Meet The Muse: Marcella

29th June, 2012

|CINEMAGRAPH| by Jamie Beck & Kevin Burg

As soon as I saw Marcella De Martin‘s portfolio, I knew she was the perfect muse to embody the spirit of Morocco. But when she strutted onto the MARRAKEPIC set, with the booming proclamation, “Who’s ready to make some art today?!” I really fell in love! Shooting with her was like working with an actress; she completely disappeared into the character that Jamie and I created for her, and brought so much more depth to the role than we’d imagined possible. She was as passionate about making something beautiful and special as we were, and I think that fire shows through in each and every photo. I’m so pleased that she agreed to do a little interview, so that you can all get to know the inner beauty behind the flawless face:

1. Where did you grow up?

I grew up in a beautiful little town called Matias Barbosa (Minas Gerais – Brazil). It’s a lovely place where everyone knows each other.  I used to play volleyball on the street and climb trees to pick mangos and guavas. I had such a happy childhood there.

2. How did you get your start in modeling?

When I was 12, my father gave me a video tape about Naomi Campbell’s life in NYC and I just became obsessed with becoming a model. When I was 14, a scout stopped me after school and asked me if I’d like to try modelling. I convinced my parents to let me try it out for a while, and after that there was no turning back! I am a very blessed girl and I am living my dream life in NYC!!!

3. What is your most memorable shoot to date? Any horror stories?

When I think about it, I enjoyed all my shoots because I am living my passion. But there are a few that stand out of my mind, like The Glamourai editorial that just came out!

4. Do you have any tricks (favorite songs, etc) to get into the mood on a shoot?

First, coffee! After that, it depends of the feeling of the shoot. My songs of choice range from Nina Simone to Lauryn Hill to Beyonce.

5. What’s the number one beauty trick you’ve learned on set?

Concealer, concealer and concealer!

6. Any advice for girls who aspire to follow in your footsteps?

Believe in yourself and bring your personality and a positive attitude to work with you everyday. This will allow you to meet amazing people and always have a great time working! And lastly, in this business, you can never take anything too personally.

|CLICK HERE| to revisit my shoot with the beautiful Marcella!

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