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6th January, 2012
For five days in Malibu, I lived in a dream. I found myself in a dream house, in a dream world, working with the caliber of collaborators i’d always dreamed I’d meet. We had free reign of an aesthetic surreality, to play dress up and make as many pictures as we pleased. We basked in the sun, we binged on bluesy tunes, we supped on champagne and we revisited the videos that inundated our adolescences. We swung on the swings and spun our feet in the sea. We got so unbelievably inspired, in love with the moment. Here begins the series of work that ensued:

PART I { photos + cinemagraphs by Jamie Beck + Kevin Burg // styled by + featuring Kelly Framel // clothes + jewelry by Kelly Wearstler // hair by Sam DiVine // makeup by Kristee Liu }
  • Zoey H

    You look radiant! Those moving pictures are bomb, haha.

  • socialmembership


  • Helene

    wow! Your latest photos are amazing… and the blog tweeks look great!

    Bon Vivant + a Budget

  • Brandi

    I'm in love with the cinemagraphs.

  • SmittenWithPretty

    Wow! Amazing photos, clothes, and as always you look stunning.

  • Michelle’s Style File
  • Moloko + Honey

    these photos are beautiful!
    love the colours, stunning x
    Moloko & Honey

  • fifi

    wow! these are incredible!

  • Tamara S. Putri

    these photos are stunning!


  • e

    This is beyond breath taking. No words…. LOVE. xo, Kim

  • Julie Khuu

    Double dose of Kelly = Awe inspiring images, incredible design, and the perfect model/setting/scenery to make magic…breathtaking babe…these animations truly hit the spot!

    Peace. Love. LOL!


  • kaitlyntru

    All of these are so amazing! I love the effects! <3 Go Kelly Wearstler.

  • The Lady Pastor


  • Britt+Whit

    omg Kelly, honestly these cinematography photos are freaking blowing our minds! you look amazing! Absolutely gorgeous!

    love from San Francisco,

  • Aleen

    Wow, I am so impressed by the moving pictures x

    Lousine Adelia

  • handamari

    Lovin' all the photos Kelly!
    I'm gonna make myself these kind of pictures again soon!

  • Laureen Gazio

    Beautiful photos, the last one is gorgeous !

  • Sarah @ Hunt Gather Fashion

    Kelly, this post is insane. Your writing, the project, the GIF's. It is all so lovely and so deserved. I only hope that i can work with, or along side you one day, as that would be one of my dreams come true.

  • Erma

    It's as if Kelly's clothes were made just for you! Beautiful photos!

  • Nadine

    Completely stunning!

  • My

    You are gorgeous!!! All these photos are stunning and I am in love with the first one!

  • missveraaaaa
  • Yuka
  • Angie

    the cinemagraphs are so freaking cool!

    pandaphilia style

  • M

    Your IG pictures then were amazing, but these are beyond words. Prettiest post I've ever seen, anywhere. And great marketing!


  • Hillary

    That swing is amazing, and I want that surfboard! Looking beautiful as usual, Kelly!

  • Teresa

    Wow these photos are beautiful! Looks like you had a great time, happy new year! x

  • Bridg

    wow awesome, these photos and cinemagraphs are amzaing! you look gorgeous 🙂

  • velvet avenue

    I rarely get speecheless but this was one of those times I did. AMAZING! the first and the last picture – breath taking. and the designs are brilliant.

  • Mary

    Very cool. Moving pictures are always so much fun.

  • Molly Marler

    oh KELLY. These are simply breathtaking; one is truly transported by these images. Its as if we are right there with you, and the richness and emotion captured convey the moment so exquisitely. The collection is gorgeous, as are you. Well done!

  • Kaitlin Mattingly

    omg these are so amazing.
    i did an article on a photographer who did the moving JPEGS.
    so amazing

    xoxo katlin

  • monkeyshines ♥

    fabulous photos! absolutely amazinggg!


  • iwa ojo

    i love the photos and Jamie Beck. You look lovely


    Looove the photoshoot, especially the last pic.


