home sweet home

6th December, 2010

  • Angeles Almuna

    WOW Love your apartment! ..and You were in Miami for Art Basel?…Me too!!!!! It's the best time to come to Miami Beach…next time contac me I was in every Art Fair, Art Basel Vernissage, openings and parties…see you next time and I love your blog!
    Kisses Darling!


  • OMG how i LUURRRRVE your apartment. So chic and sophisticated!!! Your living room is TO. DIE. FOR. Thanks for sharing!

    joann @ http://idratherbeshopping.wordpress.com

  • oh my goodness kelly, your place is amazing!! I remember when Lucrecia told me how nice it was, but wowww stunning job you did with the design!!

  • Meg

    Your living room leaves me speechless …AMAZING! 🙂
    You did an absolutely stunning job, well done!!

  • Your apartment is GORGEOUS!!! I love it!! Thank you so much for sharing.

  • PS. Just visited Apartment Therapy — congrats on the feature! I also ADORE your office! Looks so cozy and perfect for making your amazing jewelry…just FAB!

  • This is amazing! I love the interior design of your apartment. 🙂




  • Wow, amazing work! very talented!

  • Wowzers, that is one amazing apartment! Love the doggy stairs 😉

    XoXo-Kelli K
    It's giveaway time 😉

  • so pretty, love your bunny pillow. such a great idea. would love to see you vintage Christmas tree you mentioned on one of your posts.

  • Stunning, glam pad. I love all the black and white with the mix of metals.

  • Your apartment is absolutely stunning! You have such great taste, everything is so well done, and love all the details!! xx

    thanks for sharing!


  • The apartment is amazing! But I wouldn't expect nothing less! And bunny is so cute!

  • Love your place. Where did you get the little step thing for your dog to go up on the bed? It is really nice! x


  • Jonrah

    Gorgeous apartment! You have a Stan Getz Charlie Parker LP….LOVES IT!!!

  • WOW love the kithcen!!!!!! May i ask where the cabinets and countertops are from?



  • Jonrah

    Sorry, wrong Charlie. Not Charlie "the byrd" Parker, just Byrd! haha!

  • @ FASHION SNAG: the little step stool came from a yard sale in the hamptons. it was originally stained wood ~ i painted it black & white for a totally new look!


  • C

    You have a stunning place! Seriously. Has it ever been featured in a magazine before?

  • Wow Kelly! Just wow! The apartment is just beautiful. The collections of silver candles is stunning. And the gold/silver piece above the bed is fabulous! Really reminds me of sweet wrappers for some reason?!?!

    Going into the home inspiration file for sure!




  • PS!! if you're curious where something's from, most of my resources are listed in the full Apartment Therapy feature!!


  • v

    i guess i'm not going to say anything new but your apartment rocks! love the trench with the leopard lining on the first pic and you cute little dog. 🙂

  • Holy Crap! Your place looks like a magazine spread. I love it, but I would be so scared of getting dirt on anything wowza. Crazy nice.

  • i really love this and want to decorate immediately!! i especially love the shots with the pooch <3 tugging on my heart strings and making me want to get another one!


  • Sarah P

    Your place looks fantastic!!! I love the black, gold, and white combo.

  • You have a lovely home Kelly. Such a beautiful and unique decor.


  • Oh my, your place is so beautiful. You truly have the most exquisite taste. Are you an interior designer? Or are you just completely innovative?

    xo Chelsey

  • What luscious and extraordinary interior design! Your NYC pad is so chic, that's living the life right there, love it!

    Enjoyed the additional images on Apartment Therapy, your puppy is so adorable!


  • your place is gorgeous! I esp love the kitchen – and your dog!


  • you have a beautiful place! so sleek and modern but still feminine.


  • OMG your home is TO DIE FOR! Beautiful and glamourous – it's perfectly you!

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

  • You make it look so easy — but combining beauty, personality, taste and a variety of styles is not easy. Your apartment is simply perfect!

    Question: What kind of camera is that in the first photo?

  • All the black and white is to die for and the steps for Bunny… killing me!


  • km.

    You have one of the most amazing apartments I've ever seen. And what a cute dog! Pics of you and your man?

