

    We should thanking you! Thanking you for always inspiring us with your stunning sense of style.

    My favourite look out of the three… Well it’s hard to pick only, but I will have to go with “After Dark”. I am all about that beautiful dress and those gorgeous boots, they are divine!

    Thank you for this opportunity and stay lovely!

    Xoxo Sofia

  • Caroline W

    I really love the Polished Workwear look! I love that top and flirty skirt!

  • Kee Wei Phang

    after dark! all about the dress x

  • How great is to be able to work all day, feeling confident and sexy! Yep, ‘Polished Workwear’ for me please!

    Love, Danae

  • Katja

    All three looks are beautiful…but my favourite is Polished Workwear…

  • Allison

    I love your polished workwear ensemble (look #2)! The leather detailing is so cute. Thanks as always for keeping us inspired.

  • mackadora

    Off duty luxe – without question! This is me! It sorts of screams classy, understated and chic all in one go. I could imagine it with big backcombed hair and smokey eyes as well – a sort of 60’s James Bond girl!

  • lorelma

    Love the after dark outfit the most. The combination and the setting fit together perfectly. And I’ve always liked Karen Millen detailing. I keep on dreaming owning a dress like that one day! Greetings from Rome!

  • Emily

    I love the polished workwear look, so chic! Good old Karen Millen xx

  • B.A.D style Adriana Barar

    I love the first one! And your Ray-Ban sunglasses are just perfect:X

  • Airess Coleman

    Loving off duty luxe!! The metallic heels are everything!! Great giveaway!!

  • First of all: I hope you are safe. I have never experienced a hurricane, so I have no idea what goes on. However, I have a few friends in New York and I feel with them.

    Second: what an amazing give-away! I just started a new job in July and I’m adjusting my wardrobe slightly. So it’s probably not a surprise that I crave the polished workwear. The skirt is amazing and the scarf as accessoire is totally my style.

    I keep my fingers crossed!

  • Bego

    Is it open worldwide? I hope so, I love POLISHED WORKWEAR. Très chic!

  • Serene McEntyre

    I’d combine the boots and bag from the last look with the sweater and pants from the first look. AND the Tom Ford sunglasses….all the looks are gorgeous and you look lovely in each of them! Serene

  • Anonymous

    All the looks are SO pretty 🙂 it was REALLY hard to decide! I had to imagine that I would REALLY win the giveaway and think hard what would be more helpful in my wardrobe LOL 😀 otherwise I’d be stuck staring at all 3 of them :))) So, my choice is th OFF-DUTY LUXE :))) I have always loved Karen Millen… and you found a ways to style every piece amazingly well!!! Congrats on your blog and THANK YOU for this giveaway 🙂

    xx raquel

  • Natalie Miller

    I love off duty luxe but as I’m trying to mix my looks up a bit more, I think I’d have to go for polished workwear.
    I really enjoy reading your blog, your style is something I’d like to emulate, but don’t feel daring enough to try!
    Natalie xx

  • Sonja

    Hello Kelly, I love your style… both your looks and your blog. It is cool that you have a projet with Karen Millen… nice brand. I discovered this brand shopping with my friend in the Galaries Lafayette. Greetings from Paris. Sonja

  • alittlebitofluxury

    After dark is THE most scrummy look i’ve seen in a while. Massive fan of Karen millen and i’m going to keep everything crossed and hope i will win! Stay safe and fabulous, mwah. T xo

  • Rebecca Di Mambro

    I cannot get over the shoes in your Off Duty looks – wow!

  • Andrea Vén

    Dear Kelly, your style is amazing and the timeless chic you are representing can be the source of inspiration also for women above 30s, or 40s..
    I love all the looks, but the best is probably the “After dark”, fantastic boots. Thank you for this giveaway!

    Ciao, Andrea

  • Paula Rm

    OFF-DUTY LUXE this is my favourite 🙂

  • Hi Kelly,
    I love the after dark look…however all are great! Thanks for letting us into your life, I’ve enjoyed your blog for quite sometime now…you have great style and you are a great writer.
    Cheers! Conni

  • Heather Elizabeth

    All three outfits rock, but I’m an after dark kind of girl!

  • Sue Bunting

    All three are amazing, but I would have to choose Polished Workwear. Fingers crossed!

  • Lulu

    After Dark is totally me! The dress is amazing!

  • I’d say that each look has a bit of me but I have to choose one so, I think Off-Duty luxe is what best suits me 🙂

  • merciblahblah

    Holy cow – I love Karen Millen – wore a gorgeous pair of ostrich-feathered diamante Karen Millen shoes in my wedding. Sigh. I love all the looks above, but my favorite is After Dark, if only for those boots alone. Sign me up for them, and thanks so much for the opportunity!

    Thoughts go out to you and yours on the east coast right now. I hope you are staying safe!!


  • Kimberly White

    I love them all but after dark is my favorite!

  • Lee Paradis

    Bonjour Kelly!

    The “After Dark” was styled so well, especially the Helmut Lang blazer with the Karen Millen dress. I would wear the dress with a blazer like that to work, out and about, or paired and styled-down with a cardigan for a daytime stroll. I like polished and severe lines, but the dress is also dainty and demure. So versatile—I would have so many ways to wear it and would give so much love to that dress.


    Lee Paradis

  • elena.blu.6

    I love the after dark look <3


  • Off-Duty Luxe is definitely my favorite (although all the looks are great!).

  • love all three but the after dark look is my favorite! <3

  • Kristen Salem

    oohh <3 after dark is lovely ! always happy to see new posts of yours on bloglovin : )

  • Jessica B.

    Hi Kelly! Oh, this is so very exciting. Though all three looks are fabulous, I am absolutely in love with OFF-DUTY LUXE! The outfit can be dressed up with those lovely heels or dressed down with a pair of kicks. The colors are absolutely divine as well! There is nothing like a crisp beige and white pallet during the winter. Thanks for keeping us stylish and on trend!

    Sending you much love from Austin, Texas. -Jessica xo

  • Sarah W

    I love the After Dark look! It is stunning!

  • Nora

    Kelly, you look so wonderful in all three of these looks ! And although the choice is hard, I would say Off-Duty Luxe is my favorite one. I hope you’re doing OK and are safely harbored. Thanks for this amazing opportunity 🙂

  • Kate

    Love the “After Dark” look because the pieces are so substantial on their own — that jacket could be work to just about any event with just about anything; the dress would be a pretty night out but also a winter soiree, and those boots are dynamite!!

  • That dress is fabulous, but I’m an off duty luxe girl!

  • Love each of these looks, but I’m definitely a “Polished Workwear” girl!

  • Mònica Caba


    me gusta mucho el look 2. La camisa, la falda y los botines son una maravilla! 🙂

  • Xenia

    I just love the After Dark look!

  • Stephanie

    I love them all! But the look I’d wearr day after day would be the Off Duty Luxe!

  • CJAJ09 CJAJ09

    In love with polished workwear. That skirt is just screaming out my name.


  • Katerina Vasiou

    Hallo Kelly,

    I am a new reader from Greece. I am a teacher of language and literature, so I would prefer the look: POLISHED WORKWEAR, because it suits better to my life and style.
    Thank you for inspiring me!!

  • Jessica

    All of the styles are adorable but the Off-Duty Luxe suits my every day needs better than the rest… Especially now that its getting chilly. Coffee shop comfort.


  • Brooke

    Hope everyone is safe and has made it through Sandy mostly unscathed…I’m a lucky reader in DC, safe and with power.

    I LOVE all these looks!! But the after dark look is calling my name. Those boots!! And that dress would get SO much wear. Love the blazer with it too…great styling as per usual!

  • Thank you for sharing this with us — I really look forward to your posts every day, and LOVE your sense of style! I’m a big fan of the Polished Workwear look, mainly because of those rad booties!! The whole look is just great though, and I can totally see myself mixing up the pieces for both work AND play. Hope you are safe after the storm 🙂

  • Heather P

    I’m a big fan of the “Polished Workwear” look! As a college teacher, it’s always hard for me to find a balance between being stylish, but not going overboard. Also, as a teacher, my shopping budget is embarassingly low, so I have to find ways to look awesome on what is essentially a minimum-wage paycheck. It’s not easy…but if it was, everyone would be doing it, right? 🙂

    Hope you and your pals in NYC are hanging in there okay!

  • Lena

    Wow every single look is perfect, but I love the After Dark one the most! Honestly you have one of the best blogs in the entire world.

    Many greetings from Germany, Lena ♥


  • Heidi Jo

    Definitely After Dark. I love that dress. Stay safe! Praying for all of you NYers!

  • Kodi Schroeder

    Polished Workwear for the clothes and boots, but oh my goodness that BAG in the other two!

  • Cecilia Teh

    My fave look is “After Dark”, I love the dress! – Ceciliateh@Hotmail.com

  • Hello! I love the polished work wear outfit – the skirt is fantastic! And I love the shoulder detail on the sweater top. I think this outfit can certainly be worn outside of work. Thanks for doing this giveaway! I’ve been following your blog for ages, & now I’m following you on Facebook & Twitter, too.

  • love your outfits

  • mekeesha

    obsessed with the after dark look.

  • Amy Van Hollebeke

    After dark is just stunning. I can think of 1000 ways to style that dress. Thanks for the giveaway and I hope you are staying safe through the storm. Amyvanhollebeke@hotmail.com

  • Loving the Off-Duty Luxe look. So Lovely!

  • Valerie

    Off-duty luxe. But you look fabulous in any look!

  • Carla Maia

    All the looks are gorgeous, but my favorite are OFF-DUTY LUXE.
    I hope that Sandy don’t have done too much damages.

    Thanks for this giveaway

  • Tanya

    Polished Workwear is my favorite. When I saw the skirt I immediately went to Karen Millen’s website to see if it is available. 🙂 I love the leather details on the skirt and shirt.

  • Emily Overstreet

    Hi, Kelly!! Hope you’re staying safe! You look gorgeous in all three looks, but my personal favorite is the after dark look! I love the glam dress with the structured blazer and beautiful wine-colored boots, which also play down the girlyness of the dress. Simply stunning!

  • I love the fit of the After Dark dress. Luckily, Sandy was not very destructive in my part of Upstate NY.

  • I love polished workwear!! Hope you’re staying safe from Sandy & thanks for this incredible blog!

  • Jenna

    After Dark.
    Love the casual boots with the beaut dress, also my birthday is the 6th of Nov!
    Fingers crossed, thanks for your inspiration xxx

  • After dark is my favorite. Such a versatile dress!

  • Ellen

    These looks are all great, there are pieces in each I would love to own! I think the polished work wear is probably most closely aligned with my style.

  • I love the After Dark look! I have quite a few holiday social events to attend this year and that blazer and dress would be great to mix and match with other pieces I already own!

  • After dark is my favorite look…but I feel I would get the most use out of the off-duty luxe.

  • Carlyn Morandi

    love the idea of this giveaway, you modelling everything and not just pictures of the clothes. i really love the off-duty luxe. looks so comfy and i know those shoes will be killer for a night out! hope you are safe in NY 🙂

  • Shanna

    They’re all exquisite, but I especially love the After Dark look!

  • coralie roy

    i love them all, but i think the POLISHED WORKWEAR, will suit me more! Thanks for this giveway!!!

  • I love the off-duty luxe look. Hope you are safe and sound.

  • Chiara

    AFTER DARK is my favorite look *__*

  • Hi Kelly! Hope you’re keeping safe and warm. Those are tough choices, although I think I like the polished workwear best- what a great look! What a fun giveaway!

