Introducing: RUBEDO

14th March, 2012

Rubedo1In honor of their 175th anniversary this year, Tiffany & Co created RUBEDO, a new metal meant to evoke the radiant glow of first morning light. In honor of this new dawn, the esteemed jeweler also commissioned Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg to shoot a series of exclusive cinemagraphs (another innovative fusion of forms!) to capture the alloy’s unique luminosity. I had the honor of being asked to style the artistic assignment, which will soon be unveiled in Tiffany stores around the world ~ and I’m so excited to get to share a few glimpses of this very special series with you here! (Click to enlarge photos)Rubedo2{ above: Rachel Roy jacket, Tiffany 1837 jewelry //  below & top: Marchesa gown, Tiffany 1837 necklaces }Rubedo3{above: Oscar de la Renta dress, Tiffany 1837 cuffs (small, medium & large) }Rubedo4Rubedo5{ above left: Oscar de la Renta gown, Tiffany 1837 jewelry // above right: DKNY cape, Tiffany 1837 jewelry // below: Elie Tahari gown, Tiffany 1837 necklace + cuffs }Rubedo6{ images by Jamie Beck & Kevin Burg // styling by Kelly Framel // makeup by Virginia Linzee // hair by Carmel Bianco }

  • I love those moving pictures! 🙂 And the jewelry looks amazing, especially the cuffs! <3

  • Mikka Mori

    Amazing photos and styling! Congratulations to all!!

  • Erin Bleakley

    Lovely! I love the long necklace in the first picture


    Erin @

  • Tulasi

    OOOhhh that model is Alice Rausch, she is my good friend! I love her!!!

    Tu –

  • love the photos!!!

  • I think that the top Marchesa dress truly does justice to the beautiful metals of the jewelry. This must have been such an exciting experience! 

    🙂 Ewa

  • thehautecookie

    so crisp and clean. love.

  • those are so gorgeous! oh my gooooodness.

  • stunning women and stunning jewelry! i love the cinemagraph. oh the visual glory!

  • Wow I want anything from Tiffany!

  • Maria Jiménez Pulido

    Beautiful! Stunning jewlry! Love the post, thank you! 

  • what an exciting project, congratulations! The result seems gorgeous.

  • Hadiya Batool

    in love with the jewellery. so adorable. 🙂

  • I love the gold cuff bracelets to mix with other more delicate pieces.

  • Those bracelets are gorgeous! And that white dress, oh my!



  • Tidbitsfashion

    Omg kelly, great job!!!

  • I cannot believe the beauty of this photo-shoot! Truly glamorous, my beautiful glamourai! Great job

  • Jolie Jouel

    Nice job! What a cool gig 🙂

    My jewelry blog:

  • Moving Pictures are AMAZING <3

    xoxo from Brazil,
    Gabi Barbará

  • Bravo!! Congrats to the whole team on this incredible project!

  • valeria

    anything tha has cinemagraph on it is perfect, so this post is perfect 🙂 love it all
    and jamie beck you rock!

  • Great job!

  • This is all so beautiful!!! Congratulations on the entire project!

  • Rebeccah B

    Wow what an amazing job Kelly! It looks absolutely beautiful  and congrats on such an awesome project!

  • Anonymous

    Great styling job done all around!!! Beautiful pieces – Love mixing metals.

  • Angeles

    Great collection! I want to see more … and the styling that you did is glamourous and chic, so you and Tiffany!

    Fabulous work!

  • SR

    So! Very! Pretty! The image of the blue jewellery box with peach roses etc….my fave…an incredibly effective presentation of the product. Same with the other images. This is all about the styling & photography…Tiffany made a great choice selecting you to do the styling. 

    • Anonymous

      Why, thank you!  I must admit, I love getting to arrange flowers and jewelry boxes and dresses and jewelry and call it work. I’m a lucky lady!


  • viviennebeard

    Wow, this is gorgeous! You are so talented!

  • cro

    Stunning pictures! Especially the one with the jewelry box..

  • Anonymous

    So beautiful! My favorite had to be the cinemagraph 9i think thats what it was called) it’s so beautiful!

  • sabrina lashley

    So amazing and elegant. And that is all I can say.


  • Elizabeth Keene

    So beautiful. I love how they put the necklaces on backwards. Makes me want to try that next time I wear a dress with a low back. Lovely, lovely.

  • Beautiful photos and fabulous styling, the whole concept is so perfect!

  • Arra


  • Anthologycollection

    The cuffs are incredible! Love.

  • I love drop back gowns.  I’d love one for a wedding dress!

    love from South

  • Asia Carter

    Wow I love it when you post your styling collaborations, you are so amazing and this opportunity is major!!  I can’t wait to see the campaign in person!!

  • Wow! Beautyful pictures.

  • The Accessory Editor

    Stunning collection, I really love unique pieces like that!

    The Accessory Editor

  • cheryl

    The pic of the girl in the DKNY cape…I can’t seem to find the rings she’s wearing in the collection on Tiffany’s site. Am I missing something? Are they part of the collection or coming soon? I’d love to get my hands (fingers) on them!

  • those are so gorgeous! oh my gooooodness.

  • M.

    Love the blue box. 

    Already following you.


  • francesca

    that moving gif is gorge

  • Jacy Tilton
  • Nadja


  • Carola Disiot

    wow, these jewels are breathtaking! 

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