    Kate xo

  • Biaa

    You have such a beautiful home! I love how it feels very cozy 🙂

  • love your apartment! you have such a great eye for decoration! I want a cozy little space of my own to decorate! congrats on the AT feature!

  • I love your apartment! It's also nice to see a fellow vinyl collector. My husband is a DJ and I have been collecting vinyl since the mid 70's. Depeche Mode makes up the largest part of the collection.

    As usual, fantastic taste!


  • absolutely beautiful. love your style.

    i'm def going to check out the whole thing at apartment therapy.

  • Lovely! It's nice to go home with that cozy ambiance you have in there. But your true with that- there's no place like home. Thanks for tripping us around.


  • you'r dog is just aborable!!! soo cute *-*

  • lin

    i saw your feature on apartment therapy before i saw this post and i just wanted to say what a fabulous job you did with such a minimal palette! it's seriously an inspiration. i wish you posted an upclose shot of your own painting ms. framel 🙂

    xx, lin

  • I love your apartment!


  • such a lovely apartment and bunny is the best part, love ur pooch 🙂


  • OMG

  • wow its amazing!!


  • LOVE all of your pics! Your place is like a gorgeous haven of love and everything is so special! Bunny looks soooooooo CUTE in all of the pics. I love the her mini stairs upto the bed…oieeee…soo chic! And I LOVVVVVVVVE the ghost girl from BRIMMY framed in the stairwell….she looks like a happy ghost now!!!!!!!! hahaa
    See you in NY soooon! WE come tommorow!
    xoBeckerman Girls


  • omg! what an amazing place. love the photos!

  • This is one of the most beautiful apartments I've ever seen!!


  • I love your apartment! It's so cool and stylish.

  • Beautiful space but boy would I be on pins and needles trying to relax in it and keep it clean at the same time (and anyone else that would come over for that matter). The little one is just too cute. Love the shot of her halfway perched on the stepstool.


  • Waw what a stylish apartment! Love your dog and the gucci bag! xoxo Sarah
    I hope you'll stop by my blog sometime:

  • Your home is officially my inspiration! And I live on apartment therapy congrats on being featured! Keep working, you inspired me to complete one of my apartment projects that I had been procrastinating on complete. I am glad I finished though because it looks beautiful. I will post them on my site when I am complete.

    Vogue & Vintage


  • your home is beautiful!! so jealous! and cute dog!


  • the space looks incredible, kelly! can i move in? i promise i wont take up too much space… haha

    i wander, i wonder

  • Wow…… So glamour!
    Soooooo you 😀

  • INCREDIBLE! your place is so inspiring as as chic as you are — simply beautiful


  • WOW!!! Gorgeous apartment!! Love your blog!

  • Your apartment is amazing, love the attention to detail!

  • blank

    I love absolutely everything about your apartment! I'm speechless! It's exactly what I want for my house, but I'm not sure how to begin!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Jenna Christine

  • LOVE Apartment Therapy! And I love your home! Beautiful, clean space xxx

  • You're apartment is absolutely stunning–every inch of it is pure perfection and there isn't one bad thing to say about it. I was in Miami this weekend as well–that weather is considered chilly to us, if you can believe it!

    <3 kris&kel;

  • i would never want to leave home if that was my apartment! it's so chic and classy, so you 🙂

  • What a fabulous place to come home to, and soooo clean! (Guess whose place could use a little pick-up?!)

    I am totally obsessed with air plants, I have had a million, but always end up killing them. Have you ever had success keeping them around for more than a month or two?

    Come check out my fashion blog!

    Trés Awesome

  • i used to have that stereo but it got hit by lightning 🙁

  • Anonymous


  • i absolutely love miami, but if my place looked like yours, i would never leave my apartment. it's beyond amazing!

  • Emy

    Your apartment is seriously amazing!!
    So much inspiration for my future



  • When I'm older and out of school and with a job- I want to an apartment like yours! Seriously amazing- I think I'd just make a mess of everything!


  • Your apartment is to DIE for !! Love it. So chic. I can't wait to have a place of my own like that one day.

  • The amazing thing about you is that you apply fashion to all aspects of your life.

