moving picture

20th February, 2011
portrait by jamie beck of from me to you // taken on february 13th, 2011 at the bloglovin awards // wearing: forever21 earrings, alice+olivia dress
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  • Aubrey and Melissa

    Oh wow. not only is this beautiful but its complete with moving earrings. i am not sure anything could have made this more perfect.

  • Kacrates

    this is uber cool.

  • krisandkel

    That's too too neat! This is a beautiful portrait!

    <3 kris&kel;

  • Anonymous

    i mean it!


    you look flawless! :)))

  • christineharada

    wow! i have never seen this before. this is so cool!

  • Erin McLeod

    Such a lovely effect!

  • Nicole Dao

    Great photo effect!

    And love the earrings. Forever 21 is great for accessories.

  • candleashes

    I absolutely love this! made me laugh 🙂

  • Gabrielle Pascua

    This is beyond cool. And you are beyond gorgeous!

    xx Gaby


    Beautiful as always! And the portrait effect takes it to another level!

  • Mary Ann

    HA, this is so cool!

  • Laurita P

    this is so cool with the moving earrings!

  • Fashion Tales….

    I love this picture!
    spectacular earrings! -xxoo

  • clara susanto

    this is just so cute!!!!!!

  • Marissa

    very cool photo.


  • Tiffany Yet To Be Determined

    Mesmerizing! You are stunning in it.

  • Eli

    I'm still in awe of this, you've just upped the game!!

  • jamee dyches.

    Oh my god. I love technology.

  • Lace and Tulle

    that is so cool. looks nice

  • Anonymous

    This is awesome!

  • natalia

    Yeah, I definitely did a double take when I saw your earrings were wiggling. TOO COOL

  • My Fashion Tale


  • Absolutely Mrs. K

    You look so different in this picture, I don’t know why but there is a totally different vibe in this photo. Anyway, you can get away with everything, these colors look amazing (and they look fabulous on that beige wall). The earrings are so delicate/elegant and sophisticated. They have THE perfect length, so they elongate your neck. The dress looks so refined because of the gold colors. (yeah for Alice+Olivia; so glad that our hotel is just around the corner from their store). BTW love your nude make up.

  • modern viking vixen

    I love this. Been looking at it for the longest time, and Im just simply fascinated!

    <3mvv {stop by and say hi! 🙂 }

  • Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries

    😀 Thanks for putting a smile on my face on this gloomy Sunday morning! 😀
    Happy Sunday!

  • Sher

    I love this so, so much!!!


  • Ginta

    mmm…I love it!

  • Judith Anna

    I love this… so cool and pretty.
    Also a fan of your blog, thanks for sharing.
    Ciao Bisou Anna

  • Opheeee


  • Essiefashion

    really funny 😀

  • It’s my fashion

    This is so cool! You look beautiful 🙂

    The Flower Girl

  • mll mag

    Excellent!! looove it 😉

  • Vasilieva

    this is just so cool, very cute

  • GlamorousGirl

    this is truly awesome.

  • Karolina
  • {diaries of a shopaholic}
  • n

    Oh, love!

  • Michal מיכל

    great photo!

  • Antonia Serio
  • Ceady

    it is amazing!! :):)
    I love your site!!!



    Awesome photo/graphic!


  • Sarah – Squeezed Daily

    I thought I was halusanating when I saw your blog snippet when I was working on my blog.I had to check it out very clever!

  • reflectionsofanartoholic

    Oh my! This is gorgeous!! Absolutely love it!

  • Manon

    I Like it !

  • Mariel Villanueva


  • KimChicSisters
  • Anastasios

    Ahaha what a nice image! You look stunning and also the pretty hanging earrings are such fun 🙂

  • Katie

    love it!

  • Mademoiselle AC

    Just awesome, i have never seen this effect; Wow, i would like to do this.


    Mademoiselle AC

  • notsomundanelife

    that is absolutely amazing!!! how do you do that??


    THIS IS AMAZING!! how?!!


  • Emily
  • meghan

    This is so cool. You look beautiful, and how did you make your earring swing in the picture?


    DAMNNN that is freaking awesome. looove it!


  • Saulė

    Gorgeous pic! Love moving earrings.

  • Ayu

    this one is beyond cool! and you look gorgeous!

