VIDEO: the malibu dream

7th February, 2012

Over the course of collaborating on THIS SERIES, Jamie and Kevin and I poured through our collective, treasured references. We reminisced about the images that inspired our current careers ~ what we loved about them, what we dreamed of turning them into. We listened to one playlist on repeat until its melodies intertwined with the visions in our heads. We cuddled up over champagne in the evenings to watch old movies and music videos. We remembered why we love what we do.

We decided to challenge ourselves to make something more than we’d planned. We decided to try something uncertain, to aspire to make something beautiful and memorable and slightly surreal and undeniably intimate. We wanted to tell a different sort of story than we ever had before. And so we made this.

  • Very sensual video… Congratulations that you do what you love and what you are good at 🙂

  • Veronique

    Beautiful, it’s a great video and not just about fashion!


  • A Cleaner Closet

    So ethereal and sensual…the images are striking and the song choice couldn’t have been better.  Beautiful work!

  • Beautiful video, the new layout is great!

  • Fairyfiligree

    Wow – love the new blog look and the video is extra-ordinary = a superb way to launch your new look blog too. And what a grand selection of outfits…. As we say here – Prosit!
    Marika from

  • Fashion tidbits

    Wow. Kelly, that is one HOT video! Yowzer

  • ZĂĄdori

    Just one word: PERFECT.

  • Anonymous

    Kelly you described the vid perfect. You look gorgeous.  LOVE the music

  • valentinemichel1982

    Beautiful video ! very sensual and it’s a pleasure to recognize all photos you’ve taken !
    xo from Paris

  • Ringy

    This is great, amazing work.

  • Giulia
  • absolutely, undeniably perfect (just like your site redesign!). well done, you!

  • amazing video!


  • so pretty can’t expect less from you! 

  • Kaye

    This. is. just. amazing. I am gob smacked, truly. You did a wonderful job!!! And were very brave with exposing yourself in some scenes 🙂 So tasteful and beautiful, you should be so so so proud. I would think I was pretty damn amazing if I were you  xx

  • This is completely beautiful.x

  • This is amazing. The images and music fit together beautifully. Totally stunning you guys should be proud. This is a work of art!

  • Chessa!

    What more can you expect when you combine such tremendous talents!  Seriously beautiful, classic, glamorous, sensual images.  The clothes and interiors are just as much characters in this story as the people who created it….so gorgeous.

  • HOTNESS!!!! You looked amazing in this video!!! you have so much talent!!

  • Franzi

    This video leaves me BREATHLESS! I haven’t seen something so aesthetic in a very long time. Congratulations on this masterpiece! X

  • Isa

    wOww Merci it’s so you ,  uber-chic … the clothes… the location …the video: perfection!

  • Elese

    Visually stunning and I agree with below, the images go perfectly with the soundtrack.

  • so inspiring and very creative! love the music!

  • amazing

  • Nelli Leingang
  • Daniela von Koskull

    Love everything about the video, so beautiful 🙂

  • WSM

    Truly amazing, professional vid – WSM

  • Nikki

    wow your blog looks incredible very professional. and the video…. there are no words really.

  • Widhi Desiyanti

    WOW! Amazing video.. you look stunning!!!! 

  • Elisse Montgomery

    This video is incredible. What a talented and passionate group. And you look stunning as usual.

    P.S. LOVE the new blog layout. Killer.

  • Wow….. that video was everything most women want to be, sexy  & stylish with a bit of mystery – I loved it.

  • Natalie

    perfection! you all should be very proud.

  • MMM

    i really never comment, but this video left my breathless, and it would have been rude not to applaud you and the other contributors on this masterpiece! absolutely stunning, sensual, glamorous, and spot on! this was nothing short of a professional video, the likes of which the most prestigious high end brands rarely achieve! amazing, amazing, well done! xx

  • Houseofavandan

    Wow, great video!

    A jewelry blog.

  • Lola Reggy

    This deserves a lot of love, really done really well, every detail in it, everything was just amazing!

    All love Lola

  • This was amazing. 

  • Jess

    you look gorgeous in every single shot.  The clothes and jewelry are stunning.  xx

    check out my new outfit post and let me know what you think. thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Great video. Love the styling and interiors.

  • lum

    The new blog layout is beautiful; all clean lines and elegant proportions.

  • What a great video – love the style…

    Tanja – or via Facebook-Page

  • Cassie Wagnac

    Lovely video. I love your style.

    I’ve been following your blog for awhile now and each time I look at you I think “She reminds me of Jessica Stroup.” She plays Erin Silver on 90210. Either way, you’re both beautiful. 

  • Adela

    Great video! Love your style. Favourite blogger no doubt. Keep it up 🙂

    Adela xx


  • Entre

    The new layout of the blog is a little confusing, but video is amazing. Nice change.

  • Cc

    like? LOVE!! YOU are so stunning. Yes the song is great for capturing the sensuality, the excitement and your amazing moves. Congratulations on this gorgeous collaboration. 