  • Ashley Walker

    Definitely the Polished Workwear!!! I try to keep things stylish while working in collegiate athletics – such a polo and khaki pants dominated world i tell ya!!!

  • Muralasa

    That’s a really really great giveaway! I’m in love with the Polished Workwear; the skirt pattern is amazing and ageless, very elegant and versatile. Hope I’ll be mine! Thank you Kelly!

  • Hi Kelly!

    I absolutely love all the outfits.
    The Off-Duty Luxe is definitely my favourite! it’s looks like such a comfy but chic outfit! The heels are awesome!

  • Definetly After dark! Awsome look!

  • Ioannine

    For me, the after dark look suits like a glove for me, it s soft and elegant, french but simple. I simply find myseld into that look 🙂 Just like when you look for the perfect shoes for hours, and suddently you hear inside your head: YES! This is it! 🙂

  • Guest

    I love POLISH WORKWEAR. This is polish girl here from Munich Germany. Love Karen Millan shop over here. Would be awesome to own an outfit! Hope all is well on the other side of the ocean.

  • Sing

    After Dark is the look I love.

  • Martyna

    I love POLISHED WORKWEAR. This is polish girl here from Munich Germany. Love Karen Millan shop over here. Would be awesome to own an outfit! Hope all is well on the other side of the ocean.

  • What an amazing giveaway, Kelly! I’ve loved watching this space grow and evolve over the years, and it’s so refreshing to have a successful blogger remain so connected to her readers and community.

    All of these looks are beautiful, but I think After Dark is my very favorite.

    Stay safe through Sandy! Sending prayers from Florida.

  • SR

    Hope u r safe & dry!

    As a log house-dwelling, self-employed mom of 2, the pragmatic half of my brain favours Off-Duty Luxe. But the elegance-loving woman dominating the other brain-half yearns for After Dark. (And somewhere to wear it!). Of course, on you all 3 looks are exceptional–as always.

  • Stefi

    I love them all!!! But the Polished Workwear it’s my favorite look because it suits better to my personality 🙂

  • Molly Luoto

    Off-Duty Luxe fits my style! Working from home these days, I find I need more polished, everyday clothes like these!
    I’ve been a fan of your page for several years!

  • Rachel

    These are so lovely! I loveee them all but the polished workwear is divine! Stay safe!

  • Love the after dark look. Kelly, also I hope everything is ok for you over there in NYC. I hope your love ones are also safe.

  • Jessica

    I love the after dark look! Your blog has been great inspiration to me as I’m transitioning from a college student (in Texas 😉 to the real world. My thoughts and prayers to everyone in the northeast.

  • Tara Young

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway! With holidays and weddings coming up, I’d go for the ‘After Dark’ ensemble for it’s versatility and classic shape. Sending prayers and love to the east coast~

  • Lauren B

    I’m loving off duty luxe!! Such a treat for a fall/winter outfit and so unexpected! Chic and polished.
    Hope i win! Xoxo

  • www.olivedoesthecity.com

    Love the after dark look! I am a new follwer and am excited to continue the journey with you 🙂

  • Kyra

    I love all three looks, but |OFF-DUTY LUXE| is definitely most indicative of my personal style — casual and classic, but with something a little unexpected (in this case, those awesome metallic pumps)!

  • Wow, what gorgeous outfits! I’m going somewhere between Polished Workwear and After Dark, and I think I’m leaning a bit more towards After Dark. I hope you have a great day!

  • emily anne-marie

    loooved the polished workwear look!

  • Monica

    Ooh, the Off Duty Luxe *perfectly* epitomizes the my look (or at least, the one I aim for!). Fingers crossed!

  • Dana Frost

    Such a fantastic giveaway! I’ve been staring at all three looks trying to pick a favorite, since they are all incredible. I think I’d have to choose the After Dark look. That dress is perfect for a holiday soiree and I literally want to wear those boots with everything in my closet. Thanks for all your style inspiration!


  • polished workwear! that leather shoulder tshirt won me over 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Such a beautiful contemporary collection with ladylike flare.

  • Polished workwear!

  • all the looks are really wonderful and it’s really hard to pick one I love the most! I would pick the polished workwear as it would be a really great outfit to wear to work and going out with friends or shopping and the skirt style is really unique and cute!

  • Phoebe

    you literally look so gorgeous in all of these outifts! but i think my favourite is the after dark on, that dress is just so lovely
    hope all is ok with the hurricane xxx

  • I love the Polished Workwear look, those pieces are chic, stylish, and totally versatile. You could easily go from day-to-night in that fab skirt by changing into killer heels and adding a jacket, red lips & some statement jewelry. J’adore!

  • Kelly! I absolutely adore each look but I’d probably have to pick the polished workwear since I’d get the most use out of it…thank you so much for hosting this giveaway!


  • Ortal

    Like u every look suit me, its all depends whats the occasion and your mood 🙂

  • Advocates Closet

    Kelly, the Glamorai is a great inspration. Especially your recent Paris posts are beyond amazing!

    It is hard to choose, cause I loved the heels in OFF-DUTY LUXE, the skirt and boots in POLISHED WORKWEAR and the boots in AFTER DARK. However, as my favorite, I have chose POLISHED WORKWEAR, cause the bottom part of the skirt is so flirty and beautiful. And the boots in that combination is very chic. I can combine that skirt with many different pieces for different occasions.

    I hope that I’ll win it, if I can, I’ll definitely share the way I combined the items with you!

    Good luck everyone.


  • Sarah

    I ADORE the “Polished Workwear” look! The little leather details on the skirt and shoulders add an edge but the fluted skirt still keeps it feminine. I’m always looking for ways to wear warm but chic outfits to work and I love the way this was put together. Fantastic!

  • Hi Kelly!

    Thanks so much for doing this giveaway and for giving us a peek into your beautiful world! I loved your recent “Investment Dressing” post–the “Wear-Anywhere Dress” inspired me to buy a couple of Rachel by Rachel Roy (investments for ME, hehe) dresses that are SO sick yet incredibly versatile.

    ANYHOW–I think I like the “Off-Duty Luxe” look the best. The shoes and clutch are killer (I love neutral tones with a kick of something extra; in this case, feathers and sparkly studs), the cords are the perfect skinny cut (with an inseam that actually looks long enough for my 5’9″ self) and the front vents on the turtleneck make it a unique winter staple (perhaps this would fall under your “Super-Yummy Sweater” category?).

    Thanks again–and take care during the storm!


  • Hello Kelly! Thanks for such fantastic giveaway. After closely considering all three looks, I have to go with the After Dark look. It is elegant and chic at the same time, perfect for the following holiday occasions spent with friends and the loved ones.
    Stay safe. Regards from Natasha, from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Europe,

  • Erin McLeod

    Off duty Luxe! I have a love for turtlenecks as well all things ivory and creamy colored! My mother always tried to instill within me the idea that something simple and classic can be transformed by even the smallest details into something lovely and innovative (like the small slashing detail at the bottom of the turtleneck). This is why I love minimalist clothing with barely-there modern features. Plus, the contrast of ivory shades with my darker olive coloring is very striking!

    Stay safe x


  • Alexandra Webster

    Hello Kelly, I think the polished workwear look suits me best. I work over 80 hours per week in a formal work environment so I spent most of my time and days dressed up in office clothes. I appreciate that the look is also playful and not too serious. I am a young mother and although trying to look polished and professional I prefer younger stylish looks. I love your sense of style, yours is my favorite fashion blog. Bye from Texas 🙂

  • Dosta Radnjanska

    OMG I love u and I Love your blog.

    My favorite is the Off-Duty Luxe outfit. Following you on twitter as @radnjanska and FB as Dosta Radnjanska.

    Fingers crossed <3

  • i cant help but fall in love with the polished workwear look!its classic,chic and perfect!

  • Rebecca Pifer

    The After Dark look is so beautiful– I would be so honored to win it! I have been crushing in those Tom Ford sunglasses for so long! (:

  • Olga

    Love the Polished Workwear – great silhouette and very versatile. Kelly, as always, your styling is so inspirational!

  • Laura Logan

    Definitely the Polished Workwear look. Those boots!

  • Giada

    Well, my favorite look is the first one, “Off-Duty Luxe”: simple, comfy but with a chic taste, thanks to the hells and the bag. Moreover, I love neutral colors!

  • Mrs Jones

    i really want to say After Dark but keeping in line with the style mantra of shopping for the life you actually lead I’m going to go with Off-duty Luxe. I’d rock that neutral palette in so many ways!

  • joanne marasigan

    the after dark look is my absolute favorite…you have exquisite taste and style kelly!

  • I lOVE the after dark look! The dress and boots can be dressed up or down, depending on how casual or fancy the event is, and the boots are the most gorgeous color.

  • Stacy pearl Horton

    I think you look fantastic in all of these looks. I really love the polished work wear. It looks a little 90’s in a good way:) Stacy pearl

  • Love all the pieces in the After Dark look! They are ALL beautiful on you, though!

  • Thanks for always having impeccable style, Kelly and hope you and your loved ones are safe out there! I love the Polished Workwear look the best. Take care!

    Any Second Now

  • hello purple

    after dark look suits my style most! (;

    all 3 styles suit you!! 😀

  • After Dark is for sure the best fit for me. This dress is one of those pieces you can wear year round and mix with nice dark tones for fall/winter and throw on with vivid pinks and blues for spring/summer. A chain cross body bag is versatile for day or night and sure makes dancing a lot easier! I love the dark cognac wedge boots because they look comfy and luxe. A perfect combo if you ask me!

  • Schang

    It’s amazing how all the looks look so great on you! Not everyone can pull that off! although all looks are great in their own way, lately I’m feeling like I’m more of the polished workwear look since I feel they are versatile pieces that can be used in combination with other pieces in our wardrobe. A black good quality sweater is essential for Fall & Winter and a staple piece or I dare say: uniform to a New Yorker like myself. The skirt is flattering and timeless, would look great with tights and even motorcycle boots for that feminine + rock chick look.

    I will try my best to come to the Karen Millen store next week! =)

  • Valerie Lau

    Off duty luxe!!! Awesome heels 🙂

  • Monica

    After Dark is definitely my favourite. I think its the most versatile of the three, I’m already imaging all the fun places I could wear that look!

  • Dominique Kostolny

    I’m loving the polished workwear outfit. That skirt is work appropriate and flirty enough for a night out. Love it!

  • anne marie

    Hi Kelly

    Great post as usually. This days I was wandering why I keep coming back to your blog so often, and quick I’ve realized you picture the casual chic the best I’ve come across. l loved your “Investment Dressing” post as well.

    I like all 3 looks, but the key one is the last – AFTER DARK. from the boots to the bag- I’m it. 🙂

  • Yan Zhao

    All three looks are amazing, but if I must pick one, polished workwear suits me the most

  • The fact is all of these are amazing because quite frankly Karen Millen has such amazing pieces! The ~AFTER DARK~ set would have to be the one I feel would suit me best. I can envision the boots with jeans as well to make them my go to for an afternoon with my babies. Not too high so I can still keep up with the little legs running around! The dress would be a perfect date night dress to go out with my husband- not too revealing but just the right amount of sex appeal…

    Thank you to both you Kelly and Karen Millen for putting this giveaway together!


  • Michele

    I love Karen Millen and haven’t been into the store in a few months. I have a couple of her pieces in my closet that I have had for years and I am too attached to to get rid of. I’m loving this After Dark look. So glad knee-high boots are back in!!!

