seduced by sparkle

23rd November, 2010

  • Oh my! Those sequined gold pants are to die for!! So beautiful. I love all the jewelry you've created as well!

  • Eli

    those sparkly pants are killer! and look perfect with the Lanvin H&m; heels! so lovely…

  • Your photos never cease to amaze me – the best in the blogosphere in my opinion… This channels seduction perfectly!

  • I think this is the first time I've commented, but I've been reading your blog for awhile now. I love it! I was actually just thinking about how much I loved to wear little hints of of sparkling jewelry. I love this entire outfit! Those earrings are gorgeous.

  • Ria

    You look so gorgeous. Wow.

  • LO

    Those pumps!

  • absolutely in love with your glamorous cabaret sparkling pants and those to-die-for lanvins

    <3 angie
    (ps i'm having a giveaway!)

  • Hi there,

    I think it's pretty amazing to be inspired by something as little as a scent, which actually and surprisingly is so powerful. Your beautiful outfit screams the mood of effortless seduction.

  • girlfran, those sequin pants are TO DIE FOR.
    Easily, my most favorite thing you ever worn.
    I also feel sexiest in sparkles (sequins, glitter, shimmer) and with my hair up and off my neck.

    🙂 You look so good!

  • you look positively divine, and most definitely sexy…this has that wonderful 1920's jazzy sort of vibe.

    i feel my best when i'm in something that is effortless, something i don't have to pull and tug at or worry about adjusting every now and then. something like a flowy, drapey tank a good pair of cutoff denim shorts, and maybe some boots with thigh high socks. simple, but never fails me.

  • There are NO WORDS for how gorgeous and sexy this outfit is….sometimes "less" isn't always more….you look breathtaking!!!!

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Enter my Spotted Moth Giveaway♥

  • Hello! This is my first time commenting, but I have been following your blog since it first began years ago, and I happened to randomly stumble upon it. I absolutely adore this outfit and must share my humble opinion that you continue to remain one of the most unique and inspiring style starlettes of the blogging world. I agree with you, that covering up can be sexy too! I think that's why I love your blog so much – because you are one of the few women in the media who always looks polished and does everything with a great deal of class. You truly understand the meaning of glamour. Thank you for sharing your style and empowering philosophies with women!

  • wow this outfit just pops! your gorgeous shiny pants really just make me take a second look at the outfit, & its combined with such a sexy blazer.
    loving the length of your hair too!x

  • The shoes! Good grief! They're gorgeous! What a lucky girl you are! I love how they pair so well with the sequined pants. On plenty of other people, sequined pants might look slightly, well, trashy, but on you, I'm inspired to go find myself a pair. And to put the H&M; heels on my Christmas list!! 🙂

  • The pumps, the leggings, the jewelry. This might be my favorite outfit of yours!

  • lilys24

    absolutely breathtaking!

  • those sequined pants are sooo sick!

  • I love the sequin pants, but do you have a problem with them stretching out?

    My favorite thing to wear is soft, loose things, like oversize cashmere or kimonos.

  • Gorgeous! The lighting on this shoot is perfect. I love love love that you don't equate seduction with an overdose of skin…a sharp ensemble and a perfect hint of collar bone wisely leaves so much more to the imagination. And isn't our imagination the most seductive part of our psyche? Perhaps that's why perfume holds so much power…close your eyes, and you're somewhere else entirely. I'm intrigued by this fragrance…dark and sultry is kind of my groove, so *fingers crossed!* Also, god, those bottles are so dear.

  • You had an amazing looks to capture everytime. I love your post here so with the blazer and accessories.

  • Emsherm

    Those pants! Fierce!!

  • Love the last shot. Piercing xxx

  • Those pants and earrings are amazing, I feel the most sophisticated when I am wearing pants and a mens style sheer shirt at night amongst a sea of girls in mini dresses. Thats alluring.

  • Sexy and subtle I love it. Those pants are amazing I squeeled when I saw them. I just love glitter and the fact that the pants have glitter is amazing. Really that is an amazing alternative to the holiday dress in case you prefer to wear sparkly pants instead that's the way to go.

  • you've done it.

    i'm seduced.

    🙂 incredible as always.

    i wander, i wonder

  • Wow, I love the pants and shoes. Your boyfriend was sweet! x

  • wow, those pants are absolutely amazing, great outfit!

  • Pic #3 with the sequins pants and heels are HOTT. Yes please!!!

  • 1. i love that this entry is tagged "competetive sports"

    2. this is my new favorite outfit. this is truly the definition of glamourai. leopard? check. sequins? check. gold? check. tight pants? check. jewels? check. love love love.

  • Wow! Love the blazer, and what a lovely bf you have 😉 Fabulous surprise!

