26th June, 2012

|ABOVE| Eugenia Kim hat, Moroccan necklace, Carolina Herrera dress, Christian Louboutin shoes

Together, two friends traded the streets of the Big Apple for the souks of Morocco. Their weary eyes were relighted by the simple but sumptuous comforts this African oasis laid in store. They saw poetry in the littlest moments ~ an arabesque on every surface and tassels dotting all parasols. They were enchanted. They talked and laughed and danced and dreamed their way around Marrakech. In mind and in matter, inspiring ephemera quickly accrued; they began collecting little pieces of jewelry and tasseled hats and perfume flasks and cotton pants, woven by practiced hands. With wide, childlike eyes, the two friends took in as much as they could, and returned home determined to transmit every bit of that inspiration over to you…

|BELOW| stylist’s own head wrap, Tibi dress, Anndra Neen necklace and cuffs|ABOVE + BELOW| BCBG headpiece and necklace, Alice + Olivia shirtdress, Moroccan harem pants, Natalie Frigo and Satya Jewelry rings|ABOVE + BELOW| Moroccan water seller hat, Cara Croninger hand-carved resin bead necklaces, Anndra Neen caged choker with coral drop, Herve Leger bandage top, Calypso St. Barth skirt|ABOVE + BELOW| Karen Walker sunnies, Satya Jewelry necklace, Calypso St. Barth sweater, Herve Leger swimsuit, Moroccan backpack, Caroline Cree sandals|BELOW| Satya Jewelry necklace, Miguelina caftanNatalie Frigo and Satya Jewelry rings

|ABOVE + BELOW| stylist’s own hat, Carolina Herrera gown, Jean-Michel Cazabat shoes|BELOW| stylist’s own head wrap, Moroccan earrings, J. Mendel dress|ABOVE + BELOW| stylist’s own head wrap, Karen Walker sunnies, Rachel Roy trench dress, J. Mendel skirt (as gown), vintage Oscar de la Renta slippers|BELOW| Calypso St. Barth hoodie, BCBG headpiece|ABOVE + BELOW| Givenchy scarf (as turban), BCBG tiara, Badgley Mischka gown, Anndra Neen dotted net ring, Moroccan tassel, Caroline Cree sandals|BELOW| Moroccan djellaba, BCBG headpiece, Katie Ermilio gown|ABOVE + BELOW| Caleidoscopio Ouro Preto x Swarovski Elements earrings and necklace, Herve Leger swimsuit, Natalie Frigo and Satya Jewelry rings, J. Mendel skirt|BELOW| BCBG earrings, necklace and bracelet, Donna Karan dress|CLICK STILL IMAGES| to view fullscreen // MARRAKEPIC starring Marcella De Martin for Ford Models // photography: Jamie Beck & Kevin Burg // art direction & styling: Kelly Framel // makeup: Porsche Cooper for FLIRT! Cosmetics // hair: Noelle Chen for Kerastase // location: Ann Street Studio

  • Elena

    this is soo amazing! Kelly, Jamie, I admire the work of both of you, but together you work miracles! the cinemagraphs are pure magic!

  • Iris

    WOW!!!! Words can not describe how beautiful ALL of it is. Brilliant!.

  • Monica

    This is so beautiful! The photography, the styling the clothes its all flawless!
    Awkwardly Dancing: Fashion, Films, Photography and Music

  • These are your best yet – from the ornate styling to the moody photography. And thank you for not over-retouching the model’s skin!

    Classic style set to an indie soundtrack:

  • Jojo Kleinfrau

    Amazing pictures! I love the looks, there are so nicely styled!

    xxx Jojo

  • Leonie @ The Signature Bow

    This is incredibly amazing! The model and styling are stunning. I’m in love!


    New Post: Pretty Peplum


    absolutely gorgeous Kelly! wow wow wow!

  • Domonique

    Wow this is exceptional work Kelly, what a talent and so uniquely different to your previous shoot.


