lipstick diaries

22nd April, 2011
recently, i collaborated on a day-in-the-life-style fashion story with refinery29 and dior, as part of their ‘lipstick diaries‘ series (previous subjects include aimee song & louise roe). check out the resulting photos below, and a few more HERE. big thanks to dan mcmahon for the pics, and everyone else who made this day so much fun!!

{ wearing above: kelly framel leather loop earrings, dior addict lipstick in perfecto 991, 1930’s vintage gown (last seen HERE), stuart weitzman boots }

{ wearing above: vintage anne klein earrings, dior addict lipstick in paris 762, l’ecole des femmes trench (last seen HERE), forever21 t-shirt, vintage chanel belt, vintage circle skirt (last seen HERE), kate spade shoes }

{ wearing above: dior addict lipstick in miami 635, steven alan jacket, catbird necklace (last seen HERE), rubber ducky dress (last seen HERE) }
  • Lily

    Amazing photos and I love all the lipstick colors !! Really love the last look…the dress and blazer is soo cute.


  • Mouthwash

    Kelly, I am loving the gold eye shadow!


  • Mandy

    So fun! This makes me want to put on some sexy lipstick tomorrow 🙂

  • Lauren

    the abckitchen ones are my favorite, your hair looks amazing in those!


  • Aditi Bhalotra

    you look amazing.
    Love the second look!!

  • Debby

    wow, your hair is amazing!!!

  • Denise

    oh my DOG! you are gorgeous.

  • kate

    I love your hair in the coffee shop. So freakin fierce…way to experiment you are awesome. I wish I could do that with my hair lol, but I am a long haired girl all the way.

  • Oh my Dior!

    you look extremely cute love your hair!

  • M

    These pictures are amazing. I very much love your new hair and will bring it in as inspiration for my cut tomorrow (which I am STILL trying to grow out, ack). The vintage dress is divine. You've truly become my style inspiration (I own two Kelly dresses now, thanks Cleo!)

    Marguerite/aka chicspace

  • My

    you are simply breathtaking!
    and I am so envious of your hair!
    lovely photos.

  • simplychic

    love your hair back!!!!

  • Diana

    this is absolutely beautiful!! and i adore your hair in the last shots — you should definitely rock that style more you look gorgeous!!! xo

  • Lady San Pedro

    Stunning! All of them!!!

  • Cindy

    Blown away by how amazingly gorgeous you look! Love the shots of you in the restaurant especially. That jacket is superb.

    Style Soufflé

  • Mrs. C

    These photos are amazing! You look stunning and love the colors!!
    Recipes Fashion Marriage

  • Angie.

    Okay LOVING this post.
    Lipstick is your look! And not to mention the different hairstyles. You look fabulous as always.


    you are a beauty chameleon :))) great photos!

  • DiamondsandTulle

    Stunning photos! You're absolutely gorge dear!

    xx Vivian @

  • Emilie

    Amazing photos dear!
    And you look stunning, so beautiful!

  • Kristi

    I love the swept back hairstyle on you in the abc kitchen photo. It's a completely different look.

  • Joy

    This is beautiful and perfect! You're so gorgeous.

  • Sylvia

    absolutely lovely! you look sooo good! im dying for the pink lips and trench look. bad ass, girl.

    i wander, i wonder

  • Stylison

    amazing photos!!!
    you look really good here!


  • duckalicious

    shit, you look so gorgeous!

  • kamo

    damn girl! you officially need to wear your hair swooped up all the time. it looks awesome.

  • Ria

    I love the way your hair looks in the second batch of photos. Of course the makeup is gorgeous and that shade of red is lovely.

  • Ginta

    Oh, wow, you look amazing! My favorites are cafe shots.

  • Carolyn

    You look stunning in this photos!

    1 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas


    you look fab in all these pics, congrats! <3

  • Peta

    Your hair looks AMAZING in the 4th and 5th photos!! Don't grow it- it really suits you short!

    Gorgeous photos….

  • salome

    SO BEAUTIFUL & GLAMOROUS on the lest pics ;D

    Clément DEZELUS drawing:

  • life/style/flash.

    Oooh I love your hair up in a little quiff like that! I see your photos and so wish I could pull of short hair.

