Sisterly Love

17th April, 2012

| PHOTOS | by the great Jamie Beck

There’s nothing in the world quite like having a sister. Mine was in town for a recent week, and I was so grateful for every minute of it. We grew up 6 years apart, meaning she was in grade school while I was in driver’s ed ~ and as such we didn’t have a lot in common as kids. But as grown-ups we’ve become indescribably close; we just get each other. We’ve even figured out how to fight as succinctly and efficiently as possible. There’s simply an unspoken understanding ~ we even coordinate our outfits without meaning to! Happens all the time.

Jamie Beck captured these candids of my sister and me at a luncheon we all attended, to celebrate Alice + Olivia‘s upcoming collaboration with Magnum Ice Cream. I wore: The Row sunnies, Cotton Candy coat (previously seen HERE, HERE and HERE), Zara dress (also worn HERE), Lena Erziak bag (last carried HERE), YSL wedges (featured HERE and HERE) // Erin wore: Pinkyotto coat, Rosebud dress, Ann Taylor belt, Corello bag, Dolce Vita shoes

  • Sabrinaty

    Glamour and Style squared! You girls look stunning!!!

  • Socialboutique

    You are Erin look stunning, but then again y’all are beautiful girls so I am simply not surprised. So happy to see you two together. There is no greater friendship than with a sister. I admire both of y’all extremely!

  • Julie Khuu

    Awww you’re such a big sis Kel…love that smile strewn across both your faces…nothing quite like spending some QT with fambam…she’s such a stunner (as are you) although y’all look nothing alike!  Cheers to sisters!

    I’m hosting 5 days of GIVEAWAYS in honor of my blog’s 2yr anniversary…would love for you to stop by and enter to win!
    Peace. Love. LOL!

  • Juliana Daddi

    You both look so classy & feminine.  
    I especially love your sunnies & wedges Kelly.

  • Love this so much, you both are so darling together.

  • Ewa P

    Great style, beautiful bone structure, and wonderful smiles must be genetic. I’ve always wanted a sister. 

    🙂 Ewa

  • Such a gorgeous shoot! Such beautiful girls and there’s really a love evident that captures the essence of what ideal sisterhood is like. And I love the your coat-her bag / her dress-your bag matching going on!


  • The two of you look so lovely!  Love the big smiles and the gorgeous coats.

    Love from South Africa

  • CASSIA Creative

    Love the color and the simplicity of the outfit. 

  • Chasing Ruins

    Gorgeous photos.  Reminds me of Ferragamo campaign a few seasons ago. 

  • jan miguel

    My oldest sister and I are 6 years apart too and I looked up to her on every little thing in her life. I ended up going to the same university she was the first person who approved of my decision to do so.  You and your sister look gorgeous! 🙂


  • Lilylovelock

    I agree, I’m at least 6/7 years younger than my sisters and although I was probably pretty annoying to say the least whilst growing up, we’ve really gotten close as adults. This post is just lovely! I like how you both have your own unique sense of style, even when sporting similar outfits! 

  • I know how good it is =) 

  • you look stunning…beautiful girls…beautiful sisters…you (two) have the same smile like 

  • Anonymous

    What a great outfits! You’re both stunning! Beauty runs through the family!


  • Anonymous

    Your sister is really beautiful too, sweet smile!

  • Bonnie,Clyde and Marni

    you both look so cute!!! 🙂 


    having a sibling/s is awesome – I can’t imagine my life without my little monsters even though they’re soooo young! 
    you were looking just stunning!

  • She’s very charming 😉

  • Barbabella

    You two look gorgeous together!!
    I totally understand what you mean. My sister and me are six years apart, too. As kids we were just like “normal” sisters due to the age difference but since we grew older (I am 25 she’s 31) we’re like best friends. We understand each other without saying a word and I wouldn’t be the same person today if I hadn’t had such a great older sister. There’s a German saying, literally translated it would be like “We’re like a head and a butt” 🙂 meaning we’re so close as if we were one person.

  • littlelulu

    Sibling’s relationship is one of the most important bonds in anyone’s life!!!You are so cute together!!!

  • TheBubblist

    Great look and so natural pictures!
    xxThe Bubblist

  • touchkajal

    Lovely pics!
    I wish I could have a sister like yours 😉


  • WOW – talk about good genes…both you ladies are beautiful!  Love the dresses + coats!! 🙂

  • Fairyfiligree

    A sister is someone I never had – cherish your companionship. Lovely outfits & colours.

  • Aw, you’re both looking lovely!


  • I definitely see the resemblance!  I’m glad you got to spend a few days together!  So this is the one who asked which blazer you’d suggest as a first investment piece 🙂  She’s very lucky to have you as a sister!

