Back To School Beauty

27th August, 2012

In honor of the back-to-school season, FLIRT! and I teamed up to create three fun, fall-ready beauty looks, with an easy breakdown on how to recreate them at home!

|STUDY HALL CHIC| Serena wears a Tibi coat and top, and a custom-made barrette and bow tie:|STUDY HALL CHIC| Using FLIRT! cosmetics, the ever-fabulous Porsche Cooper created this autumn-toned look by packing Dreamy Eyes Eyeshadow in Bronze Splash (top right, above) all over Serena’s eyelids, then blending it out with Peach Champagne (above center). She then lined her eyes with Look of Love Eye Pencil in Brownie Points, and dabbed her lashes with Agent Lash Mascara in Black. Porsche dusted Serena’s cheeks with Peek-A-Blush in Dragonfly (above left), and finished it all off with a subtle swipe of Chickstick in Obsess (far right, above).

Bethany Brill, my amazing hairstylist and friend, pinned Serena’s ends under for an on-trend faux bob, and I finished it off with a quirky barrette, for a look that say’s, I’m proud to be Teacher’s Pet!

|ROCK STEADY| Serena wears a Tibi coat and top, with an Asos belt as bow tie:|ROCK STEADY| Serena is a modern day Pink Lady in this look! Porsche primed Serena’s eyes with Dreamy Eyes Eyeshadow in Cream Puff (above right), then dramatically lined then all around (and side-to-side!) with Opening Line Liquid Liner in Ebony Edge. I love this product because it affords so much control over the shape you’re creating, but if things start to slip outside the desired lines, you can always nudge them back into place using a damp Q-tip.

Because I have really deep eyelids, I’d probably add a little Dreamy Eyes Eyeshadow in Wild Night (bottom center, above), but for Serena, Porsche simply finished off with All That Lash Mascara in Black, plus a dash of Peek A Blush in Caramel Belle and a dollop of Big Flirt Lipgloss in Big Pink Kisses. Finally, Bethany scraped Serena’s hair into a super-high pony tail ~ a look I find so fresh all of a sudden!

|COLOR ME FABULOUS| Serena wears an American Apparel barrette, over a Tibi coat and top:|COLOR ME FABULOUS| Serena is Queen Bee of the classroom in this youthfully daring look, which Porsche created using a generous application of Dreamy Eyes Eyeshadow in Electric Denim (top center, above). She blended out the edges with Cream Puff (above right), then finished with a two-part lining process: one thick sweep of Opening Line Liquid Liner in Aquamarina, and a thinner line of Indigo-go. After brushing on It Curl Mascara in Black, Porsche powdered Serena’s cheeks with Peek A Blush in Sweet Desire (a great early-fall alternative to summer’s bronzers!), and petted her pout with Big Flirt Lipgloss in Big Time Nude. With Bethany’s beehive and a Number 2 pencil at hand, Serena’s ready to ace any style test!

Back to School Beauty starring Serena Cheng (the winner of THIS CONTEST!) // photography: Jeremy James // art direction & styling: Kelly Framel // makeup: Porsche Cooper for FLIRT! Cosmetics // hair: Bethany Brill

I hope these images inspire you to try a dramatic liner or a colored lid this fall ~ for a new season is all about experimentation + fresh experiences! For more ideas, click over to FLIRT!’s Facebook page, or revisit THIS POST.

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