Getting Serious With DJ Chelsea Leyland

5th September, 2012

Chelsea Leyland is one of the most in-demand DJ’s on the fashion scene, which is unsurprising considering her cooler-than-thou musical tastes, rockstar style, and heartbreaking beauty. In fact, the only thing that actually surprises me about her is how genuinely warm-hearted and kind she is; she’s consistently a beacon of light in a sea of beleaguered urbanites.

I always look forward to bumping into her all over Fashion Week, and was so excited when she agreed to join Jamie and me at Ann Street Studio one recent afternoon, for this intimate portrait sitting. |ABOVE| Chelsea wears Natalie Frigo earrings, an Honor bodysuit, Tanya Taylor sweater, and vintage pin

Hey Chelsea, what does music mean to you? “Music means everything to me… come on it’s the most powerful thing in the world! It’s universal & can alter one’s mood; I feel it brings out the best in people most of the time.”|ABOVE + TOP| Karen Walker scarf, Jen Kao hoodie, Karen Walker sweater (worn underneath), Gap briefs

You’re from England originally; why did you move to New York? “I came here to attend the Lee Strasberg acting school.”|ABOVE| Tanya Taylor coat, Magaschoni cashmere shorts

You must keep crazy hours; how do you stay balanced when you’re working mostly at night? “I just don’t. Do you have any advice for me?!”|ABOVE| Jen Kao sweater and leather skirt, Chrissie Morris boots

You must get hit on a lot when you’re DJing parties; how does your boyfriend handle that kind of attention on you? “I just make sure to only tell him the most ridiculous shit that comes out their mouths.”|ABOVE + BELOW| Tanya Taylor sweater, Vena Cava pants

When you were younger, what was your relationship with music? “I was always listening to all kinds of music from a young age, and when I look back on it now I realize that I was actually kind of a strange kid.” (All the best grownups were, baby!)Who is your favorite artist right now? SBTRKT.”

|BELOW| Jen Kao vest, pants, and jacket; Chrissie Morris shoesWhat’s next for Chelsea Leyland? “Continue with DJing. Photography and acting. And one day I’d love to start my own organic product line.”

|PHOTOGRAPHY| by Jamie Beck & Kevin Burg |STYLING| by Kelly Framel |HAIR| by Francis Anthony Rodriguez for Kerastase |MAKEUP| Porsche Cooper for FLIRT! Cosmetics |LOCATION| Ann Street Studio

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