  • Frédérique

    very nice !!!
    your style is so strong…
    love the nude outfit with cup of active (and powerfull) woman !

  • Patricia

    I'm assuming you had make up and hair done for the shoot, but curious as to whether you'll be sporting some of these styles on your own until your hair gets longer?? … Because you look absolutely AMAZING!! I love your hair in the shots taken at ABC Kitchen, you can definitely rock that!

  • mo

    You look so pretty in this shoot!!
    Love your new hair styles and for me the best color for you is the one in the second outfit, you look totally gorgeous!!

  • yvo

    omg you look so amazing! esp the hairstyles, they match your face shape and structure perfectly

  • Caddy


    You look GREAT in every photo! It's Inspiring!!

  • Carolina De Mitri

    You are AMAZING!! A real model *.*

  • Andrea

    You look gorgeous! 🙂

  • Iben

    Sweetie, you look absolutely beautiful!

    Come by my blog and participate in my TOMS shoes giveaway!

    Love Despite color

  • jessica january

    looove the shots of you in the nude blazer with your hair styled all swiped back you look absolutely INCREDIBLE! that shot with the lipstick on the mug is super cute as well 🙂


  • Anonymous

    Tu es magnifique sur ces photos Kelly ! Bravo pour cette collaboration et merci de nous faire rêver !
    Plein de bisous

  • Kim

    You look fierce and so beautiful! Love these pictures 🙂

  • TRAN Thu Hang

    I take a look at your blog so many times a day. Thanks for posting all the sublime photos and super fast updates.
    I love your hair styles in this post and you're beauitful as usual.

    Have a nice day Kelly!

    Hang (thats my name:))

  • Anonymous

    your hair is amazing in the second outfit shots!

  • April

    You are so beautiful! Love your style, girl!

  • Majo

    You look simply stunning. ♥ Your eyes are breathtaking and you're doing great on growing your hair out!

  • ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR

    I'm loving your hair style in the 2nd look…great shots girl!

    XoXo-Kelli K

  • The Fancy Teacup

    Wow, I adore you in that gold blazer. Your hairstyle looks hot, hot, hot. And your lip color looks delectable! Looking glamorous as always, Kelly!
    much love.


    you are seriously stunning. these photos are amazing, i love the color lipsticks. and all of your outfits. such an inspiration!!


  • Gina Michele

    What a beautiful series of pics!
    I love the way your hair looks styled back off your face.

    ♥ Gina Michele

  • Shelby

    these photos are stunning!! love the second lipstick color, might have to find it for myself! Your vintage dress in the first look is amazing!! <3shelby

  • Bohemian Life

    Love it! Perfect photos with you! 🙂 The 5th picture is my favourite!

  • Yumi

    You are so beautiful!
    Really inspiring Blog! Loved it


  • Bekah

    I LOVE photos 4 and 5. So chic!

  • Erin

    You look amazing (not that you don't always!)! I really love the different ways your hair is styled and all the lipcolors are fantastic on you. Beautiful.

  • Kristyn Burtt

    Beautiful shots. Have a great weekend.


  • Jessie

    i love these photographs! my favorite is of the coffee mug with lipstick on it. so elegant and chic. what could be better than a dior refinery 29 collab!

  • Kelli

    Okay, I'm getting my Lipstick on RIGHT NOW. You look gorgeous Kelly! Lipstick Diva!

  • SuperficialMoments


  • yellowvoices

    oh my goodness i am IN LOVE with these pictures!!!! cute hair, too!!!

  • The Village Idiot

    these photos are stunning!
    the middle pictures remind me of a very glam 80's fashion model!
    you are so pretty

  • Sing

    This is one of my favorite photo shoots of you. The coffee shop window pics are so fierce!

  • Chelsea

    Thnx so much for sharing 🙂 amazing post check it out my blog! If you like it follow me, i will follow back:

  • Hawlie

    I love how your hair is done in the last look!

  • Stephanie Leann

    You're a beauty! The first picture is stunning.

