NYFW: Day 6

24th February, 2012

This is actually version 2 of an ensemble that started out like THIS ~ but midway through the day I swapped out the top half. Sometimes a gal just needs to switch things up along the way!

Wearing: Ray-Ban sunnies, vintage coat, Joie vest (similar HERE), Alexa Leigh necklace, Pegasus t-shirt, Primary skirt, Amanda Joy bag, David Yurman pave diamond ring (on left hand), Plukka custom-made double-diamond + chain rings (on right hand ~ they’ll be available for sale soon!), Donna Karan tights, B Brian Atwood boots

  • volont.un-sens
  • oh!!!, that clutch….


  • Anonymous

    Lovely, I love your delicate rings ant the clutch! Very pretty.
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  • Lola Reggy

    If I would have three thumbs, I’d say three thumbs up for the chainrings and the skirt, L O L A L O V E S I T 😉

    All love Lola


  • Melissa

    what a gorgeous outfit. loving those thin rings!!!


  • Love the fur detailing! So gorgeous!! xo


  • you styled this outfit so perfectly!  It looks so amazing! 

    love, selina

  • mimifashionland.com

    Love this outfit! Beautifull!!!

  • Suzilm

    You have great style.
    Hope you’re enjoying NYFW!!
    Suzi x
    For the Love of Audrey

  • ishara

    love the coat and the cluth, they’re amazing

  • Beauty Follower
  • I really love your coats!!! and the clutch!

  • valeria

    loooove the skirt!!! and tht is a faux fur right??

    • Anonymous

      yep, totes faux 🙂

    • Zuma

      I assume you don’t wear leather shoes, it’s pretty much the same thing with wearing fur, right? 

  • Alexandra Singer

    This outfit is a stunner!!  I love your skirt and vest/coat combo!  Gorgeous all around.  



  • Lisa

    I think this was the coldest day of the week as well right? It looks like you managed to stay warm!
    in dramatic fashion

  • Carola Disiot

    of course u are great! ma come fai? ciao!

  • …Can I Have You For Christmas? You’re Perfect. <3

    Check out my new post if you get a chance, I know you're prob super busy, but your feedback would be greatly appreciated. Have a great weekend 🙂


  • Rachel

    Love those rings!

  • i love the jacket and fur vest combo!

  • interesting fabric combination 🙂

  • Houseofhemingway

    I love it! And I like that Garance kept pointing out all the fur out in this year’s NYFW


  • Tripsandtreasuresblog

    Special ! Great skirt 

    my favorite store 

  • Sisi Tsoi

    Looks like you don’t wear vintage any more? It seems to me it’s all gifted this or collaboration that. Quite disappointed..

    • Lydia Lange

       seriously not necessary to be rude. if you have nothing nice to say– then don’t comment!

    • Jen

      the coat is vintage….!?

    • Roberta

      Rude?  Is it ok to have an opinion?

    • Asia Carter

       The coat is vintage and I just think you may be confused about the type of blogger Kelly is she is a pro so she has to post about her collaborations and gifted items its kinda how she monetizes her website.  I am sure you weren’t trying to be rude with your comment but try to be open minded

  • Patricia Porto
  • Lydia Lange

    the below comment wasn’t necessary. hate that people can sit behind a computer screen and be nasty for no apparent reason.

    you always look lovely.


    Lydia Lange

  • Thetailoredtwo

    Loving how you styled this! The layers are beautiful.

  • Catherine Liem

    CHIC  + BOLD!!
    I am stunned at your faux fur collection and snake prints.
    your wallet, sunnies (I know…so trendy) and adorable coat match each other perfectly.
    I am wondering how many compliments you receive on that day, walking around with that coat.

    Style Hostess

  • Fur on fur is so bold, never thought of it. Pretty look!

  • Lisa

    I didn’t realize you don’t wear fur. That’s lovely. Really like the look ! Chic!


  • Cleo

    you would think that layering fur over fur would be to overwhelming but i love it proably because the fur vest is lined with leather which picks up on the leather in the skirt which brings the whole look together. 


  • Stylist Steph

    Great look! And I love the clutch!


  • Riani Irawan

    I wish I could be attending some of the fashion week 


  • Andrea Twidle

    I love the shades and the rings!


  • You look amazing! Love your layering talent!


  • Suzi

    Love Love Love the clutch!!!!

  • So beautiful. 

  • Ines

    Brilliantly Exquisite!!  You are the PRINCESS of layering.  I absolutely love this look.  I know the coat is vintage.  Do you mind sharing who it’s by just like you mentioned a vintage dress as being a Geoffrey Beene. 

  • zane

    I love her cloth and her scarf. Both are majorly cute.


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