  • ADJ

    those pants are a dream. seriously, i want them now.

  • eli

    I saw a pic of Blake Lively in those sequined pants, but silver not gold, and totally fell in love with them…You look amazing in this outfit! I love each single piece…so I can say you did a great job seducing me!!! 😉


  • Shari Nichol

    I always find it hard to know where to start when it comes to finding scents so I love the concept of visualising the scent in a feeling, styleand stunning photos.

    From what I see here this scent is me and the way you articulate it is spot on. I feel most sexy covered up and my fiancee likes me the same way. He likes me in pants and heels and I am all for the ties at the bottom (I'm wearing a lot of ties and bows). I also have short dark hair which to me dictates gorgeous feature earrings as you have used and the black blazer is a great staple particularly with statement bottoms.

    Thanks for a great blog and another great costume series!

  • what a sweet boyfriend. he helped you sparkle 🙂

  • I think I feel sexiest with a little lace and a head full of loose curls. Those shoes looks so amazingly… amazing!!

  • amazing look,par excellence!!:) great blog,i'm following u from now on…:) have a great week…
    p.s. if u have time check out mine…

  • Eep! Those trousers! Amazing! And then of course I looked, and they were Ralph Lauren… no wonder they are so lush. This is indeed a very glamorous and seductive look.

  • Jac

    The pants are awesome and so are the shoes. I feel most alluring in a simple black fitted cotton tank dress. It hugs in all the right places and it makes me feel sexy without having to feel like I'm trying to be.

  • wow, you look fantastic, and the pants, what I can say- just awesome

  • So chic!

  • those pics are woderful and I'm in love with your leggings! <3

  • I never thought I would love a pair of sparkle pants, but you may have just converted me.

    I love a woman who can feel sexy covered up — I'm the same way. All I need is a pair of dark skinny jeans and a fierce attitude — and eyeliner, of course 😉

  • I love a little waist-defining belt, glimmery eyes, and a hot shoe!

  • All of the pieces that make up your outfit are fantastic. I'm particularly in love with your earring and that bow ring!

    <3 kris&kel;

  • WOW those pants are stunners for sure! You look fabulous in them 🙂


  • I badly want the earrings you designed. They are amazing. And those pants are fantastic.

  • your hair is growing out amazingly well – looking gorgeous as usual hon.

  • Oh wow! I never would have thought to put those elements together – they seem too much on their own, but you pull them together beautifully! I love your work!

  • Danna

    This outfit inspires me to get into the holiday spirit! Those shoes….awwww…heavenly!

  • Anonymous

    I think that seduction is a state of mind, it isn't the luxury of having the money but the charm … a glance, a smile, hands cured lacquer red … this is the seduction. sorry for my English, I'm Italian … this outfit is perfect, I love it, it's seductive.. elisa polimeni

  • Em

    For me it's old world glamor or a later but still vintage wiggle dress. You look very chic in your outfit and I agree that some coverage is more alluring than a constant reveal.

  • Those pants look fab on you. You can totally pull it off.

  • Dovile

    Oh, i looove sequins just as you do.. But I'm always afraid to put on sequins tights or pants – maybe I should give it a try? You're just so inspiring.

  • I love those RL pants and they do oooooooze seduction as I am sure the scent does as well. I am with ya – some sparkle, smoky eyes and a sexy scent and that is seduction all the way!

  • I love those pants and I want a pair for myself – so fun! I also love putting just a splash of scent on to help make me seel sexy before I head out the door.
    Much love,

  • I absolutely love this look! Looking amazing, as always. And yes, perfume always helps make you feel sexy right before you head out the door.
    Much love,

  • you look amazing! keep shining 😉

  • wow those pants are insane! very much like the isabel marant, and your bf is amazing to pick out those shoes!

  • OMG this has got to be my favorite outfit you have put together thus far! You look amazing, like old hollywood amazing 🙂

    XoXO-Kelli K

  • This might just be my favorite outfit on you yet! Spot on with the boy's blazer and sequin pants – masculine enough, but still very seductive and alluring! LOVE IT!

  • OMG! who are you? where do you come from? how do you do all this??? I am just so frigging lucky to have caught your blog!!! 😛
    Amazing stuff… amazing creativity!!!
    Intellectually fashionable!
    <3 all about you :)
    Thanks for sharing everything… :))
    I wish I could meet you someday!
    You are divine! I just cannot stop talking about you 😛
    Keep us posted forever! Can't do without ya! :))


    Meg Meh

  • Kim

    Those pants are seriously amazing! You look awesome 🙂

  • And yes, one more thing… you soooooooooooooooooooo much resemble with Jessica Stroup.. 😉



  • Wow…just amazing Kelly. You look stunning.
    xoxo Heather

  • Perfection.
    1st, LOVE the sequin pants?! If anyone can pull them off it would be you! and 2nd, loving the leopard lavin shoes!!!!!!