  • Emily @

    This is probably my favorite spread that I’ve seen on here. Gorgeous!

  • carla

    I have been following your blog for a while and loved the posts of Morroco…but these are absolutely amazing: W O N D E R F U L ! Congrats


    Love every single photo you posted. I’m a Morocco lover myself and I think the styling is perfect. Plus, love the fact that the photoshop is being used the right way. That’s a real, beautiful woman.

  • Z B


  • Eliza

    LOOVE THIS POST, SOOO BEAUTIFUL! ♥ Beautiful editorial pics ♥
    I looove Anndra Neen’s cuffs, Alice and Olivia’s shirtdress, BCBG headpiece and the necklace ugh sooo BEAUTIFUL!♥
    I also loove the caged chocker so damn cool, loove the herve leger bandage top, the calypso st. barth skirt (so fun),
    Karen Walker sunnies, Calypso St.Barth sweater, THE HERVE LEGER SWIMSUIT(LOOOOOOVE IT SOO MUCH SO HOTT! ♥) and love the moroccan backpack so cool. 🙂
    I also loooove the beauuuutiful J.Mendel skirt ♥, Badgley Mischa gown is really pretty.

    Beautiful job Kelly! Oh and i loove the animated photos, so cool 🙂

  • Elena Taraskina

    I’ve been a regular visitor to your blog for over a year now, and I have to say this post is my ultimate favourite so far 🙂 I have travelled to Morocco myself and fell in love with their patterns and playful colour schemes. Great job Kelly!

  • Louise Choquette

    Amazing styling work, very inspiring. As Elena says, my favourite so far.

  • Absolutely amazing! You are such an inspiration. Your vision is incredible. Absolutely top blogger and beyond in my eyes. Love, love, love everything you do and wish you every success. Adela xx

  • Absolutely gorgeous. The colors are so vibrant and sumptuous. I’m lusting after a new pair of sunglasses, and it looks like Karen Walker might have to be it – her sunglasses are just so striking and cool without being try-hard.

  • wow!!! amazing!!! loved every single shot!!! she looked stunning!!!!

  • Anonymous

    SPEECHLESS!!! Everything about this shoot is so ENCHANTING! As all the comments reiterate -Jaime Beck and yourself are so talented and are such inspirations! Both of your blogs and creative projects keep my dreams alive!!!

    Mia xx
    The Satchel

  • Théa Unknown

    Amazing outfits and photographies!

    Théa Unknown

  • SR

    Like I always seem to say: wow. I thought the first pic was vintage till I started scrolling down. The pic with the parasol…siiiigh.

  • Caitlin Scheller

    These are incredible! You two are such a perfect creative pair.


  • Emily

    Just used some of your styling leopard tips in my latest post. 🙂


  • SM

    Most of these shots are beautiful, as is the model and the styling. You’re clearly a wonderfully talented stylist and your work with this photographer is always good. But I do wish you would retire these tired, cringe worthy, 19th century orientalist cliches, (which are far more apparent in your writing here, and in your writing on your visit to Morocco than in the photos themselves), because, firstly, they diminish the beauty of your work and are not worthy of you, and because, secondly, frankly, they are offensive and dated. Some of what you write about Morocco makes you sound, though I know that it must not be true of you, as though you were a European traveler in 1850s looking at the sumptuous palaces and clothes and ignoring every reality – imagining your Orient, in other words, as you would like it to be. Edward Said said it best – and far better than I can here – in his classic “Orientalism”, which I would commend you to read if you plan to venture forth into this territory again. Please, don’t take this as a criticism of your work as a stylist, which is superb.

    • unfortunately, orientalism, creating and building an exotic fantasy around a place to fulfill your own perception of myth and reality, is alive and well among many, whether they be stylists in the fashion industry, writers, filmmakers, poets. it is a construct very much so ingrained in our western culture, and will take much effort to erode, so that we can move forward with an honest, untainted eye.

      thanks for bringing attention to this!