  • ingrid jo

    i love the third look! very versatile, and i love the boots!



  • What an amazing giveaway Kelly! I would have to say the After Dark look is mt style. I am definitely a dress girl and get enough jackets! Hope you are all safe in NYC!

  • Kmata

    The polished workwear outfit is awesome. I am graduating college soon. I hope to dress like that when I enter the professional world.

  • jn

    Hard to choose! But Polished workwear is my favorite!

  • TracyE

    They’re all gorgeous looks – polished and fun. After Dark steals the show for me. Those boots are killer with the feminine dress and structured blazer. Well done, as always! I hope you and you NY friends and family are all safe and warm.

  • Hope you are staying safe and warm! I love the after dark and off duty luze outfits! Both are gorgeous!

  • Erinn T [Fancy Napkin}

    Loving the After Dark look so very much!!! Especially with all the holiday parties coming soon, I can imagine styling it so many ways.
    xoErinn T

  • Priya Rajan

    I love the Polished Workwear look!! It’s so elegant, distinctive, and confident, but still ladylike. It’s a very ‘fall look’ but at the same time it has a certain classic feel that transcends seasonal trends. The leather on the shoulders of the top creates a nice twist that makes the whole look interesting and unique. The cut of the skirt is flirty and flattering but the pattern keeps it still feeling chicly conservative. The scarf makes this polished work look fun and young, and of course the Chanel purse makes the entire look timeless. Love it!!

  • Mia

    The off duty luxe one is such a perfect look with just the right amount of chic, cool and comfy. It really defines how i love to dress. Since working in a hospital i need to find somenthing comfy yet classy to dress every day.
    Thanks for being so inspirating to me. Your looks always trick me.
    Take care

  • Laura Flynn

    Polished workwear, absolutely.

  • Meltrogen

    Love all the outfits, so chic! My favourite one is Polished Workwear, the construction of the skirt is just to die for!

  • Definitely the After Dark. I love everything about it! A big congratulations to you!!!

  • Megan

    After dark! All the way!!

  • Sarah

    Hey Kelly,

    I am a fan of your inspiring blog and visit it daily to see all your amazing ventures in the world of fashion. Off-Duty Luxe seems to speak to me with the light colors and cozy fabrics.:)

  • Kelly, you are my biggest inspiration for my own blog. You and I share almost the same taste in clothes and artistic point of view. With that said I wish I can win them all because each provides something different but I am completely in love with the Polished Workwear! The skirt is perfectly constructed and I love that it gives you a very flattering look especially in the tush area 🙂 hehe.

    Keeping all my New Yorkers in my thoughts as I am from Florida and can relate to what you are experiencing. May you stay safe.



  • DearBette

    The After Dark look is my personal favourite and closet to my own style, I love the fact that it can be taken from day to night, definitely a winner in my book. Hope you are staying safe during the hurricane.

  • DearBette


  • Alana

    I love the polished work wear and the leather detail on the sweater!

  • Laurie

    My favourite one is the third, After Dark. The dress is stunning and the boots are crazy. Totally love them.
    Thanks for this great giveaway.


  • Diana O

    I love the After Dark choice as its party perfect for the upcoming holiday season! You can go from work to a party with just a few accessories 🙂

  • First, glad to hear you are safe and sound during the storm..

    This is a perfect giveaway! So very generous of you and Karen Millen 🙂 Love, love each look! But I think the 2nd one, Polished workwear is what I am gravitating towards the most.

    Thank you and as always you look absolutely amazing,

    xo Leigh Viner

  • Amy Ann

    Thank you so much for the giveaway opportunity! I love your blog and am thankful for all the inspiration you provide. My favorite is the off-duty luxe. I live in sweaters and jeans when I’m not at work!

  • Maura

    Hi Kelly,
    I’m polished workwear for sure. I just this weekend was switching my closet over to winter and realized, while I have tons of prints in dresses. All my separates are solids, and all my skirts are pencil skirts. While I will always love that look it’s so classic. I love this look as well, it still feels classic with the plaid print, but updated with the shape of the skirt. The sweater has that great leather detail on the shoulders that steps it up from your basic black to special.
    Thanks for your thoughtful, fun, stylish posts. Your site is a daily addiction for me.

  • Danielle

    I love them all, but the After Dark look really resonates with me. Both the dress and jacket seem pretty versatile (especially that jacket, gorgeous!), as do the boots. All three looks are fantastic, though.

  • Emilie

    My favorite look is the third one, after dark 🙂

  • All the looks are amazing, but my favorite has to be AFTER DARK. For a girl in my early twenties, I find myself more often than not grabbing for a short classic LBD in a sea of many as I quickly run out the door. All I own is black and this is a problem. I think the look by Karen Miller would break the dark and morose mold I cling to. The cocktail dress has flair, a romantic femininity that I admire. The calf high maroon boots perfectly tone the look down, for a more edgy downtown (where I find myself at night) feel. The Helmut Lang blazer is a classic pairing and would do wonders on a frosty night in the city. Lastly the cross body bag is something I need in my armory. I use about three bags (all black) and the most used is my small cross body purse for going out. The cross body strap allows me to never leave it behind, but I seriously need to mix it up. I could pair each item differently for various occasions: the dress with tights and wear it to class or the boots with my favorite item in my closet, a midi skirt (I adore accents of sixties feminine style), as I head to brunch with friends. I love this look and would be so grateful to be chosen. I check the Glamourai every morning as I sip my morning coffee and find inspiration for what I’ll slip on that day. Thank you!

  • Lauren

    I love Polished Workwear. Those separates are perfect together and uniquely chic on their own AND I’ve been looking for the perfect fit-and-flare skirt, a la Stella McCartney. This look would definitely be professional enough for my office while still looking young and a little edgy.
    Stay safe!

  • Ashley Davis

    I love your blog so much, and am an avid follower! I’m so happy to have another give away. My style really is the “Polished workwear” look…whether it’s Monday through Friday, the weekend, or anytime in between. I’m the classic black and white girl, and if you searched my closet you’d be surprised to find something that wasn’t some type of combination of the two…stripes, dots, plaids, houndstooth…I love it. Whether I win or not, I’ll be sure to continue to read your fabulous blog!


  • Anonymous

    I’m loving “After Dark”!

  • Masha

    After Dark! It’s too perfect.

  • Love the polish work wear! 🙂

  • kim

    I love Karen Millen! These are gorgeous outfits — I too like After Dark!


  • Maggie Leigh

    A houndstooth skirt with fabulously fun panels? A not-so-basic tee with leather details and classic black booties to top it all off? Consider this my dream work outfit (by Karen Millen, to boot!). Polished Workwear would be my top choice, though all the outfits are sharp, chic with a touch of sex appeal; as most of your outfits are which is why I continue to read your blog – you continue to inspire! I’ve been reading The Glamourai for about three years now and it has been so much fun to watch your style evolve and influence my own style choices – you truly are an inspiration. So thank you!

  • Claire Wei

    I love the Off-Duty Luxe! As much as I love all three outfits, I think you’ve best captured the essence of Off-Duty Luxe through your styling and poses. This outfit is definitely seasonally-appropriate for my LA lifestyle, especially since I’m always in and out of meetings– gives “Winter Wonderland” a chic new meaning!

  • I love After dark! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I would have to go with polished workwear, that skirt is amazing and it’s pretty much how I would like to dress every single day !

    My Blog – A Pretty Nest

  • Camille G.

    Love Love Love AFTER DARK…it’s perfectly chic and stylish at the same time. It’s been a while since i follow you and I just love your looks
    Kisses from France

  • Marlene

    As I am a very sporty girl, the off-duty-luxe look fits myself best. I love to wear a comfy but classy look. My look has always a sporty touch, because that embodys my personality. I think the off-duty-luxe look is a kind of sporty and very comfy and I love to dress this way.

    I really like your look and it gives me always an ispiration for my outfits.

    xoxo and stay sporty 🙂


  • Vanessa

    After Dark!
    Is so incredibly perfect for me, being in my early 20s I love having outfits that are versatile! That look is insanely perfect for so many aspects of my life. Chic, Casual, and Comfortably Cool. I’m obsessed!!!

  • Issa

    Off Duty Luxe is the look for me. I can wear it with booties when I am carpooling or volunteering at my kid’s school. Then change to heels to meet up with the girls for drinks!

  • Leah

    I really love the After Dark outfit! It is so beautiful!

  • coline

    i really really like all of this!


  • Lauren

    Off duty luxe. Love that hard!

  • Kamara

    I agree with many in that off-duty luxe is casual chic at its best!

  • Liz

    Off-Duty Luxe for sure. That sweater looks SO soft and warm; I’m a sucker for turtlenecks but I’ve never seen one this pretty! And those corduroys are so versatile- they could be dressed up with those heels and a red silk top to go out at night, or dressed down with loafers and a chambray shirt for the weekend. Don’t even get me started on that chain-strap bag… I’m in love with the print! Thanks for all of the inspiring looks, can’t wait to use these outfit ideas for celebrating my birthday this weekend and next week 🙂

  • I like the After Dark outfit. Little dresses, they’re my wheelhouse. I’m in a dress almost every day.
    Stay safe, Kelly. It’s always a joy to read your site, see your looks.

  • polished workwear for that flouncy skirt!

  • Valerie

    Love the Polished Workwear! That skater skirt is so cute, and the boots are hot too!


  • The Off-duty luxe look is just perfect to me, appropriate for work (my work at least) and very toned down stylish. Love it! I’m crossing my fingers! 🙂
    I hope everyone is safe in your surroundings, the news is so horrible 🙁


  • Nicole Patchi

    I just love the after dark look, that dress is absolutely stunning!

  • amyshill216

    The polished workwear look is fantastic! I love the detailing in both the skirt and the top. What a great giveaway.

  • JeniBeri

    All 3 looks are perfection! My fav has to be the polished workwear. I never go a day without checking your site..absolutely the best.

  • Jacqueline Ogrodowicz

    I’m torn between the off-duty luxe & after dark looks! I love the simple chic vibe, but can’t help the girly-side of me, and go for the dress. But I’m going to go with Off-duty luxe. As a law student, I get less time to dress up, and I think the off-duty look would be more practical for now.

    Thanks for inspiring me daily! xo

  • Sena Cha

    Look one- Off duty luxe is my favorite. Chic, fresh, and the perfect outfit for a relaxing day at work or for a day out with my girls!

  • Jessica

    I LOVE the Polished Workwear look!! All the pieces are great together, but separately they would update my wardrobe as well! I have been lusting over a fit and flare skirt, and the houndstooth really makes this one a standout piece!

  • I love the 2nd one, POLISHED WORKWEAR

  • D

    Hi Kelly! Hope you’re safe & sound after the sandy chaos! Every look is impeccable! But one stands out to me the most, and that is the After Dark. From the classic shape of the sunglasses, the delicacy of the dress, to the leather boots…. It has a perfect balance. I LOVE it! Thank you and karen millen for this amazing giveaway! ::::fingers crossed:::: <3 – d

  • After dark. The dress is cute and demure but the jacket and boots give it an edge. Love it!

  • Kelly

    Love the off duty dress!

  • Kassandra M.

    Really drawn to the After Dark look, so versatile for a work to play transition, and ideally feminine. Perfect for wine country chic… out here in Napa! (btw, thank you so much for your Fitness post, one of my favorites).

