{ Introducing } FLIRT! Cosmetics

I’m excited to kick off Fashion Week with the announcement that I’ve been hired as FLIRT! Cosmetics’ 2012 Style Ambassador. I’m following in the formidable footsteps of former faces Mila Kunis and Heather Morris, and look forward to taking the role in unprecedented directions.

I was attracted to working with FLIRT! because their products are fun and accessible, and they understand how special the online space is.  Teaming up with them allows me an outlet to spill some of secrets I’ve absorbed over the years ~ I’ll be contributing weekly style tips to their Facebook page, recommending monthly product picks (this month, for instance, I’m loving Lana Del Rey‘s debut EP and the totally-awesome Big Flirt lipgloss), and hosting a fun series of YouTube beauty tutorials. Check out the intro video we made together, below ~ and make sure to ‘like’ the FLIRT! Facebook page so you don’t miss any of the exciting things we’ve got in store together!!

{ campaign stills shot by Gabrielle Revere }

  • Alekhp_18

    Congrats on your blog! You are such an inspiration! I love reading your blog! No matter how busy you get everyday there’s something new on your blog and you never forget about your readers! Thank you and keep it(:

  • http://www.thedapperbun.com/ Mary Ann

    Wow, what a fun opportunity! I love that lipstick/gloss shade you’re wearing in the video and I just realized that sometimes you look like Keira Knightly. :-)

  • http://semicosmic.com/ Nichole

    What an amazing collab! Congrats

  • Placelesstraveled

    Congratulations! What a fabulous opportunity!


  • Daisy O

    congrats! can’t wait to see more videos!

  • La Petite Olga

    This sounds like a great project! Congrats! I’m always on a search for some great make up…

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  • Anonymous

    Congrats! Seems like a lovely project and you the brand image really fits your well. :)


  • Entre

    It’s amazing cooperation and I always liked their products. Congratulation. Mainly you will do something more than posing on print ad.

  • Ireneccloset

    Love! Your pics and your work is always unbelievable! Love it!|


  • Anonymous

    How exciting. Congratulations.


  • Nelli Leingang

    Congrats, You look beautiful like ever!!!!



  • http://annaimwunderland.wordpress.com/ Anna

    Congratulations! I think you’re perfect for this job, you could sell me pretty much anything;)

  • http://www.pureglam.tv Tanja vanS

    Congratulations… love your look!

    Tanja – PureGlam.tv or via Facebook-Page

  • everlightly

    congrats ! that pic of your is gorgeous !



  • Kaye

    Gorgeous Kelly. You are doing so well with everything atm, congrats!


  • http://www.laviequo.com/ La Vie Quotidienne

    Nice pic..cool Nail Polish.


    For Today i show multiple ways to dressing:


    XOXO from Munich

    La Vie Quotidienne


  • Carola Disiot

    congrats!!! u are sooo pretty ! i want more video!!! ;)
    love your pics!


  • Christina Gomes

    Wow, congrats :)

  • Giulia
  • http://www.thekinas.com/ Bettina

    Wow, what an amazing opportunity! Congratulations, I’ll have to check out these cosmetics!

  • Arra

    These are all gorgeous!

    xx, Arrahttp://theprincessonthebrink.blogspot.com

  • ishara

    congrats, really nice, the photo’s are cute all the pink, it’s so sweet

  • http://monkeyshines-monkeyshines.blogspot.com/ monkeyshines



  • http://priscillamtizwa.wordpress.com/ Priscilla Mtizwa

    Got lots of FLIRT! products last Christmas from a friend and had never heard of it before… But I totaly fell in love with FLIRT! cosmetics, really works great:)

  • Viviana

    You are so amazingly photogenic and flawless.

  • fashion tidbits

    congrats Kelly! xoxo

  • Khrys

    Congrats! You look like Angelina Jolie in the pic.

  • http://kitiloves.wordpress.com/ Kiti

    congratulations! and nice pictures;)

  • Julie

    omg, i love this!! and you’re way too cute. perf for flirt :)


  • http://pinkpopmash.blogspot.com Marissa

    yayy!! congratulations!

  • valeria

    hey! i love your blog but it’s the first time i dare to comment jaja, i have a question, im lookin for a really good liquid eyeliner, would you recommend one from them or do you have any other suggestions??
    visit me at http://www.fashion-frontier.blogspot.com

  • Colinerialan
  • http://www.laceandtulle.com/ Samira

    Congrats!!! you looked amazing in the video!!!!

  • http://www.mymoodmyday.com/ Honorata



  • Fashion Me Wild

    Beautiful! Congrats!

    Check out today’s look:

  • http://mstwirlyskirts.com/ Molliee Martin

    such a fun company – you are perfect for the part!

  • Murmures De Penderie
  • http://www.natashafatah.blogspot.com/ Natasha Fatah

    All that heavy, smokey eye makeup looks great on you!


  • http://blogbarbaridades.com/ Gabi Barbará

    So cool!!! Can’t wait to see these tutorials!!! 

    xoxo from Brazil,
    Gabi Barbará

  • http://materialfixations.blogspot.com/ Material Fixations

    I have to admit, I have not heard of them. But congratulations, I look forward to hearing your opinion. With a ll the diffrent brands out their, cosmetics can be slightly confusing.

  • Gildete Lima

    So happy for you, Kelly!!!

  • Kimberly

    congrats! you look so gorgeous!


  • Andrea

    Congratulations! The video is great! Can’t wait to see the next tutorial.


  • http://twitter.com/Raphirapha Raphaëlle Lavielle

    Even the packages are so cute!


  • http://www.queenbeeofbeverlyhills.com/ Queen Bee of Beverly Hills


  • Polished White

    Busy Life! You have your hand in everything! I envy you!

    Polished White


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  • sore

    Congrats!!!! love, love the rings your wearing in the video, where can I get them???

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001909863360 Una Bassil
  • Marina Petrova

    Amazing cosmetics! You are so beautiful! You look a like Jessica Stroup! <3

    xoxo M.

  • Marie Martell
  • vittoria gallacci
  • Anonymous
  • Carol

    Hey. I am unsubscribing from your blog. I started following you in 2009 and I think you have a great sense of style. That said I feel that your content is now too “pre-digested”, too “magaziney”, and I just cant relate to it anymore. The following sentence illustrates my point: “I was attracted to working with FLIRT! because their products are fun and accessible, and they understand how special the online space is.” I am unable to locate a real person behind that statement, a defined personality. Anybody could have written that. I cannot find a sense of “you” in your posts anymore. So, I am unsubscribing. 

  • http://www.10best-skincareproducts.com/ 10BEST SKINCARE PRODUCTS

    I was attracted to working with FLIRT! because their products are fun and accessible, and they understand how special the online space is.” I am unable to locate a real person behind that statement, a defined personality. Anybody could have written that.

    natural skin care