DIY: Tumbling Block Art

24th July, 2012

When it comes to matters of home, I’m all about the DIY art projects! It can be hard to achieve a cohesive theme on a limited budget, so it pays take matters (and oftentimes a can of paint!) into your own hands. It can get a little gritty, but today’s project, designed in partnership with Scotch Duct Tape, is as easy as they come.
What you’ll need: a blank canvas (I suggest a square shape, in either 18×18″ or 24×24″), 1 roll of black tape, 1 roll of white tape, and 1 roll of plaid tape + a Clearview Triangle Ruler, 2 cutting boards (or one really big one!), an X-acto knife and a pair of scissors.1. Start by lining up three rows of tape on one cutting board. Place your dark tone (in this case, black) on the outsides and your light tone (white) in the middle.2. Use your Clearview ruler to cut a clean 60° edge on the end of the lines of tape. 3. Continue scoring your tape lines at 1-7/8″ intervals (this measurement is important to making the desired cube pattern, as the tape itself is 1-7/8″ in width). When finished, your strips of tape should be scored like so:4. Repeat the process with your middle tone (plaid) on the outsides and your light tone (white) in the middle again.5. Use your X-acto blade to carefully lift your now-diamond-shaped pieces of tape off the cutting board. Apply them one by one to your blank canvas, in the following 3 step pattern:When you begin laying out the pattern,  let the tape hang off the edges of the canvas a little. Don’t press them down just yet, as you may find you’ll want to adjust them a bit as you go along.Fill up the bottom row……then keep working your way up, alternating the placement of your dark (black) and medium (plaid) pieces with each new row.Keep going till your canvas is all filled up, smoothing out any bubbles as you go!6. Once you’ve completely covered the canvas and are happy with the placement of your tumbling block cubes, go ahead and press down the edges.7. All that’s left to do is frame your art! To do so, run a strip of black tape down one side of your canvas, cutting it so it hangs off the edges a bit. 8. Miter the excess at the edges…….then fold them into a clean finish.9. Repeat this process along all four sides of the canvas, and voila! You’ve got yourself a one-of-a-kind piece of graphic wall art: Keep in mind that as long as you have a dark, middle, and light tone, you can interpret this idea in any colors or patterns that best reflect your own home’s style.

  • Sarah

    awesome idea! i love the final result and the fact that you can’t even tell that it’s just scotch tape!

  • Alison

    This is such a great idea! I have one shelf in my room that could definitely use this….I might try it with different colors and prints for a canvas in my apartment at school. Thanks for the tutorial!

  • Nico Saich

    loved this post! I agree, home spun DIY projects in your own home are ESSENTIAL for coordinating themes on a budget! This week on my blog, I posted a DIY on how to make a simple Birdcage chandelier that worked really well in my own home.


  • Beauty Follower

    Wow great job… needs a lot of patience!

  • Oh my goodness, this is by far the most amazing DIY I’ve read up on. I love the 3-dimensional look to it!



  • Hey Tangerine

    Cool idea with the alternating tapes! I did this a while back with alternating papers. If you’d like to see I made it into a fabric design here: 🙂

  • Emily

    This is amazing! I’m not that great at DIY stuff, mainly because I have some sort of creativity chip missing in my DNA 🙂 But this looks like something I could do.

  • ttea Von Munnich

    That is sooooooo cool. I had no idea that there was tape that came in that pattern, I love it. I’m trying to find some good DIY projects for my budget friendly bedroom, and this is a great idea. I love the affect of the boxes popping out at you. I also love that lampshade.

  • mariposa fashion blog

    very cool!!! I love this proyect!!!
    xoxo from germany

  • Alison

    Love this! I added your blog to my favorite blog list on Hope you don’t mind. Happy Tuesday!

  • Matter Of Style

    fantastic! Well done! I like this wall decor and this pattern! I’ve been looking for a fabric with this print for a year! 😀

  • ritafashiondays
  • Anonymous

    Insanely cool geometric design!! Love DIY projects, and this one ROCKS my world

  • Madeline Della Mora

    WOW! such an optical illusion! great idea 🙂

  • What a brilliant idea!! I really wanna try this


  • West Native

    wow. impressive.

  • Nicole

    Great idea!
    I must try this! Thanks for posting this~

  • Ira

    Awesome DIY! Thank you!:)

  • Rebecca

    Oh my god, that’s amazing! What a great idea! xx

  • What a cool project! Thanks for the DIY instructions!

  • wow this is a super cool DIY! in the process of sprucing up my place and this looks fun to do!

  • Absolutely IN LOVE with this idea.

  • Mina

    I really love these projects that show off your academic background in art! I would love to see more of them, in addition to your fashion work.

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  • Sofie BN
  • varenikje

    Is it just me, or do the 3 vertical lines not look parallel in the photo. Or at least, not in all of the photos. But they are parallel, right?

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