25th September, 2012

|ABOVE| top left: Faith Connection satin-lapel blazer ($640) / top right: Topshop shrunken blazer ($80) / bottom left: Topshop waterfall jacket ($120) / bottom right: Day Birger et Mikkelsen jacket ($389) |ORIGINAL POST|

If you’ve followed this site for a while, you’ve probably noticed how often I rock my favorite black blazer. I regard it as crucial, and couldn’t consider a wardrobe complete without one. I’ve said it before, but I truly believe it’s the single most important thing to really save up and invest in. Great for workday responsibilities or evening festivities, you can’t go wrong with any of the options pictured here.|ABOVE| top left: Acne satin tuxedo jacket ($650) / top right: Karl wool blazer ($345) / middle repeat: Karl shearling-trimmed jacket ($635) / bottom left: Dorothy Perkins tuxedo jacket ($69) / bottom middle: Topshop longline blazer ($136) / bottom right: Topshop white-lined boyfriend blazer ($130) |ORIGINAL POST|

  • EmerJa

    Love how this masculin-like looks are soo feminine!!

  • Anonymous

    I bought that Helmut Lang blazer (as well as that linen one) after you posted about it last time and it has served me well. Definitely a staple In my wardrobe and totally worth the investment.

  • azrakun

    My blazer needs a replacement. I wear all the time as well…

  • Andrea

    Great pieces!! I love the Topshop waterfall jacket!!
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  • monkeyshines

    stunning picks!


  • Eda Petuqi

    i totally agree… your picks are awesome

  • Anonymous

    a basic black blazer doesn’t have to be super expensive. i’m happy with the quality of my $40 H&M blazer and zara makes excellent ones around the $80 mark. appropriate for work and fashionable for dinner and drinks afterwards!

  • Anonymous

    a quality black blazer is a staple i’ve been on the hunt for forever and i’ve always come up short! i’ve tried a couple of cheaper options and haven’t been satisfied with the quality, i’ve tried vintage and haven’t been satisfied with the cut, so it might be time to finally invest in a great one for fall!


  • Jennifer

    I have a boyfriend blazer from a few years ago when oversize was popular but I need a better, fitted blazer.

    xo Jennifer

  • Lena

    Wow those blazers are fantastic!

  • Luba Dimitrova

    I have 2 black blazer in my closet , buy I always feel attracted when I see one while shopping ! They are so versatile !

    XX Luba Well Living BLog

  • jan miguel

    I love all these!


  • An act of style

    Love the YSL-inspired look <3


  • Tiffany Elam

    I have multiple black balzers & find them to be a very crucial asset to any wardrobe.

  • Raphaëlle Lavielle

    Oh my, I couldn’t dress without blazers.

  • JulesFashionWeek

    You can’t live without the blazer – will always be stylish 😉

  • frances O

    LOVE LOVE LOVE you can never have enough black blazers! NYC:)

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