  • That was insanely incredible. Not even exaggerating. 
    PS loved The Do. They’re rad. xx

  • You remind me a little of Marilyn Monroe in this video… beautiful and hunting- innocent yet seductive shot in a gritty film noir meets voyeuristic fashion .  Also- the choice of music is quite outstanding. Great job. 

  • Placelesstraveled

    Wow, this video is absolutely amazing. Perfection, really. It’s done so amazingly well. I’m in awe.

  • Ireneccloset

    This video is awesome, you’re great Kelly!


  • Stunning and so inspirational. Thank you!

  • Hmmm

    This video was beautifully done, but I’m sorry to say that the topless shots made me lose respect for you a little bit. I always thought you were a classy chick, but maybe not so much anymore. Quite tasteless and unnecessary, really. 

  • Jessie Ning

    you look absolutely sexy and classy. love this video! x

  • not a fan

    I’m sorry, but I liked most things about this video except for the boob shots. I visit your blog daily because you typically exude class with tasteful sexiness. But not anymore, sorry. I just think you crossed the line a little bit. Would have been wayyy sexier and much more tasteful without the nudity. You’re not quite as great as I thought you were.

  • Sara Valente

    I love it!!!

  • Dea Soldati

    I do the same comment that I did on Jamie’s blog. 
    One word, WOw! It’ a great job!

  • Anonymous

    I do the same comment that I did on Jamie’s blog. 
    One word, WOw! It’ a great job! 

  • Brie

    I knew there would be comments about the nudity and I do see a couple. I’ll admit I was surprised by it at first, just because I had you pegged as rather conservative in that respect. (I had a “Did I just see what I thought I saw?? moment.) But it didn’t offend me or put me off. The video is very sensual and the nudity is in quick flashes and I think it actually adds to the overall feel of the video, like stolen moments.

  • Vassiliki

    It is a masterpiece!!! You looked simply stunning!Love,love,love it!!

  • Laura Tedeschi Arte

    you are a great inspiration for me, you charme is somthing special
    … thank you

    ps: I can see well your hair colour in this video 🙂 thank youuu

  • vittoria gallacci

    Gorgeous video!! I really loved it!

    Visit my blog if you want! 

  • Anonymous

    very beautiful. i feel like i was part of the process because you were posting photos in instagram when you were shooting. it’s amazing to see the final product.

  • great video! you are gorgeous

  • Anonymous

    I’m already in love with the earlier shots you shared with us but seeing this is even better. Such amazing work you guys created, it was just gorgeous!! In my opinion everything exuded a sexy classy vibe – amazing how you managed to combine both with taste. Please keep collaborating, I want to keep seeing more!! xx

  • AMAZING!!!  The photos for all those outfits were not to be believed and now you’ve added this video to tie it all together!  It’s fantastic Kelly!

  • This is just so captivating in every way! Great job, guys! Thanks for sharing!

  • Aimee

    Kelly, this video was soooo beautiful. you all did such an amazing job and u look stunning in every single sec. of the video. LOVE! xo

  • Lisa Ann

    Amazing!! You look stunning. I am starting to experiment with/teach myself video editing. Thanks for the inspo.
    ☟ Lisa Ann

  • Nadja

    amazing! you are so beautiful!!

    love your blog (have I already told you, that you are the reason why I started blogging, hahah i hope you don’t see it as a bad thing 😉

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  • Conni

    Wow!!!! I have enjoyed your blog for sometime now. I love how it has improved and your ideas keep getting bigger and better.
    This video tops the charts…it is chilling. I love absolutely everything about it. I am KW #1 fan too, so getting to be in her Malabu house was a bonus treat for me!!!. You know how to work the camera. It is fun seeing you in live action!!!!. The nudity is well done and it added to the video. And, BTW, I loved the boob shot!!! So sexy! People need to stop being so judgmental and prude!!!!
    Bravo Kelly!!!


  • This video is SO amazing.  I know I haven’t commented in a while, but I do get so much inspiration from your blog from afar.  All your outfits are perfection! Keep inspiring Kelly!! Your blog will always be one of my very top faves <3

  • Annie Speck

    Just speck~tacular!! Such a rising star and infinitely talented!! super duper happy for you!! xo Annie

  • Jmarie9138

    beautiful.. albeit a little pornographic. never thought of you in that light. anyway, love your blog!

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  • Emma Oconnell

    what song is this ? love it 
    i know janelle monae sings the original

  • Wow is all I can say. Stunning.

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  • I have never

    I am sorry. I think this girl has great taste, but it is really a turn off how into herself she is. I have never seen somebody post more pictures of themselves in my life. Gets old. When you see models(who are truly paid models) in fashion magazines, they are there as they are actual career models. This girl reminds me of somebody who wishes they were a fashion model, so made a blog to make herself into something she really isn’t. Though a pretty girl, I will give her, she is not a model. And she just comes across self absorbed. Get over yourself a bit. You have way too many pictures of yourself and it’s annoying. Also when you speak your side to side head, “like OMG movement” is so annoying. Take some lessons on video commentary and remember YOU ARE NOT A MODEL. A pretty girl though you are.

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