  • Stylishly me by Taryn

    The pictures are surreal.. Love the last one, definately my favourite of the lot.. Can;t wait until I too am jetsetting around the world playing dress up 🙂
    A girl can dream….

  • Mandy

    I am SO inspired by this post! The colors, the photography, and the outfits are all stunning. Can't wait for part 2!

    The Klury Report & Kini Style

  • Sarah

    Absolutely gorgeous photos! The moving ones blow my mind!

  • Insomnia

    They're just unbelievable, it's like I can hear the wind blow from the ocean!

  • Honorata

    i'm speechless!!!You look amazingly beautiful, and the pictures…

  • Jen

    Seriously incredible work. Amazing collaboration – Ms. Wearstler did a marvelous job recruiting the best of the best!

  • La Petite Olga

    Wow incredible pictures!!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  • Luna S

    Holy cow these are stunning! Sounds like an absolute paradise. I especially love the open-backed strung pink dress, it's gorgeous!


  • Opheeee

    these pictures are absolutely stunning, your blog always inspiring! <3!

  • Marisa

    WOW! These photos are breathtaking, as are you. Great work 🙂


  • Philippe Philippe

    wow those pictures are amazing, the gifs are so funny !!!

    beautiful !!

  • roha

    wow!! you look beautiful on all your photos of your blog – but these are outstanding! great post!
    ♥ romi

  • mfashion

    You look amazing!


  • Sofie

    You look absolutely gorgeous in those pictures! Love the one on the swing!

  • jas

    love the photos! jamie is amazing. you also look amazing

  • thankfifi

    completely amazing! i dream of moments like those.x

  • Emily

    Absolutely stunning, Kelly! Every single photo is exquisite!

    moda + medialunas

  • FashionFlirt

    WOW these photos are simply breathtaking! So so stunning!

    Love your blog, check out mine:

    kisses, Jasmin

  • Marle

    GORGEOUS! Wouldn't every girl want such beautiful pictures of herself? You really did a great job!!

  • me and my lifestyle

    Wow!! Awesome pics!!


  • Cherrybee

    those pictures are so amazing can't help but daydream of experience some moments out there.

    thumbs up great work!


  • The life after

    Amazing pics!! You look great!!

    The Life After


    WAIT.. how did you do this?! It's INCREDIBLE. and you are stunning.

  • Katie

    gorgeous pictures, the cinemagraphs are amazing! makes me long for summer sun and sandy beaches..

    Katie x

  • Sandra

    Omg, the first cinemagraph is amazing!

  • Emy

    Uhm I just have one word: WOW!!! I had been waiting on these shots ever since you had those dreamy days in Malibu. I figured they were going to be amazing but you've left me with my mouth hanging open haha. I really really love these shots and I'm sure Kelly Wreastler will be just as pleased. It's not just the pieces that are gorgeous but everything just works in every shots. Really really beautiful. Well you get the point you impressed me. Now I'm left longing for a beautiful beach:) Have a fabulous weekend and enjoy your company of little chicken and bunny 🙂 So cute!

  • Ishara

    wow these foto's are just simply amazing, love them! especially the one where you are standing on the rocks in a maxi dress, so lovely

  • The Fancy Teacup

    Totally spellbound by the photos and cinemagraphs. You are so breathakingly flawless!

  • Red shoes No Knickers

    OH MY GOD!!! These pictures are so inspiring and beautiful and I love the moving image ones. Great new look with the split pictures too.

    Fabulous clothes by KW…All we need now is the nice weather!

  • Théa Unknown

    Amazing post and photographies!

    Théa Unknown

  • leesicam

    Gorgeous! The movement in the first and final photos….sigh!

  • Roxanna

    Absolutely gorgeous!

    xx Roxanna

  • FairyFiligree

    These are incredible images – the photographers are really very talented…. wonderful!

