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4th January, 2011

over the holidays, i found this masterpiece of a draped-jersey geoffrey beene dress at feathers in austin (one of my favorite vintage stores). sadly, it has a few moth holes, so i’m in the market for a magic-making restoration fairy, if anyone knows of one. nevertheless, i couldn’t wait to shoot and share this gem with you!! isn’t it insane?

  • Saoirse

    that dress is such a beauty! oh, how I envy your long legs!

  • Jeanee


    Ditto on the leg envy 🙂

  • Melissa

    OH MY GOSH I LOVE FEATHERS SO MUCH!! I retain the belief that it is the best vintage store of all time. I'm moving down to Austin in about 2 weeks for school and I can't wait to be uber close to it!! Hoorah!


  • Kasia

    you always look so perfect 🙂

  • Anonymous

    WOW, the dress is gorgeous, your fashion sense is insane, woman, i mean in the best sense of the word. lol. i love the photography! it's gorgeous. love ur blog. long time lurker. 1st time to comment. happy new year!


  • Sylvia

    kelly, this is incredible. love the location, too, but that dress! ah! 🙂

    i wander, i wonder

  • Ag

    The dress is… I'm speechless. It'll be an inspiraton for me (tommorrow is the SHOPPING day) :).

  • The Iconic

    Love the entire look from head to toe!xx

  • Jessica

    Loving that dress – especially the color. It's amazing how a simple jersey dress can be so fabulous with the right supporting pieces.

  • Sarah Dee

    That dress is fantastic!!

    <3 Sarah

  • Beautycountry

    Geoffrey Been has the most amazing vintage dresses. The cut in the dresses are so very, very perfect!!! 🙂

  • Nancie Mwai

    loving the colour on that vintage dress!!

  • simplychic

    it's completely insane! along with those shoes…

  • .. Jennifer ..

    The fit is perfection and great paring with the leopard print heels!


  • I Dress Therefore I Am

    LOVE the dress! Sooo super chic!

    Alexa Rae

  • alannah.

    that dress is beautiful!i love the way it wraps around at the front!
    & such a gorgeous watch, great to see you back.x

  • From Suns To Moons

    It IS insane, regardless of moth holes. Sweet find!

  • RX-SZ

    These are beautiful. The fall of the dress is fabulous!

  • Serena

    love that dress!!!

    Love From Seoul,
    Nostalgic Senses

  • Serena

    love that dress!!!

    Love From Seoul,
    Nostalgic Senses

  • Grace Escudero – The Afeminada

    Oh it's amazing!! I love how it's wrapped. Also, I wish I could have bought those gorgeous shoes-so nice!

  • Steffanie’s Style
  • Penny Dreadful

    What a lush colour, and the draping is gorgeous. Shame about the moth holes, but if you like vintage sometimes you have to learn to live with it!


    love the location of these pics and that dress is very nice! <3

  • Eli

    the dress really has an attractive shape and you wear it so well. Sometimes you can patch the holes yourself with thread but I'm sure there are many professionals in NYC that can do something – I think Judy of Atlantis Home did a restoration post a while back

  • The Pantry Drawer

    i love love those shoes!!!

  • freyja

    that dress is amazing ! 🙂

  • Une étincelle de mode

    Have the same shoes, they are beautiful, particularly wearing like that, you inspire me!

  • Stylifiq

    great find. That dress is lovely.
    secrets of a good looking girl

  • Michelle Lee

    love the drape and lanvin for h+m shoes

    first contest (be one of my 7 new year inspiration models!)
    go to
    for precise info.

  • Kim

    Love it! The dress is so perfect, it looks great on you 🙂 I do not notice any holes in it 🙂 Great setting too!

  • S

    yes, it's really insane! the colour, the draped and those legs!!

  • Joanna

    Love your dress! Colour is totally nice too!

  • heylila

    LOVE the glasses!!!!


  • Collette Osuna

    The dress is fabulous:)

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Statements in Fashion Blog♥

  • kayaretro

    fantastic dress and what a color!!!!you look amazing

  • blushing flower

    The dress is wild! You can try artificial darning (hope I translated correctly). It worked well for some of my oldies (but goldies:)!


    i'm totaly in love with the secon photo!!!


  • Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries

    Your pics are extremely cool!!!

    P.S: I'm giving away a 2011 Fashion Tote with MiuMiu, Chanel… etc illustration… I thought you might be interested! ;)s


    what an exquisit dress!
    I love the shape and color

  • franca maisha

    simply beautiful!


