some velvet morning

9th January, 2012

I’ve long felt lucky to be building a life out of endeavors that excite my imagination, and to collaborate with an ever-changing cast of conspirators ~ each of whom teaches me something unique. But I’ve never been happier than I was when abandoned in a grandiose beach house with Jamie and Kevin and a trove of cool clothes. We established a quick camaraderie over two favorite things: working hard and telling stories in images. From there, we immediately, giddily glided down the same rabbit hole: we ate and dressed and dreamed and drank and talked and planned and shot and laughed and lived together. Together, we felt we could make something special.

Visually, we wanted to go somewhere new, to whisper our shared secrets to you. Things can get a little strange out in California; all that lingering light plays tricks on life. Pods of dolphins slip into sight; birds sing, unseen. The shackles are gilded and the cages palatial. Yet the colors are lovely, and there’s always the promise of escape on the PCH…

PART II { photos + cinemagraph by Jamie Beck + Kevin Burg (follow Jamie on Twitter!) // styled by + featuring Kelly Framel // clothing, jewelry + interiors by Kelly Wearstler (you can also follow her on Facebook and Twitter) // hair by Sam DiVine // makeup by Kristee Liu // CLICK HERE to revisit PART I of this series }

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