  • Amanda

    Hello, I love all the looks but especially the Polished Workwear look. Super sassy and would look amazing during the bleak Winter months. We need to keep smiling and your outfits with Karen Millen are just the answer! Great pics too x

  • Ann Kathrin Kubitz

    Polished Workwear is the perfect look for me, especially because I adored the boots ever since I saw them the firsz time!

  • Wiha Funmaker

    I love the after dark look. Totally fits my style. It’s sleek and simple and flattering.

  • Ashley Mariano

    My favorite look is After Dark, the dress is amazingg!

  • Anonymous

    I love the Polished Workwear look!

  • Alice

    After Dark suits my tastes better. That jacket is pure perfection and I’m always in for an elegant light dress which underlines the waist while hiding the curves underneath a bit. The boots are classic but with a twist and they seem very comfy, too. The most interesting things happen after dark 😉

  • Amber

    After Dark all the way! I love everything little thing about it!

  • I love the After Dark look!!! The dress is feminine and flattering and i love the sheen of the fabic. I really liked the way you dressed the look down with the boots and blazer!

  • The Polished Workwear look is hands down my favorite! Both pieces would get a lot of wear if they were hanging in my closet. I love the timeless black sweater and plaid skirt combo, updated with this season’s sleek leather accents. I could definitely make these gems fit into my “classics with a twist” wardrobe. This sweater would do double duty on the weekend with my jeans. And the skirt would be fantastic with a black blazer. So many possibilities with both of these pieces! That’s what I love about Karen Millen’s designs.

  • Nicté Trujillo

    i would love love love the POLISHED WORKWEAR because I think it would be perfect for work!

  • Jo

    All the looks are perfection but I especially love the polished workwear!

  • Ines

    All the looks are phenomenal but I would have to say THE POLISHED WORKWEAR is my favorite

  • Lauren

    I love the polished workwear look!

  • Rebecca Stewart

    I love polished workwear! The skirt is ideal for the office.

  • CHAB

    Off Duty Luxe! Casual yet super chic.

  • Manu Conrado

    Polished Workwear !

  • Carolina

    After dark, it’s all about me.:D

  • Freya – Fashionable People

    I love the first look best – I think a good quality polo neck is essential 🙂


  • Genevieve

    After Dark! I’m loving the Helmut Lang blazer. That Karen Millen dress would be perfect for my upcoming engagement party!

  • Hi Kelly,

    Saw the pics of the disaster on your IG. I hope you and all others are safe there. Lots of hugs from us in Netherlands. Thanks for the giveaway and I love the off duty luxe. Clean lines, crisp yet so put together. Something that seems easy but actually difficult to achieve yet you pull it off so easily. Take care!

  • Jen A

    I LOVE them all but if I have to choose, I’d say After Dark. Gorgeous!!

  • joana pena


    I love the off duty look. It is so chic and wonderful.

    Kisses from Portugal


  • Sara Hull

    I looooove the Polished Work wear (especially those boots!). Thank you for the constant inspiration and opportunity for new additions to the closet!

  • HauteBohemianChick

    I love your after dark look! I like the creative way you wore the boots with this type of dress-I wouldn’t have ever thought of it and it looks adorable! You are able to make a very lady like dress look a little bit edgy-very cool! Love all the looks of course and this designer is amazing with all the different textures. Thanks! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    off duty luxe suits my style better. I am from Jamaica where we don’t get super dressed – up but we do enjoy polished pieces and that one made me swoon especially those lovely shoes!

    Thanks for remembering us and for the awesome giveaway.

  • Monika

    Loving all the looks but my favorite is After Dark =)

  • Carly Perez

    Dear Kelly,

    I discovered your blog last year as I was serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Dominican Republic, and I have been hooked ever since. Your blog was a way for me to escape into a world of effortless style, where details in the clothes, makeup, setting, and
    photography converged harmoniously and beautifully.

    Now back in the states, I am job searching and hoping to move from the west to east coast. I love all three looks, but my favorite is the “Polished Workwear” style, which I would greatly benefit from as I embark on job interviews and a new city.

    Thank you for this opportunity!

    -Carly P.

  • Camille

    Off-Duty Luxe suits my style best although I strive to dress more like your After Dark look. I tend to dress fairly casually but add heels to make up for it. The way you styled the Off-Duty Luxe look was a spot on way to achieve effortless style. Love it.


  • Jennifer Tan

    I love all three! But if I had to choose, I would have to say off-duty luxe. That sweater looks like the epitomy of cozy.

  • Sara in PDX

    Love the after dark look – especially the combination of the pale dress with the oxblood boots!

  • I love all the pieces in the Polished Workwear look!
    The pieces could easily be mixed with other items.

  • Karin

    I love the After Dark look.

  • I love each of these looks for the chic style and sophistication but I am loving most the off-duty luxe as it fits my office dress code but will be great for Fall fun. I am always inspired by your posts and great sense of style! Thanks so much!

  • Jeimy

    Hello kelly!

    I hope your fine! im in college studying social comunication and Journalism! in Colombia ♥, I have to study almost all day at the university so i need to be very comfortable, so my look will be definitely DUTY LUXE!!!! its so classy! and chic and i Personally love!!
    take care!

  • Daria

    I love the off duty luxe. It’s comforable but chic. I love that it’s monochromatic but different textures were used to add interest.

  • Erika Martin

    I love the After Dark look because the boots and the sunnies just tie in everything together. I would totally wear the Polished Work look as well. It’s absolutely gorgeous and I love the shoes!

  • Hi Kelly,

    As always, all of these looks are stunning on you. And although I’ve never seen anyone rock corduroys as well as you do (and making that outfit so very tempting!), I must say the ‘After Dark’ look is the best. It includes several really great pieces that are noteworthy on their own, but can come together to make a great ensemble. These are terrific classic investment pieces in beautiful neutral colors, making them perfect for so many occasions!
    Looking forward to your posts!


  • Verena

    I love the polished workwear look, it’s both classy and fun!

  • Nicole Almeida

    I like the Polished Workwear look because it is simple, chic and stylish, just like black and white 🙂 I also happen to absolutely love the skirt, I can totally see myself wearing it!

  • Kara Gates

    I love the After Dark look! gorgeous gorgeous!!

  • Amelia

    Hi Kelly! I hope you’re safe and warm in NY.

    I’m from Boston but escaped to London before the storm hit. I leave for Paris on Sat, and was so excited to see your recent posts about the luxurious days you spent there!

    After working in Corporate America for years, I’ve found most of my recent shopping has fallen into the workwear category. Since I’ve become more and more influenced by workwear styles – and also begun to feel more comfortable in them with age – my daily personal style sits somewhere between the polished workwear and off-duty luxe. Right now I think off-duty luxe appeals to me most because I’ve been looking for some fresh casual-chic pieces like these!

    I must say though, I also always love a great black blazer.. and I looove how big your hair looks in the last photo!


  • Caroline Lee

    After Dark, for sure! I love all the looks, but this one is so chic. And, after all, I have a penchant for overdressing.

  • Jules

    i love the Karen Millen dress in the after dark look!!! It is perfect for any occasion 😉

    Hope sandy has cooled down a little bit by now!!


  • Jess

    Polished work is absolutely fabulous! Can’t get enough of the subtle shoulder touches.

  • Hey Kelly! Hope you are safe too.
    I am in love with the Polished Workwear look. I love wearing statement pieces to work. And that skirt is simply awesome.

  • I am in love with all outfits! They are so different but also beautiful. But mostly I like the After Dark look only because when I saw it I said: “This is exactly what I need!”

  • I love, love the after dark. That dress is so polished + simple, I can see it becoming a very versatile staple rather quickly. Seriously, such a great look.

  • Dominique

    I LOVE the polished workwear look and the versatility of each piece – how, yes, together they provide a seamless and appropriate outfit for work but when worn separately can easily be transitioned to the other two looks of Off Duty Luxe and After Dark. I, particularly, love the shoulder detail on the sweater – just a subtle yet chic addition.

  • Tania

    Polished Workwear!

  • Tia B.

    I’m absolutely a Polished Workwear girl. Give me some touches of leather and I’m in. Love the blog!

  • Camelia Ionescu

    Hello! lovely outfits Kelly! you trully are an inspiration! my favorite is After Dark! kisses form Romania!

  • Simone Dreksler

    My favorite is the polished workwear look. I love the touch of leather and the skirt is a totally cool and young variation on a classic print.

  • vicky luv

    i love the after dark look! it is so classic with an edgy look. My style for sure!

  • Off Duty Luxe, simple gorgeous and chic. So me!

  • I am in love with the Off-Duty Luxe look, myself! It looks casual, yet comfy, and still sophisticated. I love the details of this outfit, like the line running down the back of the sweater and that perfect little bag. Plus, I love that this look works just as well in New York as it would in Wyoming!

  • Off-duty luxe is the epitome of effortless. Simple pieces with keen detail. Comfort and style is what I’m all about.

  • Natalie Kerner

    My favorite is the polished workwear look. That wool skirt is to *die* for and I have been searching for the perfect pair of black ankle boots. Thanks, Kelly! I’ve been following your blog and work for several years now, and of all the blogs I follow, yours is one of the few that has continued to deliver incredible content year after year.

  • Claire Lauriault

    I love the off duty luxe look. It has bit of everything I like; subtlety, style, and details. And, in the line of work I am in, I could use this outfit for school or work.

  • After dark!!

  • Jenii Stewart

    Love the Off-Duty Luxe! I’ve been on the hunt for a great turtleneck and after moving to the north east after living in Savannah, GA for the last four years, I’m in desperate need of one!

  • Holda

    I love the polished workwear look! The skirt is gorgeous!!

  • Wendy T

    My favorite is the After Dark look… the dress is simply amazing!

  • Anonymous

    I love absolutely everything about the “Polished Workwear” outfit! I know that skirt would feel right at home in my closet 🙂 And those booties.. *sigh*

  • Polished Workwear for sure! My personal style tends to include a retro throwback, and that skirt certainly covers it. Throw in a versatile black sweater and boots, and I’m sold. As a mom I need something functional AND fashionable. Excellent outfits all around.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Alex

    I love Polished Workwear!

  • Meredith

    The “After Dark” collection is absolute perfection! I love the mix of a sharp blazer, crisp dress, and riding boots. Love!

  • AndreaMargo

    While all of these looks are very versatile, I would have to say that “Polished Workwear” would really amp up my wardrobe. This look goes easily from day to night (something that you’ve perfected, and so, then have your readers!) It’s polished work attire that is also stylish and modern. And, the pieces would separate and help out other pieces of mine. Win Win!

  • Trina

    I love the polished workwear look. Love that skirt!


  • Eudora Min

    polished workwear is absolutely adorable and so chic for work!

  • Emily

    I love the After Dark! It is so me!

  • I absolutely adore the After Dark look, because it can easily be translated into day wear and also works for indoor and outdoor functions. Love it!!

  • Megan

    I love the polished workwear. The flared houndstooth skirt and sweater with the leather shoulder details are perfectly on-trend twists to the classics. Easy and gorgeous.

  • simplyseductive

    love all the looks, but especially the polished workwear look!

  • I like the polished workwear look the best – the skirt especially!


  • I ABSOLUTELY love the After Dark look. I’ve been lusting after your Helmut Lang blazer for I don’t know how long! I love the mix of textures too with the beautiful silky dress and sexy leather boots.

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  • Rachel

    The after dark look is my favorite! The black blazer brings it back to a possible work outfit and the dress is perfection. The boots also add that pop of color and give a modern twist to the whole ensemble. It is chick, polished, and comfortable to boot! As a special education teacher, I need to be able to move around comfortably without looking frumpy. The after dark looks cool, easy, and, could be worn on those days when you need to feel a little special. Love it!

