DIY: curly locks

26th July, 2011
ever since my hair’s gotten long enough for me to wear curly, i’ve been getting a ton of questions about how exactly i achieve those spiraled tresses. to follow is my not-so-secret’s worth first noting that, if left alone to its own natural devices, my hair looks like this:

before curling it, i begin by pinning the top half up. i divide the pinned parts into three chunks: left, right and back (each of which will be attended to individually). i use CLIPS SIMILAR TO THESE:

using THIS CURLING IRON, i begin curling the left side. i always leave the tips of my hair outside the curling iron’s clamp (in other words, i start the curl about 1″ in on each length of hair). always curl towards the back of the head:

i do the right side the same way, always curling toward center back:

next, i let down the clip holding the top layer of hair on my left side. i curl it in small sections, still rolling each toward the back:

then, i let down the back clip and curl that section. things can get a little awkward here, but practice makes perfect:

at this point, i use my fingers to brush out / muss up what’s already curled, then apply a generous mist of hairspray (just about any brand will do):

finally, i do the right / front section. here especially, make sure to remove the curling iron in the direction of each curl. it helps set the shape as the heat is slowly released:

another rigorous finger-combing, another coat of hairspray…

…and i’m done!!

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