  • StreetLounge

    Mmmm, and it smells like summer and sea 🙂

  • Marian

    Wow, great pictures…. I want a holiday 🙂 love the blog

  • Victoria Diaz

    omgosh those moving pictures are amazing?.. how in the world?.. XD
    love the blog

  • Style Footprints

    Wow, those are amazing. Incredible team work.gorgeous pics!

  • FashionFlirt

    This is adorable and amazing and I am so jealous! Great work!!
    Love, Alena

  • UneDandizette

    Can you please be a little less amazing…?
    The photos are stunning, the clothes are awesome and I'm so jealous of Malibu. Please let me be you for a day!


  • Tiffany Elam

    These photos are gorgeous!


  • stylish fox

    perfect perfect photos! You are so sexi and elegant girl!

  • Isabel, Wake up & smell the azahar

    What a beautiful post, an instant favorite! The pics are really inspiring, but I almost love more the way you write. I really like when bloggers take care of the writing. You know, a beautiful pics are better if they go with a smart, nice text.

  • Bespoke Biddie

    if heaven where comprised of a seaside retreat and sumptuous duds.. you would have found it


  • Chelsea

    These photos are breathtaking!!

  • amy


  • Nadine B

    What a wonderful post!!! Breath-taking

    Peace, N

  • Hogger and Co.

    C'est MAGNIFIQUE!!!

  • Emijaa Jaaemil

    You look amazing and Jamie did a wonderful job with the photos!! Incredible talent between you ladies! Always an inspiration!!

    Stay blessed
    Emijaa Jaaemil

  • briannelee

    What gorgeous photos! I love everything Kelly Wearstler does!

  • Marina Saclley @ Iced VoVo’s

    love … love … love … love
    – amazing work Kelly, Jamie, Kevin and Kelly W


  • Sugar Magnolia

    Love the cuff and nail polish color!

  • Bayan Mor
  • Yasmeen

    These photos are just stunning. I love the back of that pink dress 🙂 One of my favorite photos + the last one of course; incredible!

    Castle Fashion

  • The Moroccan Fashionalist

    Gorgeous !!!!

  • Eugenia Woods

    Looks like a dream! Love every photo.

  • Ophelia

    These are all so gorgeous!

  • Stephanie

    Such a gorgeous spread! You've done such a great job of showcasing these clothes through your personal aesthetic. Keep up the beautiful work!

  • Jess

    you look absolutely stunning in all of the pictures. Have a great weekend. xx

  • Flaviena

    Stunning photos! Enjoy and keep up the amazing work.

  • Beckerman Girls and Jamie and Kevin…holy AMAZZZZING! We are sooooo blown AWAY!!!! These pics and cinemagraphs are of the CHARTS! Blew my socks off! Sooooo gorgeous! U look soo happy and stunning! And we are soooo glad that we got to hang out on that special weekend!
    Love ya tons! kisses
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  • Caitlin Rodriguez

    Amazing! I am such a fan. Stunning.

  • Erica

    This photos are stunning! You look incredible! Malibu looks like heaven 🙂

  • Anonymous

    absolutely amazing. never commented on anything before..but this post definitely deserves recognition. GORGEOUS. -erin

  • Dominika

    these are really amazing!

    Fashion Philosophy

  • Kana-chan

    you are absolutely stunning.

  • GlamorousGirl
  • Caitie

    holy cow, these images are absolutely break taking!!! I love them all, and love the slight movement. you are amazing!


  • internodiciotto

    these pics are really breathtaking they arejust so stunning! nobody impersonalizes kelly wreastlers colthes more than you! ;D

  • Keisha Ervin
  • Chic Streets and Eats

    I love love the first photo! What a magical shoot you had, lucky lady :). All the best in 2012!


  • Ravenna Moreira
  • soffi

    just stunning. you look amazing. and your hair is adorable. i'm speachless!!!

  • Prêt-à-Penser

    This is absolutely beautiful! Next time can i come and be your assistant? Ahah like bring coffes and that kind of stuff? 🙂

    Veronique from!

