In Blue Denim I Meet You

31st May, 2012

I’ve gone through a lot of stylistic phases in my relatively short life, with some denim-centric ups and downs along the way. There was the awkward adolescence, when I always wore baggy jeans because they concealed my gawkily-skinny, self-perceived ‘chicken legs’. Oh #highschool, you are cruel. Later, when I went to work in fashion, I gave up jeans altogether for a while.  Their casualness (and 1984-ish ubiquity) didn’t jibe with the eclectic-professional look I aimed to achieve. Plus, at that point, I thought they made my butt look big.As I’ve grown up (and grown out of the insecurities detailed above), I’ve settled into a more happily balanced relationship with denim. I’m a busy lady, and there are many days when pulling on the same favorite pair of pants is the most I can muster. So my jeans and I are friends again.I’m positive my reawakening has a lot to do with all the deliciously unconventional denim offerings popping up these days ~ suddenly there are florals and pastels and ikats and patchwork and chevron numbers to consider! The unofficial uniform of the western world became less monotonous; magically, there is something for everyone.And yet, sometimes you just can’t beat the classic: tried and true, bootcut blues.I’m fortunate to have been able to try a lot of different styles in order to find the few that really work for me ~ and I’m excited to share this fortuity with you! Today is the final opportunity to enter to win my 7 favorite 7’s ~ and I do hope you’ll embrace the chance to find your own best denim friends!|WEARING| Resurrection sunnies, Lady Grey necklace, Equipment shirt, Lodis belt, gifted 7 For All Mankind jeansCharles Jourdan shoes // |HERE IS THE SONG| that inspired the title|PHOTOS| by Mark Iantosca

  • Stunning Kelly! I love the plaid and leopard, you styled it to perfection 😀 


  • Vesuvialdesire

    Those jeans are perfection. And such gorgeous sunnies too

  • gorgeous heels!


  • At the moment I just could wear jeans and a flowy top! Great post!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  • Gorgeous, you look stunning in simple blue jeans!

  • Ninacornelissen

    love this look!

  • mckenzie.collins

    Loving your leopard print sunnies!

  • Monica

    Very nice outfit you look great! I love your jeans, not sure If they would look good on me though jaja visit my blog I’ve just made a new post of Lana del Rey

  • Roula

    Love your sunnies!

  • EmerJa

    Those jans are made for you!! GORGEOUS!!:)

  • Love the details on your shoes! 

  • littlelulu

    I die for these sunnies and necklace!!!

  • Anonymous

    love all the prints, textures and colors!

  • Love the urban cowgirl vibe of this outfit!  Super cool.

  • love the jeans!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Gorgeous outfit!! I love myself some classic blue jeans every now and then!
    xo Andrea

  • Thank you for sharing your denim journey.  I mean, who wasn’t insecure in high school?  I used to wear really baggy jeans because I thought I was “fat” (I realize now I wasn’t).   Also thanks for bringing back the bootcut which I had heard to my dismay was currently “out”.  Note though that this never stopped me from wearing them.  😉

  • I really like this outfit! Love the necklace and sunnies 🙂


  • Ida
  • aaah jeans are a girls best friend…. well on some days lol

  • Juliana Daddi

    I’m glad you’ve finally come back around to denim… because you look amazing!  Simple, classic, and amazing.
    That necklace is gorgeous too by the way…

    Hudson East

  • great shots as always and wonderful words
    ♥ ThankFifi

  • L.

    Love this outfit- a perfect combo of casual style and current trends! I’ve always struggled with jeans and have yet to find a pair that fits me really well, but if you aren’t giving up, then neither am I! Thanks for the motivation!
    <3, L.

  • Amazing outfit and I love those shoes…xoxoxo

  • Toni

    Very nice! Love this western chic look! x <3

  • Seekingstyleblog

    Love those jeans! The fit and flare is great!

    xo Jennifer

  • Gorgeous as always! I love those heels!

  • I Nlive in jeans, but have trouble finding the right fit for my long legs. You look terrific!  Hugs. P.S. today is the last day to get your entry in for my giveaway you can win some great summer accessories 😉

  • I still can’t bring myself to wear regular jeans – it’s so not my thing, bores the hell out of me.

  • Kimberly

    love the outfit those jeans fit great on you!

     City Style

  • Stunning Pictures!!!

  • Versetle1

    You always have the best accessories, hands down.

  • David Diaz

    Those shoes are so unique love it!! 😀

    xo – David

  • Love this outfit! I haven’t outgrown my insecurities but I find denim is almost like a safety blanket for me. Love the plaid against the heels x

  • Asia Carter

    I have had the exact same insecurities when it comes to denim the main one being I am so very skinny and I have an obsession with the perfect fitting pair of pants.  7 for all Mankind denim fits my frame perfect and I love all of the different styles they offer.  Their denim offerings are so worth the money I just make sure I limit myself to a pair per pay-period so that I won’t feel too guilty about spending too much on a pair of pants!!

  • Lola Reggy

    Ohh I just so love your necklace and the jeans fit you awesome!!


  • love love  love 🙂 

  • Annjie13

    looooooooooooovein’ it!!

  • Carla

    Honey, I’ve been following you for a long time, and I just wanted to tell you taht you are getting too skinny, you looked much better before!!!

  • Devyani Gupta

    its endearing to read that you had insecurities about the things that now I would say are your source fo beauty! you look amazing and make me want to buy these jeans.


  •  Great
    style, I love those shoes

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