Around the House

12th March, 2012

I’ve posted pictures from inside my apartment many times before, but here are a few new around-the-house moments that are making me especially happy these days.

{ above & below: The lucite + glass desk in my living room is littered with fashion inspiration books (Tim Walker‘s ‘Pictures’ is a MAJOR fave), little animals given to me by friends, a Lena Erziak golden orb minaudière (on loan for a special occasion), a framed scarab from Deyrolle in Paris, and a lucite + brass snake from eBay.{ above: I switch up my throw pillows all the time; the living room’s latest might qualify as an ‘Ikea hack’ ~ it’s a little rug of theirs that I folded in half, stuffed, and hand-stitched shut. }{ above: The little dinosaurs you met in this post continue to rule the roost ~ right now two of them are standing guard around a Derek Overfield drawing. // below: The Stegosaurus has proven handy for holding my everyday favorite earrings ~ Melanie Auld studs in turquoise and mother of pearl flank crystal stunners from Catbird. }{ above: A little table in my entryway collects each week’s most in-rotation sunnies, while a nearby shelf (below) holds a new incense burner from Pearl River and yet another Lena Erziak bag (I’m such a fan!). }Should you choose, you could peruse many more moments from around my house HERE.

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