Introducing: Erina Patina

21st September, 2012

Since my younger sister, Erin Framel (or Erina Patina, as I most often call her) moved to the city a couple months ago, I’ve been prodding her to join me here on this ol’ blog. She made a fleeting appearance HERE (and has since cut her hair!), but I think she should make it a regular thing, don’t you? I love that our styles are quite similar, but somehow entirely different at the same time. We buy a lot of the same pieces, but wear them in totally different ways. I hope she will inspire you as much as she does me!|ERIN WEARS| Westward\Leaning sunnies, Kendra Scott necklace, Forever21 top, Burberry watch, Alexandra Satine clutch, Catbird rings, Zara jeans, Schutz shoes

|PHOTOS| by Jeremy James

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  • Anonymous

    a big hell yes for more framels in the blogosphere! can’t wait to see more posts from you very stylish sisters!


  • holly

    Amazing top and clutch!

    Soi Eight Recycling

  • Youa

    i’ve been using my sister as a model for photo shoots i want to try on my blog and it’s so much fun! it’s like dressing up when we were little except for now we have bigger allowances to spend on clothes!

  • Kim

    I didn’t even notice that it wasn’t you in the first picture for a while, guess you guys look a lot like each other (that, or I’m just blind) :)

  • Luba Dimitrova

    Oh you look like twins !!
    XX Luba :: Well Living Blog ::

  • dk

    Wow.. When I saw the first picture I was like “When did your hair grow so long”.. but then I read it is your sister =) I can’t wait to see her fashion style! xx

  • Rockygirl

    Such a nice idea to show your little sis’ ! She’s lovely !!

  • Stacy Morgan

    You are both a delight!

  • Pauline T

    She’s so lovely! It’s a great idea to feature her here :)

  • Jessie

    she looks lovely. love her top! xo

  • Leigh

    Yes! She is adorable and has the same type of classy style as you do!

  • olivia

    i was wondering for a second if you suddenly grew your hair out… im so jealous she has a cool sister like you!!


  • Anonymous

    I love the shirt! And the soft waves in her hair are gorgeous!

  • Cleo

    Would LOVE to see more of Erina Patina!!! Beautiful photos :)

  • Iliyana Licheva

    wow,love it! amazing green clutch! so lovely!

  • Michelle

    Your sister looks a lot like Emma Stone in these photos.
    Seriously, the first one made me do a double take! She’s gorgeous. Thank you
    for sharing her with us.

  • Jennifer

    She’s gorgeous!

    xo Jennifer

  • Lena

    Nice hair and amazing pictures!!!


  • Stephanie

    More Erina Patina please! What a stylish family!

  • Pili’s Style

    that’ s great idea!!!

  • Buki of James1542

    Oh yes, I.definitely remember her first appearance. What a brilliant idea to have her join you! I already like the way she mixes her accessories, they pop right out of her outfit. Looking forward to seeing more of you ERIN!

  • Samantha Dorabiato

    Olá… estou lançando meu novo blog hoje e fico no aguardo de sua visita….


  • patricia

    great idea ;)
    kisses pretty

  • vici and viva

    she´s just as pretty as you are.

  • Lilpink

    she looks as gorgeous as you. <3

  • Ana Ortuño

    So sweet, she is beautiful just like you! ps I love that top.



  • thankfifi

    love it – so wonderful if erin will agree to join you more permanently – two for the ‘pice’ of one!

    ♥ ThankFifi

  • Cam Marie

    aw sisterly love. love it.

  • maryse

    Vous avez un très joli blog :)
    jolie tenue, dans un joli décor, et les photos sont très sympa!

  • kaye beeh

    Love the shirt

  • JinetVentura

    She is adorable -just like you!

  • Schutz

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  • Adeola Naomi Aderemi

    She look great and should totally appear more often!

  • Théa Unknown

    Great clutch!

    Théa Unknown

  • Petite Adventures

    Love her look
    Kate xo

  • R M

    Great outfits, fantastic photos too!

  • Joanna Hetzel

    Lovely photos, you look great! Have you checked out the jewellery on this site

  • noidakingh

    amazing —-