  • Neovecchiostile

    super location!
    love dress,watch and, always, your legs!:)

  • Lara

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress!

    The French American Reweaving Co. on 57th St. is amazing. They have repaired many treasures for me.

    Good luck!


  • Lisa Griffin

    looks beautiful so simply chic!

  • verychiclist

    really beautiful, skirts forever this new year!

  • annie markantonatou

    you look great with this dress!
    happy new year!

  • Meg

    Gorgeous dress! That's one of my favourite colours to wear at the moment too!
    I also hate it when I discover moth holes in my clothes 🙁 I wish there was a fairy too!!

  • krisandkel

    The dress is a beauty! The way you style it is incredible. These pictures are beautiful and I love the setting under the bridge!

    You can't see the holes but good luck fixing them–I'm sure you'll be able to get rid of them 🙂

    <3 kristen

  • Cookie and Kate

    I can't decide if I'm more obsessed with your dress or the styling and setting of these photos. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!

  • taste area

    What an amazing place for shooting! The photos became so arty! Where is it at?


  • Jen S.

    I went to Feathers last time I was in Austin…it was amazing!!!!


  • Sam H.

    The dress is perfect, i would have bought it too!

    ♥ ♥ ♥

  • Nakia Durant

    Love the dress, such a soft airy knit. It looks super comfortable!

    Vogue & Vintage

    Stay Chic

  • Farm Girl Fashionista

    Fabulous find!! In love with that color right now…love how you paired it with animal print!

  • c.o.a

    you look amazing!

  • ediot

    absolutely love that dress, it's so flattering.
    and the photos are phenom.
    hope you're having a good week so far


  • Lace and Tulle

    Love it! the perfect shade of green:)

  • ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR

    Beautiful find…it looks so flattering on you dear 🙂

    XoXO-Kelli K

  • Ashley

    so chic – looks beautiful on you!

  • Yasmeen

    So simple, yet so elegant. And I love that color. Come to think of it…I should probably get some more clothes in that color, it works with a lot.

    Anyhoo I'm rambling 😛


  • Vasilieva

    that dress is so chic, amazing colour

  • The Fancy Teacup

    The dress is truly a gem. I will have to check out Feathers whenever I am in Austin. Adore your Lanvin shoes by the way, super gorgeous.
    much love.

  • ADJ

    GREAT PICTURES and I love the color of the dress. Nicely done!

  • The Village Idiot

    such a shame about the holes 🙁
    that dress fits you like a glove and i love how you styled it!

  • Lee

    The dress is super duper, but I NEED those shoes. They are fantastic!!!

    The whole piece is gorgeous as always =]

  • Olya Nikol Pishcheva

    Lovely dress ~

  • Karolina
  • Francesca

    gorgeous dress


    Le Kiss Kiss- Click Here!

  • Jaclyn

    absolutely stunning! A very unique color.


  • Gorete Sousa

    Great Look and Pics!!!

  • Fashion Agony

    That dress is amazing!

  • Sing

    Very pretty dress and great with the Lanvin shoes.

  • Eugenia Woods

    Happy New Year! Feathers is one of my favorite vintage stores too. I got a beautiful 1950's hand made one shoulder dress that is so beautiful from there. Their prices are great, too! Great outfit combo!

  • annawithlove

    How I missed your posts!! Lovely and fabulous, great color and still am so in love with those shoes! xx


    I wonder how they do restore dresses like that. It looks great on you, jersey is way to clingy for me. 🙂

  • hotpinksox

    Amazing! I love Feathers. Did you make it over to their sister shop Moss?

  • mo

    Love the shape of the dress, it fits you very good!!

  • Leigh

    i love that dress! i wish i could find that in my vintage stores! absolutely amazing…and i love the color, it is so unique.

  • Ariel Maile Adkins

    Beautiful color, and what a flattering fit!

  • Jenmarie

    The color is amazing and I love how flowy the dress is!

  • Angga

    The dress is beautiful!! I think austin and surrounding areas have the most amazing vintage places!!

  • Baby Budget Blog

    WOW!! awesome dress. The color is my fav. and it fits your beautifully. Hope you find the moth hole solution though of course you can't tell from the pics. I say wear it anyway hehehe

  • BRAD

    Those shoes are GORGE!!

    Also, lovin' the backdrop you picked for the shoot….

  • fashionsdirtylaundry

    Cute dress– love it with the shoes!

  • Alicia

    I love the color of your dress – and amazing photography!!

