DIY: Denim Cut-Offs

5th July, 2012

While I was wearing my denim cut-offs recently, a friend asked me where I’d bought them. When I told her they were a quick and easy DIY project, she demanded details. Ask and you shall receive! Below, an easy step-by-step guide to making your own summer short shorts:1. Start with a pair of jeans that are cut roomier than you’d normally wear (and even buy them a few sizes big). I prefer men’s jeans for this, and used a pair I’d picked up for $8 at my local resale shop.2. Cut the legs at an angle, as illustrated above. Leave about 3″ at the inseam.3. Fold the jeans over to mirror the first cut on the second leg.4. Cut a 1″ slice into the outer seam, on the front of the jeans. 5. From the top of your 1″ cut, slice toward the inseam at an angle, removing a portion of the front of the shorts, as illustrated above.6. Repeat on both legs, cutting just high enough that the pockets peek out ever-so-slightly.7. Run your new shorts through a wash & dry cycle, to give the freshly cut edges that great frayed finish. And that’s all there is to it!

|CLICK HERE| to revisit the way I wore mine.

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