Travel Diary: Day IV In Marrakech

19th May, 2012

On our fourth day in Morocco, Jamie and I slipped into silky skirts (but sturdy sandals!) and headed out to explore the Agafay desert, which stretches from the outskirts of Marrakech to the base of the Atlas Mountains. We packed a few essentials into backpacks (purchased the day before at the souk), and made our way across sand-swept, wind-hewn paths….Our destination was La Pause, a true desert oasis, devoid of electricity or internet but brimming with a beauty that only Nature can create.Once there, we tucked ourselves into its zen-like tent, poured a cold Moroccan rosé, and happily contented ourselves to whiling away the afternoon in the rustic elegance of our outpost’s embrace.Hours slipped past as our hosts delivered one deliciously simplistic dish after another: a sublime salad served with fire-cooked quiche, a traditional tagine filled with apricots, dates and pears then spooned over crumbling couscous, fresh fruits of every stripe and and a heavenly apple pastry all passed through our camp-style tin plates.A siesta obviously ensued.Once rested, we readied ourselves for a tour of the surrounding terrain.Jamie wore Super sunnies, a scarf picked up in St. John, Gap t-shirt, a Moroccan-made backpack, Ralph Lauren belt, Madewell skirt and Joie shoes:I wore sunnies from The Row, a self-designed necklace, Cynthia Vincent blouse, my own Moroccan-made backpack, a Primary skirt and Nicole sandals:Eager for adventure, we hitched a couple of camels and headed out, towards the horizon…|PHOTOS| by Jamie Beck // Click through to explore the entire series: part one / part two / part three / part four / part five / part six

  • Brie

    You have outdone yourself with this series. Everything about these photos is delectable. 

  • mardijane

    Wow. These photos are absolutely brilliant and your trip seems to be incredible. I am very jealous and I hope you keep these marvelous photos coming!

    xx Becoming Urban

  • Hannah

    these pictures are absolutely stunning! they literally look like they came from a magazine spread! i love your cynthia vincent top by the way! the colors are beautiful!!

  • This is how vacations should be done! Stunning photos, and fantabulous style!

  • mckenzie.collins

    Wow! I would love to be there right now! Your trip sounds and looks amazing! Here I am trying to study while you are going exploring and riding camels in Marrakech! I couldn’t be more jealous!

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  • Lola Reggy

    I love Jamie in these pictures. So ancient Hollywood, so Audrey Hepburn!!


  • this photos make me really want to go there. so beautiful.

  • Cassia Creative

    After a really seafood tagine dinner, followed with looking at those photos, now I really want to go to Marakkech. 

  • Roulab
  • Lilylovelock

    Kelly these images are perfect, you both look fabulous and the scenery is just amazing! 

  • Michelle .

    I love seeing these photos- Makes me want to head there!


  • Anonymous

    you both look amazing! And I love your backpacks. 🙂
    xo Andrea

  • Frabra007

    WOW incredible photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Look so amazing! I love how your outfits are similar but still different! Backpacks and nice too, I really like the fabric x

  • Beautiful photography and great, great outfits! Amazing job..

  • You both look stunning! The photos are beautiful and so inspiring!

  • Rockygirl

    Sublime pictures ! You should do a trip book you two 🙂
    kisses from France

  • Your photos are so wonderful – I am loving Morocco with you so much!x


  • amazing looks!


  • Alena

    These are the post amazing posts I have seen for a long while! I love every picture, with all the pretty details and the great photography. You two really found each other. Thank you for this inspiration!


  • Sofia Leo

    This is like out of Sex and the City 2. You girls are beautiful! 

  • BEAUTIFUL photos! And such perfect outfits for the occasion! Really enjoyed this series of photos.

  • Rhoda Wong

    you both look gorgeous! and these photos are just incredible!

  • Anonymous

    You both look incredible, and the photographs are simply gorgeous – They tell such a cool story!

  • Marygui117
  • Your life looks like a story book! :O Amazing. 