  • . Omrvinka .

    first pic is the best ! 🙂
    but i absolutely love all of them :))

  • Belle de Couture

    So amazing, I cannot get over how in-sane these photos are! LOVE THEM! You're sucha beauty, and this shoot looks like it was so much fun! P.S. How do you get the effects on the first and last photo? It's unbelievable!!

    Happy New Year, girly!


  • Gabi Barbará

    I love these cinemagraphs from the From Me to You blog! Wish I was talented enough to be able to produce such effect! You look amazing as always!

    xoxo from Brazil,
    Gabi Barbará (an english version of the posts written by myself can be seen by clicking on the "english version" link on the top of each post)

  • grandeur manifesto!

    what a fabulous post! you took me "there" for a moment!

  • Molliee

    wow I am madly in love with every one of these photos, but the last one is just phenominal! such a lucky girl!

  • Bravoe Runway

    WOW! I love these pictures, the movement gives it a real life feel and your outfits are all gorgeous!

  • Plami

    This truly looks like a dream!


  • Gawgus things…

    I think I may have just developed a girl crush – you look beyond AMAZING!! xx

  • Mairyliscious


  • silvia in venice

    amazing photos! landscape is fabulous!

  • Hannah

    the moving pics are freaking awesome

  • Flaviana Boni

    love your photos and jamie beck's work!


  • christopherJOVAN

    Super-Fly! love the title image

  • Spindle & Canister

    Love this shoot. You look fabulous in every shot. The next time your in Malibu come visit our store Spindle & Canister! check out our blog too at

  • Allegra

    the last "photo" with the moving dress is so beautiful.

    xo, Allegra

  • Lindsay

    All of these photos are amazing…so dreamy!

  • Sandra Merino

    wooowww, love the photos … fantastic!!

  • Ahu

    U are amazing.

  • Karissa

    These images are beautiful, I love the multi media ones! The swing shot is insane.

  • Ally

    These pictures are sooo gorgeous and I love the moving pictures… so cool!

  • Boots & Lipstick

    This pictures are amazing!

    Boots & Lipstick

  • Borjana

    Oh my God!These pictures are the best I've seen in ages!I wanna frame them!The first one is perfection!Bravo,bravo!

  • Petite Adventures

    These photos are stunning!

  • Erin

    Brilliant! Love them all and can't wait to see more! you are so beautiful and these pictures capture you so well.

  • nike free sko

    This pictures are amazing!

  • Jessie

    WOW beautiful. love that swing on the beach!

  • Supal

    You look absolutely gorgeous. From the bottom of my heart, this is by far the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen. Love the graphics too!! I'm so glad you shred wiht us, I was itching to see it since I saw the instagram at work!!

  • peoniesandpaper

    these photos look so cool and effortless! now I wish I were at the beach on a warm day!

  • Tidbits of Addiction

    i love the pink dress. So structural and chic.

  • The Fancy Drifter

    Wow – these pictures are absolutely stunning! I seriously had them up on my computer and my husband asked "who's that fox" haha! You look fantastic!


  • Anonymous

    seriously, BAD A$$

  • Anonymous

    LOVED the moving pictures!!! Amazing!

  • David Diaz

    GORGEOUS! Everything looks amazing! 😀


  • Mica

    The beach shots are amazing, such beautiful scenery!

    Really like the moving pictures too, lovely 🙂

  • Maria V

    Amazing! The best post ever. In the fashion blogging world!

    Happy New Year darling and thanks for all the inspiration you give us almost daily!


  • Kelly

    so freakin gorgeous! i love how different your blog is from everyone else's!! inspiring!

  • Styleclouds

    You look stunning and the photos are breathtaking! xo, Christina

  • Kdotorg

    Wow, this photograph are amazing! Really loving your blog 🙂

  • FAB

    Have a FABulous creative year! How do you find WeightWatchers campaign in France – in times of New Year promises…? No dieting sounds superb 😉 Love FAB http://fabs

  • Hanne

    Love the gifs! You're beautiful!

  • Visala

    Really Really love this Post! so inspiring !