  • I love the after dark look the most. It can be reconstructed with other pieces for a day look as well.

  • Tanya Basu

    I think the After Dark look is a multitasker – not only is it a date night score, but you could easily adapt it for the office too. I think what appeals to me the most is the shaping of the dress – as a slender, straight body, it provides girly curves and a sophistication that make it transition easily from work to after-work. Love it with the blazer and boots to toughen it up!

  • D. Lowe

    I love the after dark look. I would definitely wear that out during the day just to make a statement. absolutely LOVE the boots!

  • Tanya Basu

    I think the After Dark option is the most versatile and the most “me.” I’m a dress girl through and through, and there is something both nostalgic and modern about this shift that makes it an ideal work/after-work outfit. I especially like the pairing with the boots and blazer, toughening up an otherwise sweet and feminine outfit into one that is statement making and glamorous.

  • Wing

    I love the after dark look, it’s so elegant and can work or the pieces adapted for so many different occasions.

  • J T

    I love the After Dark look the best! 🙂

  • Millie Aitken

    Kelly! My favourite look is the Polished Workwear. I love that skirt with the with faux leather panels. It’s good to have a little edge to your work wear. However, you look fab in all outfits!

  • Blair

    They are all fabulous for their respective times of day but i think the polished workwear one is just too perfect with that fluted skirt.

  • Ashley Taylor

    After Dark is my favorite but I love them all. You are incredibly stylish and fabulous, and I love your blog.

  • Katherines Corner

    off duty luxe is absolutely my style. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity. I invite to list your giveaway on my win it page xo

  • Maggie

    Ahhhh as soon as I saw off-duty luxe i knew it was exactly my style(expect way better), I mean that combination! I think I’m drooling, in case it wasn’t obvious I love off-duty luxe…

  • Debbie

    I love the Off-Duty Luxe look the best! It looks polished while comfortable! The heels give it a dressed up look that will fit in anywhere! The sweater has a personality all it’s own with the textured front and slits. And I love corduroy jeans in winter. You rock the look as well!

  • Erin Schuelke

    I’m torn between After Dark and Polished Workwear. Both are so lovely; actually all 3 are great. What a tough choice!

  • Amanda

    I love the Off-Duty Luxe look the best. The sweater and cords are so versatile and those shoes are fantastic! I love the stud accents that are popping up everywhere- polished yet edgy. Describes my style perfectly!

  • Jenn Lee

    After Dark, so cute! Thanks!

  • tina m

    I like AFTER DARK.

  • Abby

    Polished Workwear would be perfect for me. I have to wear skirts to work and I need some new stuff for winter!

  • Margaret Mercado

    Hello Kelly,

    I absolutely love the Off-Duty Luxe look! Karen Millen’s sweater and corduroys are a prefect look, so chic and relaxed. My kind of style with a little twist of fun this those cool shoes!

  • Bianca Sotelo

    I love the AFTER DARK look. The leather on those boots = perfection.

    Bianca from A Fabulous Challenge

  • This was a tough one, but I like off-duty luxe the best! p.s. Stay safe!

  • Sophia

    I love the Polished Workwear look. I can’t take me eyes off the skirt, and love how it’s structured yet playful. The boots are also to die for.

  • Danielle

    Definitely the After Dark look–plus that Helmut Lang blazer looks amazing with everything!

  • Colby Foss

    I love the Off Duty Luxe look. Corduroy & a pointed heel are my favorite trends of the season.

  • KeshianaM

    I love the After Dark look !!!!! As I get older I find myself growing more confident and comfortable with being a woman. The after dark look celebrates that to me. Not to mention I have quiet a few weddings to attend in the coming months and I would love to wear that look!!
    Thanks and be safe.

  • I am a huge fan of the Polished Workwear look! I love a trumpet skirt, and this one is chic, yet playful and edgy. I envy your flair with a scarf — I have several and can never quite get them to look right on me. And I am always a sucker for a bootie. This is how I like to dress for work — fashion-forward, unique, lovely, chic, but always business appropriate.

  • Mads

    All 3 looks are stunning, but I love how the after dark look is simple and effortless with just enough edge. My favourite!

  • I love the “Off-Duty Luxe” look. i could wear each piece with so many different things I already own (none of which are nearly as chic, stylish nor as expensive!)

  • Natalie

    I prefer After Dark look – it’s simple, but it catches your eye because there’s a contrast between the shine of the dress and the warm colour of the boots. I’m tall so the Polished Workwear wouldn’t work for me 😛

  • I love the after dark look! The dress is stunning but classic! And the knee-high boots and black blazer are the perfect finishing touches!


  • tk

    Polished workwear! I love the casualness of the outfit.

  • Julie Khuu

    I am SOOOOOO the After Dark gal! The time of day I get my BEST ideas 😀 That ensemble is straight up fabulous and what better way to rock it then in the streets of LA~ lalalalalOVE!


    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  • Jayne

    After dark for sure, I love the pairing of the dress and blazer!

  • Rei

    They all look great but I love the After Dark look.

  • roy pstein

    you are so beautiful! I love the after dark one 🙂

  • Olivia Pierog

    The After Dark look is so polished and the lines of the dress are beautiful. It seems like such a versatile dress that can be worn “after dark” or paired with a sweater and flats for a more clean “day time” look. Thanks for being such an inspiration!

  • NinaS

    I really love the off-duty look. It perfectly presents my style.
    Kelly, I totally love reading your blog and I wish you all the best.

  • Kait

    Absolutely love that leather detailed sweater in ‘polished workwear’! Looking gorgeous as usual!

  • Jessica

    Thank you for the giveaway! I love After Dark.

  • Masha

    After Dark – Definitively!

  • Polished workwear please! Fabulous separates that could go from day to night.

  • Kelsey Olsen

    The polished workwear look is definitely the standout I see. As a soon-to-be college grad it is hard for me to imagine separates and work dresses on a daily basis. I’m so scared I will fall into a rut and not maintain my individual style at work. I think those pieces are extremely figure flattering and unique while also professional. I hope to be able to put together similar ensembles when I begin working. It would be awesome to get a jump start with those pieces in my closet!

  • Karina Ibelis

    We love you too! We love your sense of style and all your funny experience in the fashion world, so we enjoy your blog everyday and we have to say thank you too because you share a little bit of your life with us. Is a pleasure for me wait anxiously your looks everyday.

    Omg .. its so difficult to select just one look because every look has something special but I love the first one: OFF-DUTY LUXE. Im in love with those shoes … is a versatile shoes that I could match with everything (a dress, a skirt, etc). Im absolutely in love with the sweater… is so classic and with a nice color and pants are a dream. Monochromatic looks rock this fall.

    Thank you for this giveaway …
    karina ibelis

  • Magdalena S

    Off-Duty Luxe wins because it brightens the usual Autumn graynesssss.

  • i don’t work outside my home anymore, but my favorite is the polished work wear! the separates would be the most versatile for any time, really, and the boots are amazing! living out west, I always need great boots!

  • Elin Cate

    Off Duty Luxe embodies comfort and style in an effortless way. Perfection!

  • I am more of an Off-Duty Luxe kind of a girl.

  • Emily

    After dark is right up my alley – those boots are to die for! x

  • Johanna

    Off-Duty Luxe looks just perfect (in my case even to wear it at work!)

  • camila

    I LOVE the polished workwear look. I have been looking for the perfect black long sleeve shirt to wear with my tweed and lace skirts!

  • Dioespirro

    I love the POLISHED WORKWEAR look 😉

  • Alicianiccar

    Most def after dark! That dress and those boots are to die :). You look gorgeous…stay safe in the storm!!!

  • Mercedes

    AFTER DARK! Everything about the styling of that outfit is intriguing. I love it. Thanks, Kelly!

  • Simona

    My favorite outfit is: After Dark. It looks amazing on you.Your blog is a real inspiration 🙂

  • Melissa de Leon

    My personal favorite is the off-duty luxe. I love a good, easy, monochromatic look and this one looks so comfy! I want that sweater! And the shoes are gorgeousss. This look is super classic, but has an easiness and comfort to it – which is what I always aim for.

  • Adrienne

    I love the simple sophistication of the Polished Work Wear ensemble. When it comes to versatility, separates are definitely the way to go. I would love to get the most I can out of these beautiful pieces. Thank you for sharing your keen fashion sense with us!

    Take care!

  • Maria Monteiro

    Dear Kelly, although finding each of the 3 looks very charming with their particular aesthetic, my favourite one would be the first, ‘Off-Duty Luxe’, followed very closely by ‘After Dark’. It was hard to choose one favourite, for all the 3 options are absolutely exquisite! Karen Millen is definitively one to watch! ,)

  • Hebe

    Obsessed with the Polished Workwear XD

  • Polished workwear!! Even though I wear surgical pajamas all day long, the coming and going part must be covered!

  • I love the polished workwear. The sweater is so simple and yet the leather accents on the shoulders give it a bit of an edge.

    Too bad the Karen Millen party is not here in Boston.

  • Laura Clifford

    the boots put polished workwear over the top!

  • The after dark look is my favourite one I work a a high security lab so pretty much al week and all day I have to wore special clohtes (not fashionable at all) so soon as as de weekends starts I like to dress up. The after dark look fits perfect my personality girly yet strong with a twist or rock and roll!!! Saty save and healthy during de storm, and remember there’s a rainbow after the storm.

  • Andreaya

    🙂 POLISHED WORKWEAR – crazy about that look!

  • vvn

    I love the boots in the polished workwear look but I LOVE Karen Millen dresses! And a convertible clutch is a great piece to have, so I’m going with the After Dark look. (but maybe you can allow a shoe swap, pretty please? 🙂
    Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  • Bebelin

    In fashion love with the After Dark Outfit! Just perfect!

  • Baekagon

    The off duty luxe look is my favourite. It’s basically what I dream of looking like 24/7. Plus, I can imagine mixing up the separates for a number of other luxe looks!

  • Katja Eitel

    Love, love, love the After Dark look. It’s just the right amount of glamourouse without bringt too much. I enjoy reading your blog and it inspires me very much every Day. You’re awesome!

  • I’m loving the off-duty luxe. The top is to die for!


  • Claire Wei

    I am totally loving the Off-Duty Luxe outfit! It’s perfect for my LA lifestyle, especially since it’s so seasonally-appropriate yet sophisticated enough for day-to-night transitions. Thanks for the giveaway Kelly!

  • Allegra Lee

    The Polished Workwear look is just lovely! Love the structured skirt mixed with the slinky boots!

  • MollyMS

    I love the After Dark look!! I will hopefully be doing a fashion internship in NYC in the Spring, I hope I get to meet you!
    -Molly Murphy

  • Elizabeth Serio

    I love the after dark look!

  • Elizabeth Serio

    I love the after dark look, especially the boots!

  • as much as I adore the Polished Workwear outfit (especially that black sweater and the scarf!), I’d get so much more use out of the off-duty luxe sweater & pants combo, so that’s what I choose…it’s something that I could wear every day, and I love that about it. Lovely blog, and a thoughtful giveaway. Thanks!

  • Love this! Thank you, you were the first blogger to begin my addiction to fashion blogs and inspire me. The After Dark look is my favorite, those boots, oh MY! jlfulle@hotmail.com

  • You are by far one of my favorite fashion bloggers. You have the style I aspire to have, and I love how you offer looks with the creme de la creme of designer goods as well as affordable options. For these looks I see pieces in each that I love, however from head to toe my favorite is the Off Duty Luxe!

