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7th March, 2012

{ above: original outfit post (featuring Camille Zarsky cuffs, $150 each), Guess black leather wrap ($32), Marc by Marc Jacobs hazelnut cuff ($88), Spring Street python cuff ($38), Streets Ahead zebra cuff ($28), ASOS gold cuffs ($27/pair) }

I’ve long believed that if you’re going to wear one cuff bracelet, you might as well take two. Indeed, I adore the fashion warrior feel that matching wristbands give. Here are a few ways I’ve worked this look, plus a selection of styles I’d love to double up on!{ above: Streets Ahead pink python cuffs ($29 each), Juicy Couture silver studded cuff ($55), ASOS silver cuffs ($32/pair), original outfit post (featuring Fleet Ilya cuffs, £120/pair) }

{ above: original outfit post, Leighelena python cuff ($105), Givenchy white leather cuffs ($745 each), ASOS hammered copper cuffs ($32/pair) }{ above: original outfit post, Marc by Marc Jacobs pink + gold cuff ($98), Lisa Stewart Greek key cuff ($119), Marc by Marc Jacobs pink + silver cuff ($88), Tory Burch stackable cuffs ($95 each) }

  • Luz Barbosa

    OMG I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE THIS! I agree, might as well wear two cuffs, if you are already wearing one…I am a HUGE fan of cuffs! Love them!

  • val

    yo do know how to rock a cuff!!! i have some from my punk rock times, i’ll guess i’m gonna take them out of the closet again!!!

  • I love cuffs.  You’ve highlighted some great ones.


  • Stylethroughhereyes

    I’ve been obsessed with these cuffs and strappy bracelets. Thanks for the great selection!

  • ishara

    i love cuffd, but sadly most of the time, they’re to big for me 🙁

  • This looks wonderful, I love it! Will buy me some soon I hope 😀

  • Love them, I want them all!!!




  • Bloom in Saturation

    What program do you use to create these layered images?? Wonderful post as always.

    Bloom in Saturation

    • Anonymous

      I build these collages in Photoshop. So happy you like them!


  • Kareenstewart

    Dear Beautiful Kelly, Won’t you please consider returning to the old format?  This one is too difficult to negotiate and I find myself visiting less and less.  All the best to you…

    • Anonymous

      I appreciate your feedback. We are working everyday to make the new site as user-friendly as possible!


    • Kym

      I totally agree with kareen

      I love your blog – in fact it is my absolute favourite but unfortunately your new format does not flow and is definately not user friendly.  It seems jumbled and I feel that people that follow blogs love the idea of what that person is doing daily in a sequence.  I am visiting less and less myself.  Hope you have a wonderful day
      luv kym

  • Anonymous

    i love this look. just cant decide whether to go gold or silver?! x

  • Minnie and Daisy

    Love the cuffs with the animal print!! xoxo Minnie&Daisy

  • Red

    all of them look stunning, love the marc jacobs’ brown one:)

  • Is it weird that the simplicity of the Asos one is what draws me most? The others are lovely, but the less ‘luxurious” one attracts me this time…by the way the S/S 12 Nicole Miler neon braided cuffs are simply amazing too, we have it in the showroom, and I thought of you today when I saw it 🙂


  • Mandy

    Amazing post! I absolutely adore the maximalist arm party trend and you’ve found so many beautiful ones that I am now lusting to add to my collection!

    <3 Mandy xx

  • love the double cuff bracelets and you wear them beautifully!

    – Monica

  • Arra



  • LOVE LOVE LOVE these cuffs!

    I like, want all of them! lol

    <3 Lindsey

  • sincerely renay

    so many great cuff selections! I really like the Tory Burch and Marc by Marc Jacobs cuffs. Maybe I’ll give this double cuff look a try 😉


  • Stylebloggertory

    Love these!

  • M U

    Hi Kelly! I really love that bird blouse. You are so fabulous. You’re like the modern-edgy Audrey Hepburn. 😉

  • I adore double cuffs but for putting them around my ankles! Automatic ankle cuff shoes!

  • Mari-Liis

    Woah, I love each and everyone of those bracelets!

  • Raphaelle
  • lipnstick

    Great Marc jacobs cuffs!!! Pls follow my blog on

  • Nika

    Hi, I am unfortunately with you Karen. I absolutely adore your blog Kelly, but it’s not visitor friendly at all 🙁

  • sooae
  • Angela

    There are two things that are bothering me about your blog lately.

    The first is the new format.   It used to be that you could just jump in and immerse yourself in the world of the glamouri.  Now you have to decide, do I want to look at that?  have i clicked on that already?  and it’s kind of annoying.

    The second is how it’s gone from $70 Modcloth suggestions to $500 must-have Helmut Lang.   I read this blog because it gives me ideas on how to look really classy without spending tons of money.   I have plenty of sources for expensive style inspiration, but not that many people were doing what you were doing, beautiful mixology that didn’t break the bank.

    I really love your incomparable style, and I wish you all the best.

  • Rizzi

    I love these so much. Its so chic.

  • I loooooove Camille Zarsky’s products!!! Great great article! Definitely something to have in your closet 🙂 (if not many!)

  • Lola Reggy

    Double cuffs!! I really used to like it, but my problem most of the time is when I see a trend too much I don’t want it anymore… (unless it is really a style that I really can’t get enough of) But this is a very cool post, because those white givenchy’s I would def wear double, LOVE THOSE!!

    All love Lola

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