  • So cool home..amazing!Great taste!


  • S

    I love your house! never thought a kitchen could look so sophisticated!


  • nice house!!!
    nice pics!!!


  • Is that a scrabble board I spy? 🙂

  • I looked at the apartment therapy tour, and I love especially your workplace and also the striped bathroom with the bottles beneath the sink. The tinsel tree is cute, too. The one thing that I absolutely did not love about your apartment is that thing hanging over the bed, the chunky gold/silver piece. Something about it is just terribly tacky, a vibe which does not fit the rest of your decor at all. I'm not sure why it bothers me so much, but it's just visually not a good match… maybe it would be improved if it were not two-tone.

  • I looked at the apartment therapy tour, and I love especially your workplace and also the striped bathroom with the bottles beneath the sink. The tinsel tree is cute, too. The one thing that I absolutely did not love about your apartment is that thing hanging over the bed, the chunky gold/silver piece. Something about it is just terribly tacky, a vibe which does not fit the rest of your decor at all. I'm not sure why it bothers me so much, but it's just visually not a good match… maybe it would be improved if it were not two-tone.

  • oh my gosh!!! this sceams YOU! wow… its almost like if i saw this first before knowing i would have guessed instantly… beautiful, creative, comfortable… i love it… especially because it has Kelly written all over it! bravo!


  • Oh my goodness! Your apartment is absolutely stunning! What a perfect mix of artsy and opulence. LOVE the black, white, and gold theme!

  • amazing and stylish

  • Anonymous

    YAY! Finally! It's just as gorgeous as I'd imagined–and yes, I know I posted something about this the other day but–what on earth do you do with your television? All those gorgeous photos and not a one shows where you put it! (This is all too common an occurence with apartment therapy features sadly). I can never figure out what to do with my TV!

  • Aeriel

    Cool records- What kind of music are you into? Beeteedubs, bee-yoo-ti-ful apartment.

  • Anonymous

    get over yourself

  • Amazing, stunning, beautiful apartment! There is no limit to your creativity!! I like the idea of mismatched jars for bathroom storage. And Bunny looks so adorable.

  • Bre

    Wow. Your apartment is simply stunning, everything I thought it would be and more. And Bunny? She is too cute for words and steals every shot!

  • Dream come true! Thanks for sharing.

  • The epitome of glamour darling! These are my decor colors and your take on them is brilliant!

  • these are so beautiful!


  • Anonymous

    Holy Smack Woman! LOVE it!!!

  • princess_of_mars

    Even the TP looks chic!

  • with every post I think I get more and more obsessed with you. you're house is incredible!! just curious, did you design/decorate it yourself? I'm in LOVE!

  • looks beautiful!! congrats

  • what a great place!!!!


  • What a STUNNING apartment! I absolutely LOVE it!

  • You have a beautiful home. Gorgeous art work and furniture. Love your blog. xx



  • wow your apartment is amazing! literally it looks like every room flows together…now make us all feel better and say it isn't ALWAYS this clean?

  • Your apartment looks gorgeous…very glam 🙂 I love the cute little doggie steps and especially how both perfume and toilet paper are stored together…I'm the same way, keeping the essentials close LOL!


  • Wow! I love all your purist white spots. =) Allows a lot of space for more art. =)

    I wonder if you'd ever give any workshop in your studio? Any? Any? On whatever…styling or jewelry designs/make over…anything! I will be there!

    I've been waiting for months for you to announce that.
    Thank you!

  • i've been waiting for your apartment pics…and so i was very excited(!!!) to see you had posted them. jumped to the apt therapy site and viewed the "house tour". it's beautiful…both of you have exquisite taste.

  • Anonymous

    Can you post some details on where you sourced some of your materials? Can you go into some detail regarding your bedside plants – what are they? GREAT job, would love some how – to. Did you work on a budget? Time frame?

  • meso

    thanks for inspiring me. m

  • I love the colors + textures you incorporate in your place! And I am in love with that beetle box. I would love to see a post on the best places to source home furnishings and/or your creative process for decorating.
    Happy Monday 🙂

  • NM, just started reading the Apartment Therapy link– so cool!