  • Zarna

    this moving photo is so amazing – you look stunning!


    what a wonderful image!!! great pic idea! thanks for making me smile…loves.

  • Lex

    wow, this picture is amazing!


    OMG!! this is very cute!!! 😀

  • revel in me

    This is too cool! Genius! 😀

  • blue roses

    those earrings are so retro-inspired; love them! great match with the dress as well.

  • Style traveler

    this one super cute~~

  • anais

    First, congratulations on the blog, second, watch what you post is always a pleasure for my eyes. you are very creative and stylish. also those close to you (photographers, designers, friends …) are true wonders.
    I would like to make a motion picture.
    again, desire for success and prosperity from the southern world, chile.

  • marcella
  • Lee

    This picture is amazing. I love the dress and earrings. You look just like Jessica Stroup from 90210

  • rachel

    haha, this pic is so much fun. love it.

  • Vanessa

    Very cool! I want one of myself now :o)

  • taste area
  • char

    this is such an amazing picture, i love jamie's blog!

  • Rosa Tang

    haha so cute! 🙂
    buttercup buttons

  • lindsey lowe

    this is super cute!

  • Jess

    AMAZING <3

  • Emily

    Realllly cool photo with such an imaginative effect! Genius Kelly! Love the dress also!
    xoxo Emily


    WOW that looks amazing! How did you do this!

    xo thefashionguitar

  • MG

    This. Is. Fabulous! I love the animation!

  • Kristyna Chantel

    This is really cool! 🙂

  • nosatisfashion

    I'm not always one for commenting on the "big" blogs, but this pic is hands-down AMAZING. I need to know how to do this hahaha 🙂

  • Michelle Lee

    omg so fab 🙂

    double strap watch international GIVEAWAY at:

  • Gabi Barbará


  • LDP by P.

    We absolutly love your style and photos! 🙂

    J. and P.

  • BeamingBeauties

    Those Earrings are so great!

  • Natasha

    OMG how was this done? Amazing!

  • Rossella

    great post love it

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    My Couture Diaries
    My Couture Diaries
    My Couture Diaries

  • Caroline Hallemann

    Absolutely mesmerizing. I love it. Any chance your next post will explain how this is done? I hope so!


  • Dana

    It's like Hogwarts! AHHH <3

  • Christine Ver

    Wow… that's almost eerie.

  • Myrmecophila

    I love it! exagerado!

  • La Petite Marmoset

    This is so cool!
    La Petite Marmoset

  • Erica

    In LOVE with this image!

  • elena

    One of my favorite blogs! She's such an amazing photographer. Love this photo! Adds just that bit of fun that makes it special. 😉

  • Sylvia

    this is really fuckin cool… and beautiful. damn.

    i wander, i wonder

  • kate

    That's freaky. I mean I know how it's done, but still when I read the title I wasn't really thinking of the reason for the title until I saw the pic.

  • classiq


  • shanley

    Hey! I really love this pictures, the editing & quality are beautiful! can you please check out my blog & tell me what you think? i'm still a newbie and don't get much viewers. advice for my blog would be awesome too 🙂

  • The Fancy Teacup

    What a super cool photo! And you look so elegant and dazzling.
    much love.

  • Loridee

    It's Harry Potter-esque.

  • Kimberly

    love this! adorable photo!

    check out and follow my blog:

  • Candy

    very cool!

  • shabby

    What, how?! I love it!

  • Collections

    Love the picture. Reminds me of Harry Potter and the moving pictures.

  • DM


  • Rebecca Jane

    I saw this gif come up in my tumblr and was just amazed at how lovely it was! Jamie is unbelievably talented

  • Angie D in Ohio

    Okay… I want a moving picture too…. how do you do that?????

  • Gawgus things…

    No way! That is soooo cool! X

  • Heiðdís Lóa

    Adorable photo !! Love moving earrings.

  • commepolly

    That's so cool!! But also a bit freaky haha!

  • DY

    A beautiful haunting.

  • superhappyjohi


  • athier
  • Rubie
  • dentist west hollywood

    How cool! You look gorgeous, and that's fun to watch! You should make it a screensaver and sell it. Lol

  • butique4u

    I absolutely love the moving effect!
    You look so sweet dear 🙂

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