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16th December, 2011

to cut to the chase: for me, this outfit is all about THE SHOES!!! i’m frenetically obsessed with these works of rodarte art. they originally walked the runway as part of look 3 in the spring 2011 show ~ and recently became mine (for a song!) at the brand’s sample sale. swooooon.

{ tiffany & co sunnies-turned-tinted-spectacles (originally introduced in THIS POST), halston heritage trench,
white + warren sweater, corello belt, gifted dee & ray skirt, gifted camille zarsky wallet (big enough to also hold keys & phone when i don’t want to carry a proper bag), rodarte shoes }
  • letiziabarcelona

    so stylish!
    I love the shoes but let's face it I just couldn't walk with these 😉
    Love the coat!

    Have a great we !


  • Style Footprints

    So stylish. Love the outfit 🙂

  • My Grandpa’s Closet

    Lets just admit it right now that the SHOES ARE TO DIE FOR!
    we are in love love love!

    stunning as always!

    <3 Linz & Holl
    the girls @

  • lacoquettedumode

    those shoes are AMAZING!

    xx Kathryn

  • Soraya De Carvalho

    You beautiful check my blog x

  • La Petite Olga

    Gorgeous heels!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  • Honorata

    OMG. The shoes epitomise the fall!!!They are beautifull!

  • Christine

    let's face it, only you could pull off those shoes. personally, I want–ahem, need–that little clutch!

  • pia

    i can see why you're in love with those shoes, they are AMAZING !! work of art!


  • misscreacioness

    great outfit!! love your shoes!

  • Dressed4Success

    So much style!!! Love your blog!!
    Nice shoes!

  • jane

    Shoes of my dream … Wonderful!

  • Deborah Piana Agostinetti

    Your skirt and your shoes!

  • Aleen

    I can not get over the shoes!

    Lousine Adelia

  • Raspberry and Rouge

    Those heels are amazeballs! Happy friday! XO Rebecca

  • MonochromeMagpie

    Those shoes are amazing! Truely a piece of art 🙂

    Monochrome Magpie

  • Val – A Cleaner Closet

    The shoes are beautiful, and it takes a special brand of panache to pull them off! But I love the rest of this outfit too. Gorgeous palette and that trench is amazing.

  • dinamita.paquita

    amazing light and AMAZING shoes!!

  • Emy

    I just have one word for those babies: AMAZING!!!
    They look absolutely gorgeous on you! Have a wonderful weekend love!

  • The Fancy Teacup

    The patterns of both the skirt and those heels are truly captivating. x

  • Tanja van S –

    Love your shoes – they are so special…

    Tanja – or via Facebook-Page

  • Michelle Lee

    Great shoes!!!! 🙂

  • Naina

    I don't even know the words to describe those shoes, so I'll go down a very slang-ish route: amazeballs.

  • ediot

    lovely outfit girl
    you look amazing!
    happy weekend

  • Yasmeen

    :O I can't believe you own them! I remember seeing them on Jane's blog and thinking, "those are ridiculous. wwaaaannnttt."

    Congrats 😀

    Castle Fashion

  • Giada

    Really nice skirt!!
    The total absence of tights makes me think there's a hot wheather in NY…isn't it?!


  • Colleen

    Those shoes are CRAZY AWESOME! You've styled your outfit around them perfectly. Your outfit doesn't overwhelm the shoes, and I also feel like the skirt matches the shoes really well. Cheers to that!

  • ClosetConfections

    Those shoes are lovely works of art! You're so lucky to have found them at a sample sale. NYC sidewalks can be so rough on a girl's shoes that I'd be afraid to wear them too often, lol.

    Closet Confections – A Sweet Personal Style Blog

  • Sparks In Spring

    The heels are gorgeous, lovely details.

  • Lisa Griffin

    wow those shoes are insane! the heels are like little sculptures, you are a lucky lady!

    In Dramatic Fashion

  • mariajustjernov

    I more than adore those shoes.. omg

    Maria Jernov

  • Neris / Fashion Fractions

    WOW! those shoes are truly amazing 🙂 in love with them!


    Fashion Fractions

  • Ophelia
  • Aitana

    your shoes are to die for… 😉


  • PurplesPrettier

    OMG. Those are the most amazing sheos I've ever seen. Like… seriously. I'm so jealous of you right now!

  • briannelee

    Wow, those shoes are amazing!

  • Red to Yellow
  • Clara_

    Love the shoes, they are amazing!!!

  • Eugenia Woods

    Those shoes are nothing short of amazing!

  • SymbioticLife

    OMFG those SHOES!! You are soooo incredibly lucky.

  • Meena
  • Fashion Me Wild – Style Team

    Great outfit! Love the trench.

    Check out today's look:
    Look of the Day

  • relish

    in love with those shoes!! the pattern is so complex but you made it easy with that skirt (as usual)!

  • Jennifer King

    Yowza. I am in serious awe of the shoes. The heel is sick!!!!


  • Leah

    The jacket, let alone those shoes…holy moses!

    xo L.

  • Jules

    Those shoes are beyond amazing!

  • The Brunch House

    Wild shoes so gorgeous



  • Allegra

    Those shoes are everything and then some. Love the outfit you paired it with.