  • Exquisite taste! I absolutely love what you have done, it's soooo posh!

  • Kelly your place turned out so so amazing! I loved everything but I have to admit, Bunny leaning on her very nice step stool is my favorite 😉

  • Absolutely fantabulous!!

  • T.

    Aaahh, so your apartment is ready! It looks amazing!

  • You're so talented, you could be an interior decorator as well!


  • Love your house 🙂
    Very cozy:)

  • Great taste…need a roomie? :0


  • adore your home. that would be the perfect nest in the city without a doubt.

    Also I store my makeup brushes the same way – in old beer mugs or old jars – love it!

  • Thanks for the glimpse into your apartment – it's beautiful!

  • Your space is fabulous! I love the black and white palate with splashes of gold and color! Check out the one-of-a-kind handmade chandeliers that I posed on my blog a few days ago:) They would look gorgeous in your space.


  • Anonymous

    Congrats Kelly, just fabulous!

  • turned out great!

  • Holy crap your flat is so amazing!!! I don't even have the right words to describe how awesome it is!!!! <3


  • I love the apartament! It is do beautiful and modern… Perfect!!! I want a identical =)



  • Anonymous

    Wow! Your apartment is one of the
    most gorgeous apartments I have ever seen. I love everything about it. Your home is so beautiful and
    such a great inspiration for me.
    Thanks for sharing it with us.

  • Oh how beautiful! I sincerely hope one day I am grown up enough to have a lovely chic apartment and not just spend my whole time walking around thinking "gosh I should really clean up…" like I do now! I think it's a gene people are born with, to live calmly and tidily! I seem to just explode everywhere! Oh well at least it's usually a beautiful mess 🙂 Congrats on getting featured on apartment therapy!!! xxxx

  • love your apartment. looks so comfortable.

  • Hilary Inspired

    Striking, sophisticated, elegant, and unique….exactly what I would have expected your place to look like, Kelly. Congrats on the Apartment Therapy feature!

  • Anonymous

    Hey ANON 6:40 – jealous much?

  • Wow…! your apartment is amazing, you are the most artistic blogger hands down! and have the cutest dog too..:-)

  • Oh wow! Your home is so so lovely. It really inspired me today. I wish you all the hapiness and domestic bliss 🙂 in the world.

  • Your home is absolutely gorgeous!

  • so lovin your apartment
    you're so good at styling even the house decoration

    check out my blog for winter must-haves post
    (to those of you who haven't visited my blog yet, please follow my blog and on twitter @divalicious_m thanks!)


  • I love the bunny pillow!!

  • Triple Creme

    I absolutely LOVE your chic home! Black and gold is my favorite. Cozy and beautiful.


  • ah-mazing place. absolutely beautiful 🙂 no pictures of the closet?! jk.

    super inspiring – thanks for sharing.


  • I stalked your apartment on ApartmentTherapy – Gorgeous! You and Greg did an incredible job, and I'm not usually one for modern apartments. I thoroughly enjoyed the House Tour.

  • Oh Em Gee. Love it. Glamorous!


  • Anonymous

    Love everything about your apartment. The colour scheme throughout. I love the flooring, bottles, cushions, rugs etc. So glamourous

  • Gorgeous apartment… And the silverware hanging in like bunches on the wall is ingenious. Kudos!

  • Your house is like a fairytale! absolutely beautiful!!! the details make it such a 'home'


  • Katherine

    AMAZING APARTMENT!!! So in love.

  • I love Apartment Therapy :] so glad you are sharing your space on that site!

  • What a lovely home!

  • your apartment is beautiful!!!


  • Where is your fantastic black-with-white-starburst rug from? I'm ob-sessed. Obsessed.

  • such a pretty home. i love it

  • Your blog is so nice!!
    Come to visit me if you want…
    and if you like my blog become my follower :)..


  • your apartment is so beautiful!
    very glamorous.

  • I love when you do home decore/ furniture posts. You have such great style.

  • I absolutely LOVE your chic home! Black and gold is my favorite. Cozy and beautiful.


  • Lucinda

    Do you think that we can “buy” that you live in that house?? Bullshit!

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