    • Laura

      Well said. Finally someone have the bravery to comment politically on a fashion blog.

  • nonnapuffo

    Fotografia stupenda soprattutto per il cromatismo dei colori
    Un bacio

  • abigail lind

    this is AMAZING! gorgeous shoot, gorgeous model. this is seriously one of the most beautiful shoots i’ve ever seen and i love how it so perfectly captures the glamour of morocco. love the use of as always insanely beautiful moroccan textiles. and that amanda neen caged choker is epic!


  • ttea

    Wow, I love all of these pieces. The moving ones are really cool. That was also a really poetic story, I don’t know if you wrote it though? My favourite part about all of the outfits is the accessories. The lampshade hat, the head jewelry, it was all so pretty.

  • This is beautiful!! You do such amazing work Kelly! Absolutely brilliant darling!

    xo, sam

  • vici

    WOW! SO brilliant styling…
    love esspecially the photo with the rachel roy trench dress!

  • char

    B R I L L I A N T – YOU ARE ! ! !

  • Kate

    Incredible! This is the best post ever! The opulence of the jewels and movement of the fabrics are just overwhelming.

  • Rachel M.

    WOW. WOW!!!

  • Kelsey

    Just absolutely gorgeous! All of it, every bit.

  • Julie

    My favorite post, by far!! I’m in love with the jewelry. I love the camera effect. It reminds me of Harry Potter. I love the 20s feel. Amazing!
    Follow me on twitter @caviar_NOIR

  • Beautiful post and beautiful photos. What an amazing job!

  • OMG!!!! Stunning. Simply Stunning.

  • Anonymous

    WOW! I don’t think I’ve EVER seen an editorial where I wanted every.single.item. Yes, even the lampshade hat! 🙂 Gorgeous styling, Kelly! I can really see the inspiration from your Morocco trip come to life in your work. Stunning!

  • This is so stunning. Every shot was magical. Awesome work!

  • Barcelona Vintage

    Love the Rachel Roy dress w/ the vintage slippers, so chic! Congratulations, Kelly & team, your work keeps getting better and better! Just enchanting! Love from Barcelona

    • Anonymous

      Thank you so much! Don’t tell the others, but that’s my favorite look 😉


      • Barcelona Vintage


  • sincerely renay

    These images are beyond perfect! I love each and every one of them! beautiful styling and photography…as always 🙂

  • AMAZING is all I can say, as well as asking if the BCBG headpiece is still available?! I need that in my closet ASAP.

    • Anonymous

      I believe the headpiece will be available this Fall ~ so you haven’t missed a thing!


  • Absolutely sensational, Kelly! These photos came together so magnificently. They’re a pleasure to behold.

    Cable Car Couture

  • Wow, the pictures are absolutely stunning. I love the color theme and how rich it is. The women look so beautiful and have so much soul in their eyes.

  • Mickey Lynn Jewelry

    This is a stunning post!!! The ensembles are gorgeous and the photography and graphics are amazing! Truly a treat!!!

  • Heather Lou

    Kelly, I love that you guys didn’t photoshop the shit out of her face. It’s refreshing to see REAL texture on someone’s skin and not an airbrushed fantasy of what humans look like. BRAVA!

    • Litenarata

      Are you serious? I didn’t notice any huge flaws, but I found the caked-on make-up incredibly distracting.

  • Barbabella

    There’s nothing I don’t love about this editorial!! These pictures are just great – the colours, the mood, the light, the shaddows … No need to say that your styling ist perfect and the model is beyond beautiful!!

  • Oh my goodness, Kelly. These shots are AMAZING. So speechless right now. The model, the outfits, the style.. you are an incredible stylist.


  • Kat

    Extraordinary! And I appreciate the fantasy and inspiration… 🙂

  • Christina Calloway

    This is so beautiful!