  • New York Don’t Leave Me

    You look amazing!!! I love your hair, very chic. The photos are wonderful. Looking forward to reading the full story! xo

  • Anonymous

    OMG you look so much like Jessica Stroup it's scary !!

    gorgeous though 🙂

  • Melissa

    beautiful photos, you're tooo pretty


    The first shot is utterly perfect. I have ben thinking for ages how you remind me of Jessica Stroup, apparently the Paps saw it too! 😉


  • Kathleen, Sarah, and Kertney

    I love the way your hair is done in these images! So badass!


  • esther

    i LOVE your hair swept back off your face in those coffee shop photos.
    but i love your hair always. so there's that.
    you look absolutely gorgeous!

  • Susan

    your hair looks fantastic!

  • Francesca Felix

    you really are one of my favorite bloggers… you always look so chic. this lipstick is beautiful!

  • molliee

    absolutely gorgeous photos!

  • nagual21

    Lovin the hair,is that your daily do?

  • leblogdeting

    these yours long skirts are amazing!

    And i love dior make up – especially skinflash pen!

    Le Blog de Ting

  • Delane

    amazing photos

  • letiziabarcelona

    I love the lipstick color too ! you're perfect on the first picture so glamourous!

  • Chauncey

    love the slicked back hair.

  • KimChicSisters
  • Fash Boulevard

    stunning. another wonderful post. if you get a free second stop by and check out my picks for Fabulous Friday and who I chose for fash fave and fash fail of the week. xoxo

  • Anaivilo

    Oh wow you look gorgeous in these photos! I simply adore the angles, the colors, your makeup… super! 😀

  • Mary Ann

    OOooo, i love that beautiful lip color in the first pic!

  • Tamara

    she is so beautiful, amazing and chick…stylish indeed. Love every photo!

  • La Petite Marmoset

    I love the rich lip colors you chose! And that necklace in the last pic is so beautiful!
    La Petite Marmoset

  • Anonymous

    You look awesome! You inspire me! Since I've started looking at your blog, I've been more daring with my own fashion style!

  • Fanya

    omg. The 5th one where you were sitting by the window with coffee and arched your brow, I thought you look vaguely like Angelina Jolie (the upper half of the face).

  • Kate

    I love the outfits, and your hair looks great in these pictures!

  • Jill

    It's all breathtaking! Love the punky yet modern hair!

  • Violet

    lovely photos the detailed ones like the lipstick are so nice!

    Vi from Cali

  • Violet

    lovely photos the detailed ones like the lipstick are so nice!

    Vi from Cali

  • Michelle Lee

    your hairs, makeups, and outfits all gorgeous!

  • Femme Fatale

    simply GORGEOUS! all the pictures, no other words:)


  • Lainey

    Wow, you look stunning in all these shots! Gorgeous hair and makeup.

  • I wish I invented pink

    Oh WWOOOOWWWW! Beautiful!!! Im such a big fan of pop colour lipsticks. I never used to wear any, apart from lipglosses.
    This one is great color and suits you perfectly! I love when your hair is swepped back like that! So chic and edgy!

  • Eliz♥

    Wow you look amazing!! Did anybody ever tell you that you look exactly like Jessica Stroup in 90210? I just cant believe it,its a huge compliment by the way =). Keep it up

  • Milda

    These photos are stunning. So full of colour, texture and great patterns. I really love the way your hair is styled back too, suits you

  • American Gypsy

    Love these photos – Styling is killer. The "woman in the window" shot is my fave. It completely says- tastemaker + keen observer, which is what you are…

  • Antonia


  • The Bohemienne

    Beautiful photos! What a fun collaboration.

  • Contact

    beautiful! i love your hair. has anyone ever told you you look like the girl from 90210?

  • Kristina

    Holy shit you are so friggin beautiful!! (not that I didn't already know this) That shot of you at the coffee shop is ah-mazing. Way to go Kelly! Congrats!

  • Annie Speck

    Just smashing! Polished perfection!
    xxx ~ o ~ Annie

  • Jessica
  • lauraa

    The different hairstyles in each are great

  • ▲Nicci St. Bruce▲

    amaze! looks so fun

  • thefashiondyad

    you are absolutely gorgeous! and love the styling with the floral dress!


  • Saroya Norris

    incredible photos I especially love the beige jacket with button shoulder detail.