  • nadia

    Beautiful outfit! One of my faves of yours for sure!

    xo Nadia

  • CaliforniaCandy

    It looks fantastic on you, love the color!

  • World Tour Stories

    You are one classy lady.


  • Oh my Dior!

    excellent photos 😀

  • Frickys

    Total gem, sometimes it is amazing what vintage items pop up! You gave me a great idea, wish it wasn't that cold over here 🙁

  • The Tailored Two

    This is insane! I have hardly ever seen a more flattering dress. Absolutely and utterly in love with this look.

  • styledigger

    That dres is amazing!!! And it looks perfect with those shoes, pure perfection!

  • GlamaRuth

    Vintage Beene almost pains me – it is so well designed and contructed, and I can never ever afford it. It goes for quite insane prices on eBay (even Beene Bag diffusion line), so I have always figured that my only hope is happening on a piece hiding out in a vintage or thrift shop far, far from NYC. So happy for you that you did!

  • terry

    What a great find! Mr. Beene was such a master, one of my role models and all-time favorite designers. The dress looks like it was made for you – thanks so much for sharing!!

  • The Fashion Buzz

    Great outfit, love the shoes!

  • Grace

    This dress fits right into my current wool knit dress lust. Thank you for sharing!

    I don't know of any fine knit restorators, but I am going to attempt to repair a moth hole on one of my own cashmere sweaters presently. I dutifully saved the spair yanr and I'm thinking about using a little tricot fusible as stabilzer. Wish me luck!

  • Emma at Daily Clothes Fix

    Wow, your legs look a mile long in that dress. It's a fabulous colour too. Love it.

  • Box Moon Babble

    love the color of the dress. beautiful.


  • Jay

    I love the wrap detail on that dress! 🙂

  • Lizette

    Can't decide what I love more. The dress or those shoes!

  • Caro

    I think this is my fav outfit so far! It's so simplistically gorgeous.

  • Christie

    stunning as always – and those shoes are GORGEOUS!!!

    In Fashion and Style

  • Erika of Style Activist

    So pretty! Love the sage color on you.


  • Song Anh

    This is my favorite shade of green. It's like an olive green and it looks great on you! I really like the setting that this picture is taken as well.

  • La Petite Marmoset

    Can't see the moth holes from here! It looks lovely on you!

  • o l g a

    adorable! love the dress.. so feminine!

  • Jasmin
  • Patricia Flores

    Hey Kelly!
    I would like to know which of the MK watches you are wearing. It looks perfect and I need to purchase one like that!:)

  • Alex

    that dress is fantastic. love the shape and the color

  • a-t

    re: dress restoration, you may want to look into without a trace ( they're located in chicago but accept mailed garments for repair as well – i'm not sure if they do jersey, but i've had dresses repaired by them that came out looking fabulous!

  • Kathryn {Sweet Tea and Champagne}

    Ahhhhh coveting your Lanvin for H&M; shoes. Wish I had a chance at purchasing them, but unfortunately I don't have an H&M; near me! I just got back from NY & it was all picked over and no shoes… oh well. Keep rocking them! xo


  • LivingTheVogue

    This is so gorgeous!! I love the pics as well!! xx

  • Rebecca Jane

    The colour of that dress is lovely, and the lanvinxHM shoes are superb

  • kittenhood

    the dress is gorgeous. The backdrop as well.

  • ella B.

    oh my what a gorge dress and that divine color is utterly speechless. it fits you like a glove. these photos are freaking amazing and your photographer is pure genius.

  • Miyan

    great dress, love the olive colour! im wondering how i have never heard of feathers, i visited south congress many times…just browsed through their blog and just might have to place an order for a special vintage piece. their collection is lovely!



    That is a great dress! Beene was a genius and you rock it well. I am always hearing great things about Bans Tailor…I think its on the upper east side

  • fromblank

    this post is so cute! love the shoes.

    sab @

  • Market Publique

    omg that Geoffrey Beene IS a gem. Feathers rocks. I got my Pauline Trigere coat there 🙂

  • Davina

    I really love this set of photos..the colors and background go together really well!

  • Shauna

    Thats a gorgeous outfit.

  • Gloria

    Yes! The dress is "too cool for school" as the expression goes…The photography is inspired…but left out in comments that I saw….The amazing hair!

  • Joll Burr

    really love this simple and chic outfit! ur looking great and i like ur style.. just fell in love with ur blog, following u now!:)

    xo, Joll from

  • Mile

    LOVE this dress!

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