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28th February, 2012

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  • Beckermanblog

    Feeeeel better pooookie poooo!!!!! You looook soooo hot to trot!!! Love the dress!!! Feeeel better cutie!!!
    xooxox your sistas xoxoox

  • Magna Karta

    Beautiful! Elegant, classic and ladylike… it’s perfection!

  • Jayy

    Love the snake prints.

  • Jayy

  • herwaisechoice

    You look absolutely incredible!  Only you could pull off head to toe snakeskin and look so glamorous and chic. The photos are beautiful as well – lovely juxtaposition with your elegant look and the industrial background!

    Hope you’re having a great week!

  • Andrea De Luca

    It’s amazing how you made the same print work from your outfit to your shoes to even your clutch and not come off as too matchy-matchy!  It totally works together! 

  • Jessica

    So much snakeskin but it’s meshes together perfectly, love the shoes!

  • Oyin

    Is this still blogger or a whole new site? I used wordpress because I thought blogger was too limiting, but this is quite inspirational…

    Just created the site, let me know what you think…:

    • Anonymous

      Hi Oyin! Answered this on Facebook, but in case you missed it…. I’ve switched from Blogger to WordPress. It’s infinitely more customizable! I’m so glad I finally made the move!


  • Honorata

    Beautiful outfit, shoes are sooooo cooool!

  • review

    you still look really lovely=)

  • sharla

    loving the matching python/snakeskin print; stylish as ever! 

  • Sarah

    Gorgeous, as always. Love the shoes!

  • Susan McDonald

    You look amazing as always! LOVE the shoes!!!

  • Helene Abiola

    love everything python in the outfit! Your hair is getting long and it looks great!

    Bon Vivant + a Budget

  • Helene Abiola

    Btw, the upgraded site looks so posh 

    Bon Vivant + a Budget

  • Melissa
  • Anonymous

    What a gorgeous outfit!! I love the snake print clutch and heels and your coat is so chic!! Love it.
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  • Styleclouds

    WOW! You look amazing! I love the skirt!! xo, Christina

  • Little Red Book

    Gorgeous coat! Hope you feel better. ;)

  • La Petite Olga

    love the snake print theme of this look!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  • SM

    nice idea, but I don’t thin it works. Sorry. Overdose. 

  • CharlotteK_93

    I somehow like this outfit!I think it works really well :)

  • Fashion Crazy Ball

    I love your look…you are so beautiful!

  • Rhoda Wong
  • StreetLounge

    Love it in blacl/white!

  • Anonymous

    I love the snake print and this look are beautiful on you! Classic and chic!

    Dea Rose

  • veronique!
  • ishara

    wow the shoes !!! they are amazing <3

    • Anonymous

       Yes, they are but how does Kelly manage to walk in them?  Must be her special glamour secret.

  • Tiffany Elam

    Cute outfit. Hope you feel better!



    LOVE This dress, so gorgeous

  • Minnie and Daisy

    Those shoes are really, reeeaaally nice! xoxo Minnie&Daisy

  • Sarah King

    LOVE the play on snake prints!!  I think it totally works together!!!  Fabulous post!  I hope it’s doing the trick to get you jumpstarted:)

  • Casualuxe

    I like the outfit a lot. Your hair looks really good, love the cut/color.


  • Patricia

    I could never pull this off, but I love how you make it work!

  • wendy

    phenomenal look!  hope you feel better soon.x

  • Raphaelle

    Love the second snapshot. Animal prints in total looks are so hard to style.

  • Marie Martell

    Wow! What a beautiful look!

  • valeria

    love your style!! and who said that too many print together don’t look good?
    they where definately wrong!!!

  • Benedicte MAGEN
  • Crodny

    I liked your original website setup, your new one is not easy to navigate

  • Devi

    Love the mixture of the animal prints! stunning! 

    xx Devi

  • Lanolagurl

    Fabulous outift!  This is now one of my all-time favorites!  I’m really ailing myself and this outfit totally makes me want to get better so I can play with clothes again!  Thank you for the inspiration and fashion therapy.

  • Glassandglitter

    animal prints look so glamorous on you

  • Chicstreetsandeats

    Gorgeous! I need to have the blouse and skirt! On a side note, I finally figured out who you remind me of…Ashley Judd.

  • Inés Ambrosio

    That coat is amazing! love it.
    You look gorgeous, like always!!!!
    Big hugs!



  • andreacheong

    All over snakeskin! You’ve done it so tastefully and you look amazing

  • Houseofavadan

    Love the outfit. The heels are amazing.

    A jewelry blog.

  • adela cechova

    I love everything about this post. All the pictures are great (esp. the first one in black and white) and you look absolutely gorgeous as always. I am a big fan of a python print and love how you wear it all over, including your accessories.  You are such an inpiration.
    Adela xxx

  • Mfashionfreak

    You’re so beautiful!


  • Rachel Phipps

    You look fantastic – that coat is to die for!

  • Lela

    I have definitely not been here in a while. You/the blog loook amamaammamaazing!

    Besos,Lela(I’d love if you checked out my fashion blog/shoe blog/etc!)

  • TheWhitList

    Love the whole look!  I have a similar coat and I love it!

  • Yunwzou

    perfect look +great photos!

  • Kelly Frances

    snakeskin on snakeskin on snakeskin. you pull it off flawlessly.

  • Guest

    Gorgeous!! Love the Pinkyotto coat!

  • Arra

    Love the snakeskin print!

  • candleashes

    the new blog layout is very confusing and hard to navigate. i miss a lot of posts because it’s too frustrating to use :(

  • Alaxandra

    oh yes, i am never surprised when you pull an icredible look off! what a bold statement with all the same snake print…. I LOVE IT!!
    I just posted pics of my new bold statement harem pants. Take a look when you can~xo alax

  • Riani Irawan

    May I know what camera did you use to take pictures in this blog? I was thinking to get better camera but I couldn’t decide which one’s the best.  Thank You

  • Soapymermaid

    I love the way you always play with prints you’re incredibly talented about that and really so inspiring.

  • Lipnstick
  • Masha_w

    I’m having problems too to navigate your new site…I loved to scroll down and admire your outfits…I don’t have much time for clicking and I’m not visiting often anymore.. :(

  • Zweiteiler

    amazing! I really love this snaked outfit!


  • Claulovesfashion



    follow you in instagram, LOVE your style!!    
    Follow me like me to you!;)









  • Ria Michelle

    So gorgeous. Love the new design on your site by the way. 

  • Elizabeth Keene

    I love this look. I will definitely be trying out the matching prints trend very soon, you have inspired me. The coat is my favorite part of the ensemble. “When you are wearing a great coat, no one cares what you have on underneath.”

  • Grace Lee

    Kelly. You are absolutely stunning. Love the print. WHY are you so inspirational?!


  • Diygou

    Kelly, youre a doll!  This site is ridiculously inspiring! My coffee and glamurai go hand in hand every morning!

    diy from Toronto

  • Diygou

    *glamourai :(

  • Ingrid // Pretty Harbor

    Very elegant! // Jewellery

  • Adela

    Absolutely amazing. I love animal print especially python and I like how you wear it all over, including accessories. You inspire me on so many levels!
    Adela xx

  • Niki Blasina

    absolutely LOVE this look. But I must also add, i agree with the others – the new layout is a bit too complex!

    xx Niki from <a href=

  • Anonymous

    This outfit is inspiring. I absolutely love it. Snakeskin on snakeskin – I’ve taken note :) Really really nice.

    Check out one of my older posts with a snakeskin blazer – I think you might like it.

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  • agungshafira

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