Backstage at Rodarte

21st February, 2012

I’ve finally had time to properly sort through the thousands of pictures snapped over Fashion Week ~ and these backstage glimpses from before the Rodarte show were the first I just had to share! I loved getting to see the clothes close-up, and to watch in awe as the models were transformed into sand-swept sprites. And indeed it was sand that filled the shoes’ plexiglass heels ~ a chic interpretation of summer camp crafts.

CLICK HERE to see a similar peek behind-the-scenes, from Altuzarra. And thank you to Kerastase for allowing me this special treat!

  • Touchkajal

    For more behind the scenes check out InBeauty:

  • Oyin

    Ahhhh I almost died at their show..perfection!

    Just posted from the Nicole Miller Backstage on my site/blog….
    check it out 

  • Murmures De Penderie
  • Suzilm

    Amazing looks here! You’re extremely lucky to have been able to get a backstage pass.
    Suzi x
    For the Love of Audrey

  • Xeana

    We liked the shoes. The heel is very original. 

  • Ireneccloset

    Beautiful pictures!


  • Feelgoodlookcute

    I love the shoes…
    So cool!


  • Jessica

    Love the photos, they are gorgeous!

  • dollcake

    I love Rodarte!! how fun for you

  • Absolutely Mrs. K

    I follow
    you for more than a year now and you were the first blog I ever followed. Always
    have been a fan of your “timeless effortless chique” style! The new blog looks
    really well but it is so much harder to navigate. I know that it is probably
    the idea to dig into your blog, but I am a “lazy” internet user and I love to
    scroll! And I have no idea how to go to the next post. Please don’t get this
    the wrong way, just giving you some feedback? Again, at first side, it looks

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for your feedback! There’s actually a static toolbar at the bottom of each post which shows ‘PREVIOUS’ on the left and ‘NEXT’ on the right (unless you’re in the most recent post, in which case you’ll only see ‘PREVIOUS’). This was designed to make scrolling through posts as easy as it was before ~ you’re just scrolling sideways (like in a book or magazine) instead of up + down. Hope that makes sense?


  • Anonymous

    Oh, the stars! Lovely!

    Dea Rose

  • Tanja vanS

    Love the pictures and the show. The make up is gorgeous…

    Join my new 190 US$ GIVEAWAY

    Tanja – or via Bloglovin

  • Kaye

    The hair and make-up was my absolute favourite of this show!!!! 

  • StreetLounge

    This is now on every blog, RODARTE are big hit!

  • Selina

    looks so good! love it

    love, selina

  • Fairyfiligree

    What are those stars in the model’s hair? Where can I get an accessory like that one?

  • volont.un-sens
  • La Petite Olga

    gorgeous snaps! Thanks so much for sharing!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga


    Hair accessories are so girly! Like a lot!

  • Isabella Smulders

    I love the heels! So cool 🙂

  • Lipnstick

    I’m sooo jealous of the NARS make-up,,,really

  • Rada Priya

    Sand in the heels – Genius!! ★

  • valeria

    ok, o the shoes are to die for! how cute are they? and the make up is such a good way to show the rest of the outfit!

  • Raphaelle

    OMG, I love everything and I want everything, especially the incredible shoes.

  • monkeyshines

    stunning heels!


  • Anna Kaufer

    Love the shoes! Anna

  • Juliette Gold

    Wow! The heels on these boots are great! Who designed them? 

  • Cleo

    omg i love those heels with the sand in the heel. I love seeing back stage of a fashion shows, its so peaceful on the runways but yet back stage its so hectic. Love it.

  • Anonymous

    Great pictures!
    I loved the direction that they went in for this look – the ladies looked like nymphs!! Gorgeous.

  • My Grandmother’s Gucci

    Loved the makeup they did for this show. And seriously can’t get over that orange striped tweed jacket!


  • kiti

    those eyeshadows….love this post!

  • nguyenncindyy__

    amazing makeup! & the studded red clutch is amaaazzing ! thanks for sharing!

  • cro

    Those shoes are amazing! thanks for posting!

  • Ria Michelle

    Amazingly beautiful. Love those shoes. 

  • Houseofhemingway

    The make up on some of these models could only work on the runway, I cannot see myself walking around town with a “tan gone bad” lol
    Other than that, the clothes are always magnificent!

  • SomeLikeItSimple

    Gorgeous photos, I love them. <3 Sarah

  • Nichole

    I really love those boots. A must have for sure.

  • admin

    Ooh, the shoes!  Love them.  Though I can tell I am a product/make-up kind of girl because what I am really lusting after are all the brushes and color palettes!

  • Thetailoredtwo

    The hair and makeup are beyond beautiful for this show!

  • CASSIA Creative

    Always love Rodarte collection!  The shoes are to die for!

  • ishara

    ooog dear god the shoes, they’re just perfect , amazing

  • Heelsandsukissedcurls

    Those boots are insane! I’m in love. Great pics!


  • Angela Bolaños

    The star pins are brilliant!

  • Mimi

    Love the art deco necklace, and the spring-ish make-up. It suites you really well 🙂

  • Sarah Jayne @ Goldmine Trash

    Fantastic collection as usual. I also love your pic of the blush pallate. Nars make the best blushes – I spy 2 shades I wear regularly : ).

  • leana masha

    Love the photos!!!!

  • Tisha Loves Smokey Eyes

    I would LOVE to take all of the MAC makeup home with me in a heartbeat! The shoes are amazing and who wouldn’t love the brown and white stripped jacket?!? All these pics are amazing =)

  • Mercurymoonshinedutchess

    The Minute I set my eyes on your posts glitter explodes throughout the atmosphere angels and fairies dance across the room the world shines rainbow colors I love your blog keep posting baby X mercury moonshine dutchess

  • Moussia Kohanbash

    those boots are incroyable!

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