  • “After Dark” is the best time for creatures like me to come out and have fun!!! I love the dress shining in the moonlight, hiding under the blazer dark as the night…

  • Tina Martinez

    In love with the Off Duty Luxe! Its perfect for my day to day activities as a stay at home mommy running errands in Dallas….

  • Polished Workwear for sure! I didn’t know Karen Millen had such refined pieces that suit my taste, I’m going to head over to the site to get more of a look. Hope you’ve stayed safe in the storm, I still have no power.

  • Fernanda Leal

    Hi Kelly!

    I am glad you are doing fine, Sandy is scaring each and every one of us in the West Coast.
    Thank you for having such a great blog. It is great how you can put together looks that we can identify with, but also, that we can aspire to. You are an inspiration of glamour and style.

    Regarding the Karen Millen fantastic giveaway… wow! You look A-MAZING on each and every look. The three of them suit you fantastically, and your body looks awsome! (I think the jogging is really paying off). I can definitely wear the three looks. I try to mix up pattern, texture, color and shine in everyone of my outfits and these looks have all of them, However, my first choice would be After Dark. I believe it embraces my style perfectly and you can adapt every piece and dress it up or down.

    The pattern, texture and size of the clutch is so versatile you can wear it almost in any look, dressing it up or down. The color on the boots is delightful and the wedge must make them very comfortable! A color to wear during fall and winter. The dress is adorable, the shine is so beautiful and the cut… so flattering!!!! I loved it!

    Thank you very much for being my daily motivation!!!!

    A mexican girl in SF.

  • Today is the first day that I have ever seen your blog, and I must say I’m mesmerized! You have a beautiful aesthetic going on here. I look forward to more post from my new favorite blogger! My favorite of the three looks is “After Dark.” The dress is divine and the boots are killer. One is sure to look like a vamp in this ensemble!

  • Rachel

    All about the after dark look! That dress is perfection!!

  • Mariana Paulos

    Hi Kelly! I like the Polish Workwear look. I follow you on facebook, but not on twitter cause I don’t have one! Thanks for being such an amazing inspiration! 🙂 xoxo

  • Hard to choose between the 3 BUT i think I will have to go with the Polished Work look. Working in retail, you need pieces that are functional but also stylish, this look definitely fits the bill. Absolutely love the boots!

  • Camelia Andrasescu


    I simply love the after dark outfit. Thank’s for the oportunity , it’s an amazing giveaway !

  • I truly love Karen Millen, the clothes have a luxurious feel, but are still affordable.
    Wow, this is a hard! Though I really love the burgundy boots, I must admit that the second look fits my style perfectly!

    That skirt is just insane!

  • Renata Martins

    I loved the polished workwear look! nice for work and going out for a pint after!

  • Dean Corno

    The off-duty luxe is my favourite! It looks so comfortable and stylish at the same time. I’m especially loving high necks right now.


  • Shannon

    After dark!

  • after dark is right up my alley. 🙂

  • Katie

    the Off-Duty Luxe definitely fits my style. with this cold weather, almost all I seem to wear are comfy sweaters!

  • Elise B.

    I love the Polished Workwear look! The mixed houndstooth print is awesome!

  • Christina Liu

    I absolutely love the After Dark look. The blazer totally tones down the dress, and that ivory color is perf. And the boots, LOVE. Haha that color is amazingggg~

  • Leah

    I love the polished workwear look!

  • Anonymous

    While I would love *any* of those beautiful clothes (and am seriously coveting that Helmut Lang blazer), I think I’d have to go with the polished workwear look. That skirt is screaming my name. (PS I’m also an east-coast transplant from Austin! :))

  • My absolute fave look is the off-duty luxe. All 3 looks are fantastic! But that one speaks to me and my current closet desires at the moment!

  • Angela L.

    I LOVE the Off Duty Luxe look. It actually would work well in my office setting as I wear fairly casual workwear, but try to keep it chic. Thanks for sharing, and I love your blog. I’ve spent many hours of life perusing fashion blogs, and yours has stood the test of time.

  • Cristina

    Most definitely the After Dark look! Those boots are stunning…

  • Sirida S.

    love the polished workwear look! it’s so hard to be creative with workwear and I like how you balance the skirt’s flirty hem with the sheer ankle socks and classic pumps.

  • Such beautiful outfits! My favourite is the after dark outfit! So classic and feminine with the perfect amount of girliness! The boots are the most gorgeous colour! Love you and your outfits!

  • I just really love how effortlessly chic but sassy the POLISHED WORK WEAR look is!

  • Renee

    Love the Polished Workwear look!

  • Christine S

    The After Dark look is gorgeous! The boots add a really nice touch.

  • Just love the Polished Workwear…….. Although you do make them all look extremely good.

    Stay safe.

    Sam xxx samanthal@shift.com.au

  • devcezBrd

    POLISHED WORKWEAR is my favourite. Although you look beautiful in all of them.

  • Sylvia C.

    Wow! All 3 looks are lovely, but my favorite is the Polished Workwear outfit!

  • Jess Afshar

    Oh Hope I win the Polished Work Wear ^_^ so so so CUTE

  • qjamanka

    I loooove Karen Millen dresses , so my favourite is After Dark look. I love how you paired with with these boots. Lovely looks & styling (as always :))

  • Athens85

    My thoughts and prayers go out to all of those affected by Hurricane Sandy. I feel frivolous commenting on which styles I like best under the circumstances. As a result I will keep this short and sweet. I’m not a dress up type of woman. I like to look well put together in outfits that fit many needs. Your polished workwear is the perfect look. Karen Millen shirt, skirt & boots provide quite the sassy yet pulled together look.

  • i love all the looks, but the After Dark look is worth it just for the boots. gorgeous! thanks!

  • a girl can never have too many dresses. i say After Dark for sure!

  • Rasha Makkawi

    The Polished Workwear look is totally, HOOOOOOT !!!!

    I’m so jealous 😉 u look perfect from head to toe!
    Very interesting mix.I guess that’s the science of having style, right 😉 ?
    Such a sophisticated way to look classy, elegant, and fashionable.I’m more into timeless, classic pieces with an edge, and I’ve always been obssessed with dogtooth prints as well.
    Wish I can have something similar in my wardrobe xoxo

  • Rasha Makkawi

    The Polished Workwear look is totally, HOOOOOOT !!!!

    I’m so jealous 😉 u look perfect from head to toe!

    Very interesting mix.I guess that’s the science of having style, right 😉 ?

    Such a sophisticated way to look classy, elegant, and fashionable.I’m more into timeless, classic pieces with an edge, and I’ve always been obssessed with dogtooth prints as well.

    Wish I can have something similar in my wardrobe xoxo

  • Diana {Collegiate Chic}

    i can’t get over that dress in the last few photos!! so gorgeous. hope you’re doing okay post-sandy

  • Diana C.

    I love the Polished Workwear!!! Thanks for this giveaway xoxo

  • I love the After Dark outfit, from head to toe! The seaming in the dress looks so flattering.

  • Elizabeth Williams

    They’re all super cute, but Polished Workwear is my favorite, because it fits my style perfectly and has versatile pieces that would work with other things in my closet. 🙂

  • Leslie S.

    The after dark look! I love that dress and hope you are doing well!

  • Maggie

    Ack, decisions! I love the After Dark look but have to say that I think the Off-Duty Luxe is my favorite. Would certainly making lounging around in my NJ home without power or heat much more glamourous! Mostly because those shoes are amazing.

  • Elisabeth G

    I love all three of these outfits but I especially adore the Polished Workwear look! Thank you so much for doing this! 🙂

  • I hope you are safe and staying indoors! My pick is the polished workwear~ the whole outfit says my name!

  • I love the polished work wear 🙂

  • Paulina Villegas

    Love all the looks but my favorite is the Polished Workwear.

  • Heather O.

    Love the polished work wear!

  • sy

    Love all three looks, but I think the last one has to be my favorite. The dress is elegant and classy, but comfortable enough for anything. Understated simplicity and elegancy is what I go for!

  • Polished workwear is perfect!

  • dianne1530

    My fav is the Polished Workwear, I simply love that skirt.

  • Leah Vest

    The off duty luxe is perfect! I love the neutrals and the details in the sweater!

  • I love the after dark look! I love how each piece makes such a statement and could be worn a variety of other ways with other items.

  • ellen

    Beautiful! Love the light colors head to toe in the middle of Fall, so refreshing. Hope all is well


  • Marci

    Give me the Off-Duty Luxe look any day!

  • phephe

    the last set is to die for the chic boots and girly dress with the more masculine blazer and the breakfast at tiffanies glasses yummy

  • Wai

    Polished workwear all the way – love the shoulder detail on the shirt and the piping on the skirt!

  • SofiaSason

    Off-Duty Luxe – those heels could kill a man! 🙂

  • quietbeatle

    The After Dark look is incredible… all of the pieces are fundamentals but each one has a glam factor. It’s the boots that pull it all together though. I have a vintage pair in the same colour I’ve worn for years but they’re not nearly so tall…

  • Marina Velikova

    Hello Kelly,

    Thank you for the inspirations you have been providing us with! I like all three looks, but I would definitely see myself in the after dark look. It is very classy, timeless outfit, the color combination is very chic, the peaces would go also easily with other outfits. I just love all of it.
    Greetings from Finland!

  • Sabrina

    Wow, these outfits are gorgeous. I love After Dark. The dress with the Helmut Lang blazer are so chic. You put pieces together so nicely! Sabrina

  • Tabitha

    Wow, I love all of these looks! But I’d have to say After Dark is my favorite. That dress is amazing and you can never have enough boots.
    To you and all East Coasters, y’all stay safe!

  • Oooh, that’s a tough one. I like all the outfits, but I think the best one is the dress, blazer, bag and boots. It’s a perfect all-round outfit that you can wear during day time as a casual outfit as well as going out at night. The boots make the look more fall-ish and right for the season, and the look has a glamorous retro feel over it I think. Gorgeous!

  • Nicolene Richards

    Love your style, most inspirational!

  • Lauren Danae

    I really like off duty luxe. those shoes!

  • Polished Workwear is my favourite. Absolutely gorgeous!!!

  • I love the After Dark look! I am a big fan of blazers with little dresses and the way you styled it works perfectly – and I adore those cat eye sunnies! Love your blog, Kelly!

  • pilisstyle

    love your sunglasses!

  • Amanda

    I love the after dark outfit! After the post on the black blazer i can’t get enough of this wardrobe staple and all of the different styles to choose from. Especially loving the asymmetry of this Helmut Lang jacket with the simple cut of the dress. Such a great transition from the office to a night out. And as always the sunglasses are to die for! Thanks again for your amazing blog, always inspiring 🙂

  • I am off-duty luxe for sure! The After Dark is amazing too…. I love how you can pull off a shiny dress with those boots~ INSPIRING!
    I hope you are doing well up north!

  • Franzi

    The first look is actually my favourite one, you look stunning in it. However, regarding my style, I’d go for the polished workwear combination 😀

  • Tara C

    After Dark is utterly fabulous xx

  • Sara Nicole

    I am such a fan of those Tom Ford sunnies so I have to go with the ‘After Dark’ pairing. The boots are just perfect with that dress and blazer.

  • Polished workwear feels like a good fit slightly girly and still chic and modern. =) love it.

  • Melanie

    I love all 3 looks but absolutely love the polished workwear because more versatile; I think all pieces can work with different occasions the sweater for off-duty and this lovely skirt is appropriate for after dark! Thanks from NJ xx

  • For me, off duty luxe. While still on the casual side, it can easily be brought from day to night. Shazam!