  • widethinker

    love the swept back business like hair and the rockabilly do!

  • Sonia Baines

    Your hair looks amazing!!! I love it!

  • valerie, could you be any more stunning!??

    love the dark lipstick on you!

  • toopoorforcouture

    wow you look STUNNING!

  • Babo in the City!

    Love your hairstyle at the abc kitchen! And I am truly addicted to Dior Addict already…

    XO, Barblin

  • chezeux

    You look good in that shade of lipstick!:)
    fabulous pics!

  • Nikyta Martell

    lipstick on cups is highly under-estimated.

  • Anonymous

    Love the hair!

  • Love at First Blush

    These photos are so beautiful. I love the different change of lipstick color to highlight the different looks.


  • Christie

    You look amazing! Your hair is stunning. Love your attire in all of the pictures!

    In Fashion and Style

  • Anonymous

    Anyone know where I can get the Ever After poster?

  • Un Duex Trois

    Gosh, your hair is just perfection.

  • fostaaah

    Damn girl, you look absolutely stunning!! You're hair is perfect, I'm loving the messy front sweep! Oh and that last necklace. AMAZEBALLS

  • meisha moo

    Love the pictures! The lipstick is an amazing color.

  • Emma Basilone

    you are so freakin' pretty! I LOVE the way you wear your hair =)

  • Kimberly

    you look gorgeous love all the looks!

    giveaway on my blog!

  • deyna

    when i first saw your picks on refinery i immediately started to wonder where i could find the bigger photos. you look gorgeous.

    Your such an inspiration – your story of your day combined with you outfits made me love you even more…and secretly hope i can be as successful as you one day. mwah <3

  • Izumihiiiflower

    you are rally pretty and your dress is amazing!


  • Agustina-

    your beautiful, and i love the first picture!!

  • Eléne

    This is amazingly beautiful. You look so like Jessica Stroup! x

  • Tara

    oh wow – these are my favorite photo shoot pics of you to date. you look like kylie minogue in those last two shots. and i love your hair in the coffee shop.



  • Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie
  • Plami

    you're so beautiful, stylish and inspiring!!!


  • Melanie

    you look FANTASTIC!

    xx, Melanie

  • Bombs of Beauty

    your jewelery pieces are so unique. i'm jealous over here!

    xoxo lillie

  • Seventh Of July

    Stunning photos. You look beautiful 🙂 love the dress

  • Monse Fuentes

    nice blog, I am a new follower 🙂

    XOXO, Monse F.-

  • Zeeni

    You're hair is so cute. These photos are gorgeous and the clothes and accessories are amazing!

  • Sonya Lyn

    You're so photogenic and you pull off that hair perfectly. Jessica Stroup's twin perhaps?

  • classiq

    I'm loving all these looks and lipstick shades! I wouldn't have recognized you in that second photoshoot, in fact I saw it earlier on another blog and I had no idea it was you. 🙂

  • LOIS

    Oh wow this is amazing! Just stumbled across your blog. I love it 🙂
    Love Lois xxx

  • Daria Bessonova

    Wow! You're so beautiful and stylish!

  • Betsy

    amazing, beautiful photos.

  • Mary @ stylefyles

    you look amazing in all of these photos. how fun

  • J’aime Renee

    I am in love with your hair. I've been growing mine out, but you may have just inspired a chop!

  • Anonymous

    Not really in relation to this post, but more in appreciation of our love for great breakfast food.

    New York’s answer…

  • Maria Cristina Acquaroni

    Wow! I love the pictures where you're sitting at the window of ABC Kitchen, you look gorgeous.

  • Angeles Almuna

    Gorgeous YOU! Love the one your are in the Organic restaurant! So Sophisticated!

  • Gabriela Ciobanu

    Have somebody told you how much you look alike with jessica stroup, the actress from 90210?

  • Anonymous

    Jessica Stroup.

  • takeruny

    you look soooo pretty with that pink lips in the second style!! love the look !(^o^)!

  • Candace

    love your hair in the second outfit! [and ofcourse the first] how did you do it? i have short hair too and trying new hairstyles 🙂 love love your blog

  • Ashley Isaacs

    what a great post……..xx

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