  • Diana

    Absolutely beautifully done!! You are a very talented stylist. I’ve been coming back to your work more and more lately. There is just so much inspiration! Thank you for sharing it all with us

  • Chelsea

    These pictures are so majestic. Thanks for posting!

  • fashion-sky

    love your blog!The photography is so cool.

  • Those beautiful photos are só inspiring! Totally representing how I see a Moroccan summer – and honestly, I thought that before reading your text 😉

  • fairyfiligree

    Exceptional – love it all

  • Loving the Eugenia Kim hat.

  • GW

    It is a construct ingrained in every culture. It is only offensive because it displays a level of ignorance, particularly one that is often linked to British Imperialism–not because it is uniquely Western.

  • rita dias

    oh my God!!!Perfect photos 🙂 /

  • these are truly incredible kelly – I can only imagine what an inspiration that trip must have been but it really does convey in this series

    ♥ ThankFifi

  • David

    Amazing Styling!!

    xo – David

  • Disappointed

    Hey, Kelly – Pretty shoot. Wondering why I am getting SPAM email from you to join Podio? Do you sell the email addresses of people who post here?

    • Anonymous

      Oh my goodness I would never do that! I am so sorry you received this email. There was an error in my studio when we were getting set up on a new mail system and our some of our contacts were unintentionally spammed along the way. Because of this, I am not using and do not endorse that program. I sincerely apologize for the annoyance.


      • Not Disappointed anymore

        Thanks, Kelly!

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  • Sisi

    I got to agreed with a fellow commenter, her make up is seriously flawed. There is SO much make up on her face, distract from a rather stunning and well put together shoot.

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  • Anonymous

    I am dying over these photos! Beyond stunning!

  • imprint by eileen

    I want to add my voice to the many others here to say: What a stunning, fantastical photo shoot! Love it.

  • Thaisy Marcus

    Nice work, this is stunning!

  • Lux Zone

    is the only one word that comes to my mind.All things are amazing!

  • Viktoria

    Brilliant! You’re a genius, I really love your work!

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  • This is amazing. Sometimes I get the feeling that certain bloggers are doing editorial style photography solely for themselves and at times, I feel the main goal is to impress the readers with their clothes or accessories. This is not the case here…here, this editorial was done just right. Artistic, professional, current and in tune with its subject…Morroco. I think your purpose is not to impress but to inspire…and for me, you have done exactly that. Thank you for this inspiration post and display of beauty, creativity and fashion! Xoxoxo

  • Beautiful photos! While I agree with not abusing orientalism(note that Morocco is not in the Orient) on a visit to Morocco or I believe the main reason people are drawn to the “orient” is the remnants of the elements captured in this editorial. Why not detach from the some of the ugly truths of our modern age and let our imaginations travel back and forth in time?

    • StalkingIsAllowed.Com

      Couldn’t agree more!

    • Guest

      Morocco is not in the Orient? Are you serious? That alone delegitimizes your entire comment.

  • My Fashion Break


  • Pauline

    This is a breathtaking editorial. I cannot express properly how stunned and amazed I am. You did such a wonderful job with it, I can only congratulate you endlessly. The model is gorgeous, the clothes are beautiful, the pictures are perfectly-well taken. And the animations idea is genius … I think it was a perfect idea for an online editorial! Congrats again! x

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  • Lauren Alboini

    You, Jaime and Kevin execute flawless photographs – I am always blown away by what you create and how those two capture it. I’m lost for more words. Take me on your next trip to Morrocco!

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  • elena

    Lovely! Just dont like all the stretched out shots, it takes me 3 ‘page-down’s to skip from beginning to end of any single stretched out photo (my monitore is pretty large) – I dont like not seeting the entire shot at once, I am ‘not getting the big picture’ 🙁 Just have to keep skipping down until a normal size picture comes along…

    • Anonymous

      If you click any image, it resizes so that you can view it fullscreen.


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  • splendid splendid

    GORGEOUS PHOTO’S! the styling was amazing and the model was breathtaking Ahhh

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