  • Chesley

    gorgeous shoes!!!! AHH love them!

    xo, Chesley

  • Angela

    Love Love LOVE those shoes… They are EVERYTHING 🙂

  • Caitie

    ummmmmmm those maybe the COOOOLEST shoes I have ever seen, good lord! Your collection just keeps growing 🙂


  • Angeles Almuna

    Super stylish and those shoes are talking by them self!

  • Karissa

    I agree, the shoes are insane! Those sisters are so incredibly talented.

  • Kristina

    Those Rodarte shoes are 70s gorgeous and I love the intermixed patterns & heel embellishments. They're ornate but totally wearable in this neutral palette.

  • monkeyshines ♥

    stunning heels! fabulous prints!


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    WOW – amazing Rodarte shoes!

    Shop designer shoes Chicago at CITY SOLES!

    Visit us online for Chie Mihara, Sendra, Miista and more!

  • YourFashionStory

    You are my style icon! Ok, enough kiss ass, I do love this look, chic and effortless, my two favorite words to describe fashion!!

  • Chic in Vancity

    Amazing outfit! You look like you just stepped out of a magazine!! Beautiful!!!
    Happy Holidays!!!
    Bella xox

  • isaobeso

    my first reaction to the shoes was: WWOOOOWWWWW!!!!!! (and jaw dropped)… INCREDIBLE!!

    visit my blog PEOPLE WEAR FASHION

  • Ally

    These shoes are literally the most amazing things I have ever seen. There is just nothing else like them! Love this outfit… you are so creative and it's always so fun to read your blog!

  • the fashion physician

    Those Rodarte shoes are amazing I want them so much.

  • silvia in venice

    cool! the shoes are..amazing! all outfit is so beautiful, fantastic skirt <3

  • Kelly

    can't. stop. looking. at. shoes.

  • erijanine

    those shoes are incredible!!

  • FashionFlirt

    Lovely photos and outfit!


  • M

    I'm speechless!

  • Amy

    I love the whole outfit. Those shoes are amazing…love the mix of textures and patterns 🙂

  • Molliee

    OMG!these shoes are insane!

  • Grace

    SHOES. SHOES. SHOES. SHOES. Enough said.


  • jas
  • jas

    OH MY GOODNESS i LOVE those shoes!!! i keep a picture of them in my computer and look at them lovingly from time to time. so lucky!

  • Shandrese/Natalia

    I love everything about this outfit! It's Perfect!

  • xoxo, dania

    wow you look stunning

  • Michelle’s Style File
  • ms fashion street

    love your blog!this outfit is amazing!i really like this shoes and the coat to.

  • Suzi Maynard

    Shoes as gorgeous as these deserve to be in the spotlight! They're divine!

    suzi x

  • lini
  • The life after

    I don't like the shoes!!

    The Life After

  • Sally Smith

    Those heels are to die for.Wish I could have that one as a gift this Christmas because I really think I cannot afford it..;-)And oh by the way,I just want to share this really cool shopping app called "Should I buy it?", for fellow online shoppers which you can download at iTunes that allows you to get instant feedback from your Facebook friends on whether you should buy something or not (either for yourself or as a gift).I have tried it and it is really amazing..:D

  • thankfifi

    wow, they are so special!x

  • Ansu

    Looking stunning! Love the different shades of brown. xx

  • Violets and Cardamom

    I totally agree, those shoes are amazing!!

  • Hanne

    gorgeous!! looove the shoes.

  • Anonymous

    I am out of my mind for those shoes!!

  • Hannah

    Those shoes are beyond fabulous! So jealous!

    xoxo, H

  • CeCe & NuNu

    We love your shoes!!!



  • Ana

    It is the whole set, but you're right. THE SHOES. OMG.

    Check out my blog, I think you'll like it:


    love the shoes, very beautiful!

    'The Wind of Inspiration' personal style blog

  • Girlie Blogger

    Those are great shoes to go with the skirt.

  • Chic Streets and Eats

    WOW WOW WOW. I want to hug those shoes and never let go!


  • Pırpır

    For a song? how did that happen? 🙂

  • Rosa Blanca

    waoo gorgeous shoes!



    My Stylish Little Secret

  • Isabel Bianchi

    Wow! Those sandals are just amazing!! You are sooo lucky to own them!!
    Nice to meet u!

  • Urban Jungle Fashion

    I would have loved to see this outfit w/o the jacket on. The skirt look amazing.

  • Gabriella Cozza

    Those shoes are amazing! So cute! Nice outfit too,love the coat and skirt! 🙂

    ♥ Check out my blog: Principessa Gabriella


    i love your sense of style and love those shoes

  • Cortnie Elizabeth

    Sick a*s shoes! Wow!


  • Stylishly me by Taryn

    Daydreaming 🙂

  • Rebecca Jane

    Oh gosh, the shoes. The Shoes!!! They are beyond amazing.

  • Leonie

    looks great ! Xx

  • angie and wes

    Love this look

  • Splendid Little Thrills

    I saw those shoes in person and Opening Ceremony. They definitely pieces of art!


    beautiful outfit

  • Mother in Heels

    Oh my goodness!! I am a total shoe nut, and those are simply amazing! I hope you end up wearing them all the time. Love, love love!!

  • Republik Hijab

    Very stunning! love it much.

    Republik Hijab,
    Inspirasi Hijab Fashion Indonesia

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