Inside Elie Tahari

23rd February, 2012

This season, Elie Tahari eschewed a traditional runway show in favor of a presentation that felt more like a party. Instead of standing statically, the models milled about in color-coordinated clusters, allowing the audience to fully appreciate the rich color stories that comprised the collection.

Tahari‘s gorgeous gaggle of girls ~ wearing royal blues, wine-soaked reds and plush purples ~ chatted amiably, traded outerwear (giving us a peek at all the lovely layers below), cooed over the beautiful baby (who was actually playing model for the day!), and generally looked to be having a grand time in the designer’s super-covetable, wear-everyday duds.

True to form, I instagrammed the whole thing ~ then pinned a few of my favorite images on Elie Tahari‘s board. And I wore Tahari, but of course!

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  • nyorkeratheart

    great pics! the beige coat w fur trim is omg gorgeous!

  • TA

    Beautiful! Love the bold colors.


  • Mary Ann

    I’m lovin’ the rich colors!

  • yun
  • Ireneccloset
  • Jessica

    The colors are brilliant, love the magenta and the cobalt blue.

  • Catherine Liem

    This is such a pretty backstage photoset!
    really love your professional look of the site. it just gets better and better 

    Style Hostess


    So many great pieces! I would love to have them all! 

  • Bridg

    Great photos – love the colours she used, and wow the models are gorgeous! Looks like it was a fun presentation :)

  • jeni

    loving this luscious colors! so, so gorgeous!

  • Nichole

    I love these photos, especially that vibrant pink and the fur clutch. Beautiful!

  • StreetLounge

     Beautiful colors! (and beautiful models:) )

  • La Vie Quotidienne

    Great great pics!! so beautiful!! I love these blue coat, is perfect!

    xoxo from München
    La Vie Quotidienne


    wow! The colours are amazing! i want that photo in the 4th photo! Its perfect!


  • Steph

    Gorgeous images! Thank you ever so much for sharing!


  • Lisa

    these girls really do look beautiful! i love the natural hair and bold eyebrows
    in dramatic fashion

  • Fairyfiligree

    Very ingenuous alternative to the runway. Love that blue jacket!!

  • valeria

    all blue and perfect! the clutch was my favorite!!!

  • Emily

    The colors in this collection are amazing!

  • ishara

    loved it!!, and the baby is so cute !!

  • TheWhitList

    Beautiful pictures!  I love the coats.

  • BougieHippie

    The blue coat is very old Hollywood with a modern edge. 

  • Molliee Martin

    love all the jewel tones and rich fabrics!

  • Leannekilheeney01

    The colours are so mouth wateringly delicious, good enough to eat. You know a collection is great when it makes you hungry! Truly Scrumptious :)

  • Cristina Manrique
  • Roulab

    Great colors! Love your blog!!!

  • Heelsandsukissedcurls

    Loving the BRIGHT colors! Can’t wait to see this in stores!


  • d.davis

    i love, just beautiful !

  • Jacy Tilton

    stunning photos! love the colors in this collection…


  • Mfashionfreak
  • Marygui117

    the blue coat in the second picture is amazing!

  • Rebeccah

    Wow I love every single picture, simply beautiful and I’m totally loving all the colors! Awesome pictures by the way!

  • Thetailoredtwo

    Beautiful furs love the colors!!!

  • Do you Desire?

    absolutely stunning!

  • Styleclouds

    Gorgeous!!! Asbolutely gorgeous!!! xo, Christina

  • Chicgeek Blogger

    Great post! All the different colours are lovely :) Please take a minute to look at my trunkshow;

  • Sarah Jayne @ Goldmine Trash

    I love that deep royal blue shade! Such a gorgeous collection all around.

  • Rae Ng

    gorgeous! love the colors!

  • misheal

    this colors are so vivid and beautiful  !!

  • Romillygirl

    I need some navy fur in my life!

  • Barefoot Duchess Blog

    great color combos!

  • Kerstin