  • P Kumar

    I absolutely love the after dark look! You’re always talking about a dress or outfit that can take you from work to happy hour to dinner to dessert 😉 This look definitely encompasses all of those things. I think the more classic the look the more versatile. The dress is elegant by itself, but the blazer and sunnies gives it the perfect edge. The boots are the best part! A different color then the rest of the outfit makes them pop out as if to say “I know you want me.”

  • Camila

    So in love with the last look!!! The dress fits like a glove.

    Check our restaurant tip in NYC http://www.cottontrendy.com

  • Beckerman girls

    U look SOOOOO gorgeous in all of these pics Kell!!! WOOWOWWO!!! Stunning!!! Love the after dark—-that dress looks amazzing! I own the BESSST Karen Millen brown leather jacket with zippers on the elbows- one of my fav’ pieces! Love you babe and miss u loads!!! Hope you are staying safe from Sandy and that you have power!!! MWAHHHHH Kisses to the puppies from Cubs and Marni woof xoxo

  • Malaika

    LOVE the after-dark look! It’s my fave and closest to my style 🙂

  • Lesley

    My favorite look is definitely polished workwear! The detailing in the skirt is amazing! Hope everyone is save and well in NYC!

  • GlamaRuth

    I like the off-duty luxe and the after dark looks the best – the latter mostly for those gorgeous boots! But since Karen Millen shoes don’t come in a British 2.5, I’d pick the laid back look and pass the heels on to a normal-footed friend, but keep the pants and perfect sweater.

  • Leslie B.

    I love “Polished Workwear”. I’m a sucker for black and white and then throw in a little houndstooth and it’s over!

  • Wow! Love all the looks but the third look “After Dark” – and those boots – definitely speak to me! I feel like I could rock ’em on my side of the coast

  • Olivia

    Hello! Your blog is so fabulous. I LOVE the After Dark look – I’ve been looking everywhere for he right brown boots and black blazer…you’ve found them! The dress, I think, speaks for itself, as do your always fabulous sunnies.

    Be safe with the storm. I lived through Katrina, and it was no picnic.

    Stay magnifique!

  • Julia-Avgvsta

    Hope you and everyone on that was affected by Sandy are safe and in good company! Off-dut Luxe speaks in volumes to me!!! I can never have enough neutral casual wear in my wardrobe! Thanks for being such an inspiration:)

  • Deena

    The off duty luxe is my favorite look. I love the light tones of the top and pants and the sharp lines in the heels! Hope everything is calming down on the east coast! Thanks for the opportunity Kelly!

  • Vivian

    I love the After Dark look; I was in Kumasi this summer where my interest in that dress silhouette was renewed, and I am always looking for dresses that could be equally at home in the sun and after dusk! Take care! ~ Vivian

  • Anonymous
  • Emily Frances

    I love the After Dark look! It is feminine, sophisticated, and just a little edgy. I can picture myself wearing this dress many ways, before dark too! Fingers crossed….

  • Niki Caron

    Polished Workwear is 100% my style! Thank you for such a fabulous giveaway!

  • I love the After Dark !!!

  • Off-Duty Luxe for me! Just found you through the article in Nate’s Berkus’s new book..love your place and your facebook page..both look like a fun place to hang out!
    Andrea from the east coast of Florida

  • Holly B

    LOVE your After Dark look!

  • Mickie

    I love the Off-Duty Luxe look. Cozy and chic and perfect for San Francisco weather! It would be so fun to remix all the pieces from that look too. I could imagine pairing the the sweater with more tailored pieces for work and the heels, well, with everything. Thanks for all the style inspiration and will definitely have to check out the Karen Millen store on my next NYC visit!

  • Ailsa McQ

    I love the after dark outfit!! The dress goes so well with the Helmut Lang blazer that I’ve been hankering after!!

  • My favorite is the third look. Love the ballet pink satin next to the toughness of the leather boots.

  • I’d Pick Polished Workwear! Love how the softness of the scarf contrasts with the edgy sweater, and how the shirt really pulls it all together! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  • www.osexoeaidade.com

    I really, really love your style!

  • Sarah

    I love the off duty look. And I hope you are safe. I’ve been a fan of your blog for about 3 years now.

  • Alisha Kumar

    I really love the off-duty luxe. I love how it looks cozy, yet immensely chic. And I’m also head-over-heels in love with that bag.

  • Kim

    I love the after dark look, especially the boots!


    I love them ALL! But if I HAD to pick I would take door #1. I love the texture of the sweater, the refined look of the cords, the chicness of the heels and the clutch is awesome. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy your posts!

  • Shannon

    My favorite look is off-duty luxe! The whole outfit is perfect!

  • haritini

    I looove the polished workwear look! Since I just moved to London and am in the search of a new job, i hope I am the lucky one to win this! I will definitely be a good sign 🙂

  • Amy

    I’m going to have to go with After Dark although I really do love the Off-Duty Luxe look as well.

  • DTM

    Love Off Duty Luxe. So effortlessly chic

  • Cailin McDermott

    Polished Workwear, for sure! As a college student on campus, I’d definitely get the most use out of that cute outfit.

  • Amanda D.

    I LOVE the Polished Workwear outfit! I love the classic black and white. It’s definitely something I could wear to work and while I’m out! Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  • Ashley Goode

    In love with the Off-Duty Luxe! Too chic@

  • nadine

    Love the polished workwear look…so many great accessories and something to wear to any work function! Would love to have this one in my closet!

  • Elena

    I am loving the third look! Beautiful.

  • Odinaka

    Kelly, thank you for a Brilliant blog. Informative, and inspiring.

    All the outfits are lovely and I would be happy to wear any of them. My

    favorite one is “After Dark”.

    What an awesome giveaway!

  • After Dark 🙂

  • lilla

    Polished workwear looks great! Totally me 🙂

  • Anna

    AFTER DARK is my favorite!

    Kelly, huge thanks for blog and inspiration! Love Your style so much!

  • After Dark suits me the best!

  • I like the polished workwear! Kiss

  • hollydare

    I’d like to look as good as you do in the first off-duty luxe look! You look amazing! Thanks for hosting a great giveaway!

  • My favorite look is After Dark! Long boots and Jackets are the best!

  • Lila C.

    I love the second look! I feel like the shirt could easily be turned into something a bit funkier as well (which is always fun!)

  • nykeiko

    I couldn’t decide between After Dark or Polished Workwear but I think After Dark’s Karen Millen dress can be dressed up or down proven by pairing it with these fabulour boots! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win these outfits!

  • Highheels&Nothingtowear

    Hi Kelly, First of all, what a very nice giveaway! I am reading your blog for over half a year now and I am thankful for your inspiration. You are strong woman with elegance, thats what my impression is. I will continue reading your blog and hope you will continue posting:). Thanks to you.
    For the giveaway, I would love to wear the Off-Duty Luxe look. I totally love it! Its comfy, warm, very stylish and the heels are really cool. I would say the perfect outfit for the day off-duty.. 🙂 xx Dianne

  • Celeste

    Polished workwear! (Although, I’d wear any of these looks!) Thanks for the chance!

  • fashionliked

    I looove the polished workwear look! Since I just moved to London and am
    in the search of a new job, i hope I am the lucky one to win this! I
    will definitely be a good sign 🙂
    My Blog 🙂

  • Leydi Ferreira

    After Dark is perfect for date-night; the outfit would get tons of rotation, perfect for just about any after dark occassion 🙂

  • Barbara Elaine

    The Polish Workwear is astonishing!
    The skirt’s mixture of houndstooth in varying pattern sizes is the perfect spin to keep the pattern fresh! Your vintage white scarf paring with the black Karen Millen sweater brings everything together. But the best part is in KM’s attention to detail like the leather patch accents on the sleeves. 🙂

    To make 3 outfits,
    I personally would pair the skirt with black Hue tights and booties along with a white cashmere cowl neck sweater.
    And the knit top I would like to want to accent an outfit similar to your off duty look with a bright gem tone skinny leg jean and patent leather heels.

    Thank you so much for all your inspiring posts, they keep me dreaming!

    Barbara Elaine

  • I am absolutely in love with the After Dark look! It is stunning! thanks for the chance!!

  • Jamie Herzlinger

    Love these looks! Great classic style. Thanks for sharing.

    Love, Jamie Herzlinger

  • Olivia

    Hi Kelly!

    Thanks for the continued fashion inspiration! I recently discovered Karen Millen’s line in a little boutique. I have to say all the looks are gorgeous but if I had to choose one, I’d vote for the After Dark look!
    Keep up the great posts!

  • Samantha

    My favorite look has to be the Polished Workwear – I’m in love with the leather details and those boots! Also adore the After Dark dress; it looks like it feels so silky.

  • Chelsea Deakin

    I love the After Dark outfit the best, because it is the most versatile outfit of the three. I can picture myself wearing the dress from daytime to nighttime and being able to look appropriate anywhere I go. The boots are an amazing color that add a pop to the outfit but would also pair back with leggings or denim very easily. I love all 3 looks but I can do a lot with the After Dark outfit!

  • Kay

    Polished workwear FTW! Love the detailing on the sweater.

  • Ananda Rock

    Love three outfits, you’re beautiful, and the look suits my style best is Off-Duty Luxe.
    FB and Bloglovin: Ananda Rock
    TW: @AnandaRock1

  • Emmas

    So hard to choose, but the polished workwear look is my favourite – the skirt is fab!

  • Katelyn

    Off-duty Luxe… That sweater is amazing!

  • I love the third outfit, After Dark! That I’d say is for me because it’s so great to see the reverse of white dress with black jacket instead of a black dress. I love picking a white or cream look for the evening instead of a darker tone. It feels so sleek and refreshing! It could also be great for the daytime too.

  • FeeFee,RN

    I love the Polished Work look! What a fabulous giveaway! Pick me! Pick me! feefeehugs@gmail.com

  • clewisRn

    after dark gets my vote. A classic shine from the material with a reverse dark /light effect for evening is eye catching. In addition , the glow set on the skin from the dress is beautiful .

  • Wow! I am IN LOVE with After dark! Those boots are to die for!!

  • I love Off Duty Luxe. This is perfect for work or play and the heels are gorgeous!

  • Mariam

    For me it’s a tie between off duty and the after dark but I think after dark is my perfect look. It’s dressy without fuss, which is what I live for.

  • Shandra

    Love love love all the outfits…I feel like I can be an “instyle” teacher with your outfit inspirations! Thank you!!

  • Erinn Hermsen

    I love all three but the polished workwear outfit would be my favorite! I work in downtown Minneapolis and have a fashion blog on the side, so outfits that go well from day to night are perfect. Love your blog!

  • kimber

    I love the polished work look! finally glad to have time to get online and veg out since Sandy swept my life into a big ball of crazy. thanks for all the fabulous inspiration you have here, just love it.

  • I love all the ensembles on you. I would love to win the After Dark look. As a mom to little ones, this look is so stylish yet practical to wear even when going out at night with them because of: 1) the wedge style of the boot; 2) how the clutch can be worn as a crossbody; and 3) how the dress is not fussy yet so stylish (love the seams). Thank you for this opportunity. I really hope I win 🙂

  • I completely adore each look, but since I absolutely have to choose, I’m opting for the “After Dark” look! As a college gal who recently started up her own website (tailored for sartorial 20-somethings who want to live in the lap of luxury and high-fashion while on a budget), the look is spot on with what I myself strive to embody. It is flawless, put-together, and simplistically chic and modern. The look involves a level of sophistication not often seen in younger girls; it channels this sense of intrigue, confidence, and versatility which I can picture working so well in both an interview setting and while out on a cocktail night.

