graphic goodness

1st February, 2012
  • Shannon

    dress and rug are gorgeous, graphic prints never fail to impress 

  • SM

     Great pics, but why so much Photoshop work on your face lately? You’re beautiful and don’t need so much obvious re-touching.

  • SmilingStyle

    Lovely dress and shoes!!! :)

  • Li Yen Ng

    Love the dress! Can’t find it on VS website :(

    • Jasonpilner

      I called and sent an email with dress image to VS for my girlfriend who was dying for it.  They said it was a mistake and that dress is not actually from there, past inventory or future :(

    • jennbraund

      I have one that I don’t want and can’t wear (I’m too short for it) It is brand new if you’d be interested email me.

  • Maria Del Mar

    I was dining in the restaurant 39 V in Paris and saw this girl wearing a version of this dress and I remembered this one you wore. Now I regret not buying one!

  • Anonymous


  • nemosdory

    cant decide between cute/pretty/glam!

  • Rob

    I seriously thought that dress was Alaïa. It’s so chic! I’m heading to VS now!

  • Pounou

    Victoria secret dress??!!! My god… Who could have thought!
    You look great in it too! :)

  • strandofsilk

    The dress is amazing with this monochrome prints, the glittering heels complete wonderfully the look !

  • Marisol

    Amazing dress !! Do you have any reference or name so that I can try to find it in Euope (Belgium)? xx Marisol