  • E.

    Gorgeous! I’m loving the Zara dress!

  • Raphaëlle

    Love the first picture!

  • Holy good gene pool 🙂 What an adorable photo shoot!
    xo Kendall

  • vittoria gallacci

    OMG your yellow dress is AMAZING! And you and your sister are so cute 🙂

  • Amy Rose

    You both looks so chic and stylish! I love both looks, and the photography!

    -Amy Rose 

  • CiaoChessa

    you’re absolutely right…there is nothing in the world like having a sister.  My sister and I are three years apart and we are now inseparable.  We live across the street from each other in the city and we’re raising our girls together.  It’s the most heart-warming thing to see our babies hug each other and play together.

  • You and your sister are the cutest! 

  • Little Red Purse

    Sisters just make everything better! You both look so happy together. 

  • jas
  • Barn icles

    sisters certainly have a magic bond sometimes. even if they drive each other crazy 🙂

  • You two look so pretty together.  I absolutely love your Cotton Candy coat and Zara dress! 

  • Giada’s Carnival

    You’re really similar! Nothing to say Kelly, you’ve got a wonderful sister!

  • A Durhamite

    You both look amazing – the pieces are stunning individually and amazing together (and, not to mention, the two outfits side-by-side).

  • Anonymous

    Asbolutely adorable, and the both of you look gorgeous!!

  • Ack, both of you are so beautiful! How lucky of you to have a sister! I have a younger brother… we’re close too but polar opposites [which is a good thing since we learn a lot from each other]! 

  • Well not may be as kids but now you two have a lot common…
    great looks and fabulous style… 
    Loved your sister coat and dress…


  • You girls look stunning and I love each one of your outfits.  Beautiful photos. 🙂

  • Jeanette I Kim

    what a pair of lovely sisters! we can all see how you two are beautifully related =)

  • Karolina

    You both look gorgeous, and wow you look really brown in comparance to her, I never realised that..


    • Anonymous

      Haha, it’s true. My mom calls us Salt + Pepper!


  • Alison Ryncarz

    Absolutely beautiful sisters! Reminds me of the fun my twin and I have together! 

  • I saw a few of these shots on Jamie’s tumblr but see the resemblance till now.  Gorgeous!

  • Class and Stylish Duo

  • Clott

    She is so freaking chic!!! Love that mustard yellow dress.

  • Lovely photos! I completely agree with you, my sister and I get each other on a different level. I also have three little girls and I hope they will become close as they grow up with each other. Sisterly love is just the best!

  • You both look gorgeous! I have a little sister myself, I don´t know how people make it through life without a sister!!!




  • Ashleigh @ Jolie Jouel

    Awwww sisters! So true what you say about it being a special relationship. My sister is like no other friend I have! You girls look great!

  • Marie Martell

    Very sweet 🙂 Love these photos. I have 4 sisters, so I know what u mean 😉

  • These look like shots straight out of a catalog!  I love it 🙂 Nothing beats having a sibling! You both look amazing.

    Petite Avenue

  • Between-heels

    You are so cute! Lovely…

  • Elle

    Love your yellow dress! 🙂

    xx Elle from

  • From Cupcakes, With Love

    looks like fun, lovely photos! Unfortunately i’m used to have two brothers…hmmm… :p

    follow back if you get a chance 🙂 From Cupcakes, With Love x

  • So cute! You both look gorgeous. My sister is my best friend so I can certainly relate. We just get each other 🙂

    Dressed and Fed

  • Alaxandra912

    beautiful duo! stylish sisters how awesome<3

  • my little sister and i are six years apart, too! love these shots.

  • Anonymous

    Love both your outfits.great picture of you too. Wish I had a sister.

  • Jenny

    Beautiful photos!  I love this post 🙂

  • Sohlinthecity

    These pics are lovely!

  • Jacy Tilton

    you two are too cute! this post makes me miss my sister!


  • These are absolutely stunning! You seriously look like models and the outfits are amazeballs! I don’t have a sister and many times I have wished I had, there always seems to be something beautiful about that relationship ♥

  • Kimberly

    you are both beautiful!

     City Style
    Harvey Prince Fragrance Giveaway!

  • Ketty Diani

    You both are so beautiful, that´s great how much you love your sister. 

    Yes …and your yellow dress is sooooo AMAZING!!!

    xx ketty xx 

  • This is so fun!! Love both of your outfits~!~

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  • Andrea

    Cute post! You and your sister look amazing!

    xo Andrea

  • CC

    So cute 🙂 That happens with me and my sister too…5 years apart and now we’re finally hitting it off! And the coordinating outfits happens too! 😀

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