  • Miss Kwong

    wowww… im speechless. these pics are like from Vogue. so much feeling.

    absolutely divine.

    Follow me on:
    Miss Kwong – Art and Fashion

  • Fashionista*

    stunning pictures
    i adore the beach

  • christine von schönburg

    amazing pictures, everything is just perfect, the clothes, the scenery, the colours, just beautiful, and what great cuffs!!! I loved the cinematography photos!!!

  • Francesca C

    wow great photos!!!!!!!

  • Lena

    Oh my God the pictures are amazing. ITs a wonderland…

  • pinkmate

    Wow! You look gorgeous!!!
    Great photos!


  • Special K

    You are absolutely beautiful, amazing pictures!

  • Ana

    These are all such stunning photos, but the first one, on the swing, is truly straight out of a dream!

  • julieanna

    Fantastic! I have to have a Kelly Wearstler piece for spring! Amazing photos of course!
    So enjoyed this post!!

  • Hautezone

    One word three ways…

    The images are BEYOND, I feel the sun on my face in the images and I have to go shake the sand off my toes now. Thank you for transporting me and making me feel like I am back at my second home!



  • Sarin

    stunning photos!!! I love your blog


    Wow, amazing photos and cinemagraphs!

  • Vinutha

    This is such an inspiring post. From the brilliant colors to the moving pictures, it really takes you away to paradise <3 It's a breath of fresh air after seeing only winter themed posts for so long!

  • ly’s story

    You are such an inspiration. (: a collaboration of my favorite people and things.

  • Cecília Bottaro

    I just found your blog and I think it's AMAZING! I love your tutorials! Amazing photos!!

    Kiss from Brazil!!

  • Dani

    Umm WOW.

    Completely and utterly speechless… You are to the last bit of the expression, living the dream dear…

    The images are simply breathtaking!

  • BmoreLoveLeigh

    I can't stop staring at these pictures! Absolutely stunning. You live a charmed life! 🙂

  • WearAbouts

    the cinemagraphs…ive been on this page for like 10 minutes at least. SIGH. <3

  • Eboneé Shanay

    This is amazing & the shots are beautiful

  • Marita

    how do you do that with your photos?

  • SGC


  • dinamita.paquita

    these pictures are amazing!!

  • Feelgoodlookcute

    Absolutely gorgeous!!!!

  • Cactus Flower Clothing

    stunning, stunning, stunning. you look amazing and the quality of the images, i thought i was looking at an editorial. beautiful work! i can't stop looking at the cinemagraph in the beginning, so enchanting…

  • Samantha

    Absolutely amazing pics! You and Jamie are so talented!

    xo, sam

  • stylecomb

    This is all insanely gorgeous. Congrats on such a wonderful week – definitely something to be proud of.

  • isaobeso

    The results look incredible!! I'm in love with some of those pictures!!

  • Ericka

    HOW DIVINE!!!! That last photo is unbelievable! So cool 🙂

    All the Best,

  • M-J Obsessions

    Your words touched, your photos moved me, I have been staring at the swing moving for 5 mins, and I did not want to leave!!

    I am glad you get to live your dream!!!

  • Rebecca Jane

    All of these photos of you are absolutely stunning, but my favourites are Jamie Beck's cinemagraphs – exquisite.

  • Daisy

    absolutely in love with the cinemagraphs!

  • House of Avandan

    Such gorgeous pictures!

    A jewelry blog.

  • Beverage Marketing

    You have a great photographer!

  • Anonymous

    Hey – maybe I am being a bit blonde about all this but I can't for the life of me find the name of the beautiful beige/orangey sunglasses anywhere in the piece – the ones in the second outfit which matches the glasses. they are so stunning they are killing me – can you tell me where they are from? Or anyone else know?


  • Maria

    The moving pictures are positively MESMERIZING! I am so blown away.

    Maria xx

  • Svenja

    I'm really in love with your pictures, especially the first moving one! 🙂

  • Joanne Christina

    what incredible photos.

  • Andrew Mitchell

    I love Part II Velvet Morning

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