Caught In The Storm

23rd July, 2012

|WEARING| Modcloth umbrella, Tibi peplum top, necklaces by Jennifer Zeuner and by boe, Chanel bag, ring from Morocco, Fendi watch, vintage skirt, Dries Van Noten shoesLast Friday I was styling a back-to-school-inspired shoot, and wore this primary-colored print so as to be in keeping with the mood. It rained all day, so the cheery colorway also proved to be a useful mood-lifter. During a lull in shooting, while our model was in a time-intensive hair and makeup change, the rain also seemed to have taken a pause, so Jeremy and I ran outside to document my workday ensemble. Of course, the minute we hit the street, it started to pour again. We shot these pics as quickly as we could and ran back inside for safety! At least it gave me a chance to take my brand-new umbrella for a spin. Isn’t she a cutie?!|PHOTOS| by Jeremy James

  • kuti

    waow.. i really love your look so much.. you look so stunning..


  • Nicole

    You have really nice eyes. So big and bright!
    This look is so nice on you. You pull it off very well!

  • Eva Wu

    beautiful! you look gorgeous!

  • Olga

    Stunning style!! Your make-up very beautiful!!
    Amazing look!!

  • Michelle Huynh

    That peplum top is gorgeous on you!

  • Irene Colzi

    this outfit is super nice! 🙂


  • Andrea

    Very cute outfit! I love your colorful top!
    xo Andrea

  • Sofia Leo

    I love the facial expressions you have on photos! By the way, mind asking, how old are you? I’m very curious.
    Thank you, Sofia Loe

  • wendy

    great umbrella and I love the tibi top! you look beautiful as always

    ♥ ThankFifi
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  • Pauline

    You look adorable! Love the look 😀

  • AJ Taylor

    I love the print on that top, and the fact that you paired it with the polka dot, which allows it to shine and serves as a great bsackground for the top.

  • veronique

    Super lovely! i love the mix of prints 🙂


  • littlefashioncorner

    Love the first pic! You’re such a beauty 🙂

  • duckalicious

    the return of mixology? thumbs up for that!

    p. s. while on the subject, check out my latest “multi-mix”:

  • ashleigh @ Jolie Jouel

    Great photos – you look fabulous.
    My jewelry blog:

  • Meelena L

    love that peplum top !!!


  • ttea Von Munnich

    I love the expression on your face in the first picture. In fact I love everything about this photo shoot. The top is gorgeous, and my new love this summer has got to be peplum tops. I also love your umbrella, I’m always on the look out for beautiful umbrellas. Gorgeous outfit.

  • Berty Morales

    You look stunning and the pictures are amazing. Also in love with your outfit, and honestly I wish I knew how to mix and match patterns like this. Great peplum top!

  • Jessica

    My pictures are never this good in short time frames! Love love loveeeee

  • Martha Dominguez

    The polka-dots are such a nice compliment to this floral peplum top…certainly out of the ordinary in pairing, but it works beautiful. Your makeup is totally flawless!!

  • Jennifer

    You are so pretty – I love the second photo!

    xo Jennifer

  • Elle

    love this top! so structured & beautiful! 🙂

  • Absolutely Mrs. K

    tell me about it, we where in nyc during the heat weave and it started raining on wednesday evening! well it was actually a thunder storm and we had to catch our flight back home! we were already in the plane so we could not take off for 1,5 hours! i heard friday was a bit of a relieve from the heat! love the colorful top you are wearing, pretty incredible because it really pops up and makes the day so much brighter! you always seem to look stylish and sophisticated, you stay true to your fashion identity and you incorporate trends in your own way

  • Brittnie

    I love all of these prints! I think umbrellas are my favorite accessories.

  • Andrea
  • Adrian

    Hey Kelly, you and the umbrella are cute, you out shine the umbrella Love the look, thanks for the inspiration
    Cheers Adrian

  • Tati

    you are so beautiful!!! love the top!!!!

  • Adeola Naomi Aderemi

    WOOOW for those eyes of yours.
    You look super duper beautiful.
    Like your style a lot!!!1

  • Queen Bee of Beverly Hills

    The umbrella is too cute! I have a new Burberry one that I am in love with!

  • Chic-y

    A peplum blouse is at the very top of my wish list, love that blouse and mixing of prints.

  • Tracey

    Lovely Combo and the umbrella just stands out with it.

  • Jess

    Love this look! Brightens up the rainy day, hope your shoot went well!

  • agungshafira
  • Kerudung Bandung

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