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14th August, 2012

|ABOVE LEFT| arriving in Sao Paulo |ABOVE RIGHT| returning to New York

Instagramming is the new blogging, am I right?! That’s where I really update on my day-to-day. It’s immediate and sharable and simple and aesthetically exciting. And it frees up THIS space for more well-thought-out endeavors ~ almost forcing us all to up the ante on what we actually post online. Online is sacred now. Instagram is the regular-realness, and I guess that allows this site to be the fun and the fantasy and the dreams in between. Happily, sometimes they collide and real life looks like a dream; and so, a few Insta-moments from last week:|ABOVE| living well at the Hotel Fasano |BELOW| bonding over Schutz shoes with Shae, Aimee and Jane|BELOW| playing coy with Elle Brasil before dashing off to catch my flight home ~ obrigada to all!If you missed these adventures in realtime, make sure to catch the ones to come by following me on Instagram as @theglamourai!

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