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12th March, 2012

I’ve posted pictures from inside my apartment many times before, but here are a few new around-the-house moments that are making me especially happy these days.

{ above & below: The lucite + glass desk in my living room is littered with fashion inspiration books (Tim Walker‘s ‘Pictures’ is a MAJOR fave), little animals given to me by friends, a Lena Erziak golden orb minaudière (on loan for a special occasion), a framed scarab from Deyrolle in Paris, and a lucite + brass snake from eBay.{ above: I switch up my throw pillows all the time; the living room’s latest might qualify as an ‘Ikea hack’ ~ it’s a little rug of theirs that I folded in half, stuffed, and hand-stitched shut. }{ above: The little dinosaurs you met in this post continue to rule the roost ~ right now two of them are standing guard around a Derek Overfield drawing. // below: The Stegosaurus has proven handy for holding my everyday favorite earrings ~ Melanie Auld studs in turquoise and mother of pearl flank crystal stunners from Catbird. }{ above: A little table in my entryway collects each week’s most in-rotation sunnies, while a nearby shelf (below) holds a new incense burner from Pearl River and yet another Lena Erziak bag (I’m such a fan!). }Should you choose, you could peruse many more moments from around my house HERE.

  • Nichole

    Lovely apartment, I love that your style is so well represented in your living space. 

  • Moussia Kohanbash

    i love how you constantly are updating your apartment drawing inspirations from places that most of us wouldnt think twice about! now thats creative!

  • viviennebeard

    I love your apartment! It has such beautiful touches that exude so much style!

  • Gabriella Cozza

    Such pretty and interesting pictures, I love the way you decorate!  It seems to match your style and personality very well: very classy but with hints of quirkiness and interesting little things as well.  🙂

    ♥ Check out my blog: Principessa

  • Iheartsundays

    the dinosaurs are a lovely touch!

  • Juliette Gold

    Beautiful photos!
    I love your palette of black-white-and gold. It’s very sophisticated and classy. How did you chose those colors for your home? 

  • Anonymous

    You have the most gorgeous house I’ve ever seen! It looks like it’s straight out of a magazine. 

  • Madforfashion78

    Beautiful photos and in love with your blog!

  • Tulips&Tulle

    Lots of interesting pieces!

  • Amor

    Great photos! I love all of your decor pieces.. very interesting 🙂

  • Fifi

    love your incredible style!

  • Gawgus Things

    Love your dinosaurs! Too cute!

  • Between-heels

    Beautiful pics! Amazing!

  • Sarah

    Your apartment is gorgeous, you have such great style!

  • Honorata

    Beautiful details!!!

  • StreetLounge

    You have some pretty cool stuff 🙂

  • Raphaelle
  • Giulia


  • Soapymermaid

    the lucite snake is a wonder.

  • Francesca

    wonderful house!!!!!!!

  • Samira

    you have a wonderful home!! lovely!

  • valeria

    you have such a lovely home! and the dinosaur are oh goooosh unique 🙂

  • Jolie Jouel

    So fun! Love little glimpses into your interior design style!

  • Sincerelyrenay

    nice place and great style 🙂


    You have beatifull home!

  • Bravoerunway

    You have a really beautiful condo Kelly.  I especially like the jade carved dragon as well as the incense burner.  May it bring you some tranquility and positive energy!

  • Lauren@Styleseer

    Love your green jade dragon! 

  • Ewa P

    I think there’s an important component missing – where are the pups?! 

    You have a great way of filling your space with so many beautiful things, but not letting it look cluttered or pretentious. I know I would have difficulty editing myself! 

    🙂 Ewa

  • Anonymous

    ahh.. I want to look through all those books!  I see Avedon…. fav!  Very insprirational.

  • Anonymous

    ahh.. I want to look through all those books!  I see Avedon…. fav!  Very insprirational.

  • Mary Ann

    Every little items seems so carefully curated and arranged! 😉

  • Grace Lee

    You always have stunning photos! Love your sunnies and the dinosaurs are just darling!


  • Anonymous

    What a stunningly appointed apartment, and artfully styled with many personal touches! Love it!

  • Michiel | Jan Marcel Blog

    You have a great style! I’m loving all the items in your house! They totally match your fashion style.

  • Alax

    you have what looks to be the most gorgeous apartment!! I especially love the ikea rug folded, stuffed and sewed into a pillow. what an amazing idea! 

  • Savanah

    I love the idea of the “in rotation sunglasses”! Also, I really want that YSL book. (((heads to amazon)))

  • Savannah Marie

    Ha, I just realized I spelled my own name wrong. Embarrassing.

  • Tisha Loves Dress For Less

    You can tell a lot about a person by the way they decorate their apartment and your space is simple and has unique pieces you wouldn’t normally see anywhere else! The glass snake is so killer along with the dinosaurs. Thanks for letting us have a peak   =)

  • La Petite Olga

    I love the golden dinosaurs! Your place has such great little details!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  • Maria

    wow! A gorgeous apartament! 

  • Lela

    Dead at dinosaurs. I want everything! AGH! x 

    – Lela
    (I’d love it if you took a look at my fashion blog!) dinosaurs. I want everything! x

  • BougieHippie

    Where did you get that glass snake from! 

  • Joana

    Love the dinosaurs! haha ♥

  • Carly Day

    Your house is extremely glamourous and represents you so well.

    I love your DIY projects. It just goes to show with a little effort and imagination you can make some incredible pieces.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Marv

    Love your decor. Your dinosaurs reminded me of this bracelet:

  • Anonymous

    Ikea Hack – that’s just brilliance, love it 🙂

  • Pounou

    Adorable mini animals!! The little giraffe and elephant are so cute!! Your friend has great tastes 😛

  • Arra

    Chic apartment!


  • Robin

    I love the dino’s they add such a whimsy to your place.

  • elizabeth

    your dinosaurs made me smile

  • yuka

    i always looove your apt posts! so much great inspiration here.

  • Zedpea

    Great apartment shots. Really like the splashes of gold, you’ve done it really well (like the dinosaurs!)…

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  • Elle Beautiful

    Love the golden dinos! 🙂

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