    Karen Millen perfected grace with this look and Kelly, you certainly do it justice.

    The Glamourai has been my inspiration and place of fashion-focused solace for the last few years of my life, and I am so giddy with visions of myself donned in this look. 🙂

    -Sierra Horton

  • Margie Ramos

    Totally in love with the off-duty luxe! <3

  • Jen from Bristol, UK

    Polished work wear is very much my kind of style. Skirt looks really cute and shape would make it a bit more flattering than a more fitted one of the same length. I am totally a black boots kind of girl and those look really cool and stylish. The KM shirt looks very fitted and I love the shoulder detail, makes it a bit different. Scarf is a great contrast te the rest of the outfit, and a chanel bag?! enough said! Jen x

  • Hello, glamorous Kelly,
    I love your blog so much, and I adore your amazing taste of fashion and style. It’s always great to see how you dress up yourself and others through your blog, I was hoping to have a great style like you someday, And this giveaway gives me a chance to dress up like as your style. Thanks for the giveaway.
    I like the third look, AFTER DARK. So elegant and chic. I’m obsessed with this combination so much!
    I’m following you on twitter as crankyfunky and Nomin Nomindari on facebook.
    Hoping to win it, finger crossed 😀
    Good luck for your life

  • Hafsa Zaroual

    I love the off duty look! Perfect for a student 🙂

  • After Dark! Those boots and that dress are absolutely to die for!

  • Arra

    I love the After Dark. It is very classy, chic and sophisticated!

  • I’m in love with the Off-Duty Luxe look! Everything about it is so chic and laid-back. So glad to hear all is well with you and yours in the City!

  • Hi Kelly!

    I love your blog! And I love Karen Millen’s designs. My favorite is the “After Dark.” The cream structured dress is so chic!

    Hope you are surviving the NYC Sandy catastrophe and are staying safe and warm!


  • Anna Rotenberry

    I am absolutely in love with the polished workwear look! I love the timelessness of each piece and the small leather touches on the skirt and top give them a great modern twist that not only gives each piece some modern flare but gives the outfit a little more intrigue. Each of these pieces could easily be incorporated to multiple outfits as they are great wardrobe staples that would not only blend with but update other classic ensembles. That vintage scarf is to die for! The texture is ideal for a soft, winter look and the color really softens up the outfit to off set the leather from the top and adorable skirt. The bag is just amazing! Is there any description that would do it justice?! I can easily see this outfit fitting into my wardrobe in multiple ways and the number of ways that it can be converted to multiple looks is just so exciting. This outfit is just too good!

  • Tara Thompson Stafford

    i love the off-duty luxe!

  • Stephanie Alexis

    Hi Kelly,

    Beautiful post! I would rock the “After Dark” outfit! It’s adorable. As a graduating senior majoring in Business and a Fashionista at heart, I would wear this new look to the first day at my full-time job.

    Thanks! – Stephanie, Glam and Graffiti

  • It’s so hard to choose a favorite…but I would have to go with “After Dark” Those boots are absolutely amazing!

  • Melanie F.

    Kelly you look so glam in every look! Each photo was so elegant, like it was the official Karen Millen LookBook! I loved every single outfit, but the one I can picture myself wearing EVERYWHERE would be the Polished Workwear look.

    I loved how it was Sophisticated, Classic, yet subtly Flirty too!

    Following @theglamourai on Twitter (@LuckyMel8)
    LIKE The Glamourai on Facebook (Mel Love)
    Subscribed via BlogLovin (melmarilyn)

  • After Dark! LOOOOVE the boots!

  • Julia Clark

    wow I love all of the looks! But for me being a new Mom my style is more of the off duty luxe these days. I love the softness of the cords with the metallic heels -so effortless and chic! I also love your Chanel bag, to die for! Ive been following your blog for 3 years now, where does the time go? But this is my first comment, so exciting

  • Kaca Sevcikova

    definitely polished Workwear !!!


    Kaca Sevcikova

  • Logan

    I like all the looks but, I think After Dark is the look for me!!! Barely beating out Polished Work Wear!!!

  • Iulia

    Hi! I would firstly like to thank you for being a source of inspiration to me. Whenever I feel uninspired or dull and just feel like wearing a pair of jeans and a sweater, I skim through your outfits and I instantly get at least ten ideas!

    I thought the giveaway was a really nice touch, I liked all three outfits, but the one that I liked most and best suits my personal style is Polished Workwear. I loved the shirt, it’s simple, feminine and black (which is the color I wear most)

    Thank you, and keep up the amazing work!

  • Goldflower

    Hiya from London!

    I absolutely fell in love with each one of those – but I would go for the After Dark outfit!! It’s simple yet sophisticated. Actually I’m from Berlin so this is exactly what I would pick to go out (after dark.. haha 😉 ).
    Going to be in Soho on Thursday and I’m already excited of what you are going to wear! Looking forward to see you, cheers!

  • Goldflower

    Hiya from London!

    I absolutely fell in love with each one of those outfits – but I would pick the after dark outfit! Simple yet sophisticated. Actually I am from Berlin so this is exactly what I love to wear!

    Going to be in Soho on Thursday and I am already so excited what you are going to wear!

    Looking forward to see you, Cheers!

    Btw. my post before just disappeared.. sorry if it’s poping up twice.. weird…

  • Sara Hollander

    I love Karen Millen! Polished workwear is the most me, I favour monochromatic looks (usually with a black base) because they are versatile and timeless. That outfit can be dressed up or down with the right hair, makeup and accessories. Which is the best thing about fashion anyway, how transmutable it can be! (Same name on Facebook and @squarrell)

  • Laschmidt

    First look is me all the way! Except I struggle with finding skinny jeans that fit my hips and thighs while still being small enough in the waist. It’s a look I can wear and look hip and sophisticated, without looking like I’m dressing out of my teenage niece’s closet 😉

  • Robin

    Polished Workwear is such a cool fit for me! Just landed my dream job a few months ago and this look works it!

  • farrielle2

    They all are all beautiful, but I adore the after dark look, simple but elegant in one word Amazing.Thank you for doing this give-a-way.

  • Emily k

    Polished workwear 🙂

  • Jade Huguenin

    “After Dark” is such a perfect look. Creamy tones are beautiful as the weather gets chillier and the black jacket really helps to pump up the outfit. I have been looking for a jacket styled similarly to your iconic jacket style (as it comes up in many of your blog posts), but cannot find one anywhere. The sunglasses ar classic, but I cannot get over the beauty of Millen’s dress. The cut is gorgeous and it could be worn for so many types of occasions. It would definitely do well in my closet this holiday season!

  • Dylan

    Karen Millen designs beautiful clothing! Your After Dark outfit is my favorite.

  • Megan Gibson

    My pick is for sure the “after dark” pick. Love it!! Thanks for the awesome giveaway, I love following your blog for inspiration on everyday style! @msmegangibson

  • Liesl

    The last one oh my WORD the last one.
    The blazer with the dress is killer, and I often do this.
    The boots with the dress kicks my ass, and I often do this as well.
    But all three! Well done, I say.
    The blazer conveys a very commanding presence. It holds the shoulders high and adds a finishing touch. The dress is boldly feminine and owns this persona without apology, and (behold!) shows off just how fantastic, once again, that blazer actually is.
    I wholeheartedly admit that your blog was primarily an inspiration for me when I came across it because of your lovely locks but I came to fell in love with your clothes pretty quickly thereafter.
    I’m going shopping tomorrow to sort my life out…or maybe just buy some sweaters. Wish me luck!

  • Tasha

    Off duty luxe definitely suits me best. The pieces are timeless and I can just imagine the countless combinations to be made with these and other lovely pieces in my wardrobe. 🙂 Would love to win anything by Karen Millen – absolutely adore her designs!!! Hope you have a lovely get-together on Thursday. Meanwhile, I’ll just keep my fingers crossed for these goodies! 🙂

  • Robin Neudorfer

    I just walked off three pant sizes recently and I would look HOT in the Off Duty Luxe. All three are great looks, but I am 58 and think the casual look is perfect for me right now. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • As a mom of 3, I love the daily inspiration that is of the highest caliber but doesn’t make me feel that I can’t achieve such chic perfection as a mom running all over the place. Right now I’m Off Duty Luxe all the way and would LOVE to win something that could help me get closer to Hot Mom status 🙂

  • Rina

    after dark) for sure)
    love this style – simple, but very beautiful

  • I like the polished workwear! Beautiful!

  • After Dark is definitely the best suited to my lifestyle 🙂 xxx

  • Ooo so hard to choose! If I had to I think polished workwear is the most versatile and perfect for fall with the sweater, leather details, and booties. 🙂


  • Loving THE OFF DUTY LUXE look.

  • Cassie

    My look is off-duty lux!

  • Jocqulene

    After Dark is my look! That dress is perfect for Christmas parties and fall get togethers. As a college student, I’ve been loving a smaller bag lately (to contrast the huge ones I need for school!) and I’d love to own that Karen Millen. Especially given the simple chain strap. I’d feel like a million bucks in that Helmut Lang blazers for job interviews, too! The unexpected burgundy boot is to die for and the wedge looks so comfy. You look great, Kelly!

    PS, LOVE how easy to enter this giveaway was. Nothing worse than “enter here, comment here, tweet here, Facebook comment here”!

  • Laura

    Kelly, you are truly one of my biggest fashion inspirations! Checking your blog in between classes is my treat for the day! I would have to go with “After Dark”; It suits my style best because of its classic, polished look, yet the boots and sunglasses also add a touch of edginess to the outfit. I love it! This outfit would be a dream come true for me!!!

  • Anonymous

    uff tough decision! I’m going to go fro the Polished Workwear. They are all fantastic!
    monica_ah (at) msn (dot) com

  • I love all three, but the after dark is so stunning. I love relaxed-meets-classy pieces like that dress!

  • annesoap

    I love love the After Dark look. I am not sure I would look as good as you in that dress but I would love to try 😉
    as always, beautiful pictures, amazing blog!!

  • Mallory

    It has to be the After Dark outfit…nothing works better than a sweet dress and boots in my book! Thanks for sharing the inspiration!

  • Tough choice but Polished Workwear is my winner. This outfit incorporates classic pieces and colors (quilted Chanel, ivory & black check skirt) with a few less expected and modern twists to keep it fresh and updated–great little black bootie, cozy but feminine scarf to keep it from being too formal, leather shoulder embellishment on the top, and LOVE the shape of the shades. This outfit could easily take me from workday meetings to cocktails, hopefully turning a few heads along the way!

  • Bettina Lorincz

    All of them are so beautiful and that makes it very difficult to decide, but I think I’ll go with the third option- AFTER DARK

  • Amy T

    I had a dream about the Karen Millen boots in the after dark photos. They are the bees knees!!

  • Paige

    So hard to choose because they’re all such amazing looks!! I love the after dark look…very much my personal style! Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  • Chichi_404

    These all have their own bit of flare, but I love the easiness of the off-duty luxe outfit. It’s a timeless look that won’t get old, and you can easily mix it up with any accessory. Love those pants, Karen Miller! And love all of your posts!

  • Monica

    My favorite is the polished work wear. I am sucker for anything with houndstooth & anything trimmed with leather. I’m starting a new job, so I need to update my work clothes.

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