23rd May, 2012
  • Anonymous

    Beautiful pictures!! I love your outfits!
    xo Andrea

  • Ohhh I love the first picture!!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Kim


  • Great pictures! The ouftits are cool too! 

    Visit my blog i’ve just made a Wes Andersons post “Reasons to watch Moonrise Kingdom” :)))

  • Rhoda Wong
  • beautiful dresses and the photos of course amazing!

  • Clau

    lovely outfits
    Best regards from hamburg

  • Madforfashion78

    You girls look amazing and beautiful photos…xoxoxox

  • Ashleigh @ Jolie Jouel

    Love that dress!

    My jewelry blog:

  • I keep waffling on whether or not to get those DV sandals, but I think you might have sold me on them with these pictures. You both look fabulous.

  • twinned perfection!x


  • can you be any more beautiful? love it.

  • Great pictures!

  • Simply gorgeous!  I wouldn’t have looked twice at that dress if I saw it hanging on a rack, but you ladies are rocking it. 


  • Professoressa

    These pictures did such a fantastic job of taking me back to Morocco that I made
    Marrakesh chicken and posted the recipe.

    I also did a private shoot with antique lanterns, carved tables and mint tea.  I will post
    them after editing. 

    If that wasn’t enough to make me pack my bags, I will post another recipe inspired by the country. 
    Can you tell I really loved vacationing and working there?

  • Seekingstyleblog

    You girls look great!

    xo Jennifer

  • Gorgeous pictures. Love the way the dresses drape in the wind.

  • Lola Reggy

    Ohhhh how amazing are these pictures, so cool. Would like to see the outfit in color though, let’s click the link then haha


  • Nia

    Gorgeous shots! It’s kind of amazing how you two are so in sync with each other in these photos!

    xx Niahttp://www.LIVEGLAMORDIE.nethttp://www.LIVEGLAMORDIE.net

  • SO gorgeous! I love the mirroring and the desert background…such a wonderful post!

  • Toni

    Beautiful images  and clothing- truly lovely! 🙂 <3

  • Anonymous

    Beeeyond! Totally fabulous!!!

  • are you guys wearing the same outfit in a bunch of posts because rent the runway gives you a free extra size when you rent? i just don’t get it! but nevertheless you two look great

    • Anonymous

      I had a credit with Rent the Runway, think their service is great for travel clothes, and ordered 2 of a few pieces for us each to try. We both liked a few of the same looks, so figured why not both wear them?! We thought it would be fun and it was 🙂


  • These black and whites are so cinematic. Nice editing.

  • Srishti

    Wow.. love it.

  • Snb_me111

     WOW! You have gorgeous legs! How do you manage to keep em so slim

  • Wonderful pictures. Love the atmosphere you get in looking at them as black and white pictures. xx

  • Amn Maguire

    love your blog! It’s beautiful! just
    wanted to let you know I nominated you the Versatile Blogger Award!
    Check out my blog for more details in the next day or so!

    xo. amanda

  • Théa Unknown

    Great photographies!

    xoThéa Unknown

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