  • Clau

    Great pic!!! i love RL.
    Best regards from germany!
    Have a good day!

  • Breathtaking pictures!!!

  • Professoressa

    Ahhhhhh, Marrakesh.

    How I miss the landscape.  I am long overdue a visit.  I have a collaboration
    project coming up soon and I may try to swing a small adventure that way now that
    I have been reminded of it.

  • Nee

    your photos are incredibly beautiful. they make me want to go there too:)

  • These photos are beautiful!

    Carmen Ri.

  • App59

    Wow – I have been reading your blog for two years, but this might be your best post ever. What a trip! 

  • These pictures are amazing! Love the last one.

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  • Ketty Diani

    I have no words. incredibly beautiful photos!!!just WOOOOOW!!!! 

  • SO cool!! amazing photos and such a cool place! I wish to go there someday! 

    xoxo from Brazil,
    Gabi Barbará

  • lovely photos!!! love them!

  • Wow the color (sandy like) of those photos is completely amazing.  Very very goood!!! 


  • Jan’s camera

    Lovely photos. Outstanding post. Thanks for sharing your adventure.

  • Johanne Bager

    Oh wow, that look amazing! I wanna go tooooo 🙁 x

  • Johnmaso

    New to your site. Wonderful discovery. Your pictures are delicious. Thanks for taking me there!

  • You look SO fabulous even in the desert Kelly!  Ok…I would not expect anything less from you!  Marrakech is beautiful and the camel ride looks like fun!

  • Holly

    Gorgeous! I desperately want to go to morocco now, you have inspired me! Enjoy the rest of your trip.


  • Théa Unknown

    Great article!

    xoThéa Unknown

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  • Amazing! Gorgeous! 

    x Olivia

  • Adria

    Speechless. Such high production value! Love love love this post.


  • ellen.

    wow….looks like an amazing trip. love these photos

  • Coreenecoeur

    There’s nothing real about you or your pretentious blog. Get real.

  • Katie S.

    I’m headed to Morocco for study abroad this upcoming fall and while my stay won’t be as glamorous, these pictures are making me so excited!! You have such an eye for beauty and art. Keep up the good work!

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  • Wow, I absolutely love how you both look! So stylish even in the desert! 🙂 Great pictures like always.

  • dollcake

    so sex and the city isn’t it? unbelievable photos.

  • Nia

    These photos are unreal!! Absolutely stunning.

    xx Nia


  • Vivifringues

    Your photos are amazing. Wish I was there to!!!

  • Alison

    Where can I find these skirts?  I searched online but no luck.

    • Anonymous

      I believe Jamie’s is from a past season ~ and for mine you can email

      Good luck! XOKelly

  • I love this {travel diaries} series! You look amazing and the pictures are absolutely stunning!

  •  …sigh…

  • Absolutely ADORE the photos! Thanks for taking me with you! Just one question…did Jamie take the photos that the two of you are in? I’m assuming you took the pics of her, but did she use a tripod for the ones with both of you? Or did one of your hosts or a local take those? Or another travel companion? Like the one of the two of you on the camel…just trying to figure out how you got such cool pics together! Thanks, love everything! So inspirational!

    • Anonymous

      For those pics Jamie set up the lighting, aperture, framing, etc…. then left the camera in the hands of one of our lovely travel companions. It was a teamwork operation, but she deserves total credit for the vision!


  • Asia Carter

    These photos are so beautiful and the colors are amazing!!  Jamie is a gifted photographer.  Also I am loving some of these brands that you are featuring in your outfit shots

  • What a happy morning moment to spend here with a cup of green tea. Traveled far through your words and these photos.

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  • Your trip looks amazing!  The colors are absolutely outstanding in the photos, I want to go on the trip now! 😀

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  • These are all gorgeous photos.. they look straight out of a magazine. I’m just curious, who took the ones with both you and Jamie in them?

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    Beautiful pictures! I’m going to Morocco in a month and started preparing my wardrobe. I found your travel diary very inspiring!

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