  • Wow, these photos are BEAUTIFUL. So glam and uber chic. I'm in love with those sequined pants and don't even get me started on all your lovely jewelry!

  • Oh my goodness – gold sequin pants! These photos are extremely glamorous – and seductive!
    I also have short hair, and when I cut it I think I was a little worried that I'd have trouble feeling seductive, but I've actually found that anything that shows off my neck makes me feel very beautiful. Whoever decided that skimpy clothing was sexy was crazy! Demure, classy, elegant and just a tad decadent always wins in my book.
    beautiful look.

  • i totally get feeling sultry when covered up – in the end its what you feel most comfortable in that makes you feel sexiest… and id love to win cologne #2!

  • You look incredible!! those sequin pants are insane!!

    The Craft

  • Ugh! I LOVE! Does it get any better than gold sequin pants with leopard print heels? I'm thinking no.

    I feel most alluring when I'm covered up on top but wearing a short skirt and at least four inches of heel. I'm 5'10", so it's certainly effective in head-turning. Either that or I'm imagining things…

  • This may be one of my favorite outfits. I'm a sucker for sequins.

    I feel the most alluring when I'm wearing something I know I look good in & when I'm comfortable. And always when I'm with my guy. He seriously makes me feel like I'm beautiful 24/7. It's all about my confidence level, for sure.

  • This entire ensemble is SO chic! I love it!

  • glamour guy did an awesome job with these pics!
    the mood and lighting is stunning!
    you look gorgeous!
    love those earrings!

  • OMG, that second photograph is amazing!! Those pants are to die for on you, I doubt anyone could pull those off like you!! I love how you styled them with a black blazer and leopard print heels and it looks so chic, I think that outfit could get very 80's campy pretty quick, but the way you pulled it together it is nothing but understated glamour with some glitzy elegance. I love it!! 🙂 <3

  • Ana

    those pants had me at hello. love.

  • You style is inspiring and your artistic talent is stunning. I'm asking Santa for a piece of jewelry from your line. Please keep the posts coming…….

  • Anonymous

    I actually squealed a little when I scrolled down to those gold sequined pants.

    You look wonderful.


  • There is something about a woman covered up and still looking glam and sexy! You do it well here. Great pics. For me, I'm most in love with my legs nowadays so I'd go with something covered up completely on top but baring the legs with some glamourous heels! Oh and of course a sexy scent and great makeup!

  • love aboslutely everything about this look. the pants the blazer and those heels! very festive in deed – put me in the shopping mood 🙂

  • Fabulous as always!! LOVE everything…even the lighting is seductive!! You always know how to evoke the right mood with your outfits and photos!

  • Absolutely in love with your pants! This outfit is just perfect. Glam and fabulous 🙂


  • Ashley

    I love how a fragrance can totally change your attidude and mood whether it be sexy and alluring or sweet and dainty. It all enhances a fabulous outfit. By the way, love the Ralph Lauren pants!

  • LOVE the pants! You are so elegant. Love the switch up with the night time photos, fits the outfits mood.

  • I am so in love with those heels! And I'm constantly amazed at how you make such seemingly outlandish pieces (those gorgeous sequin pants) look so perfect.

  • Shrewing of the Tame

    I can't figure out what I love more: the pants or the heels. Both are amazing!

  • For the love of Zsa Zsa, I never met a sequin I didn't like, and those pants are crazy bananas sick. Love them. Deffo enter me for the drawring. Thank ye kindly for the opportunity!


    merciblahblah at

  • I LOOOVE the sparkle. Is there a single girl out there who isn't in love with shiny things? A perfect combo (but then again, your ensembles are always perfectly put together.)

    I'd love to try this lovely sultry scent!

    Angie M.

  • Sigh. Only YOU could wear pants made entirely of gold sequins and still look classy and sophisticated.

  • i love the mood of this look and the subtle sparkle. definitely one of my favorites of your costumes to date! so cinematic… i'd like to try on the sultriness of scent no. 2 and have a go myself 🙂


  • wonderful.. absolutely love it!!!


  • I agree, being covered up in clothes that make you feel sexy is way more seductive than letting it all hang out! Love the ralph lauren pants!

  • LOVE your interpretation of sultry here, it's so very awesome and so very YOU :)…I too find being covered up the most seductive…though I do enjoy a bare shoulder…the better to showcase sexy perfume! 🙂

    Olga Yarlug

  • For me to feel alluring and sultry, I must be wearing heels, the higher the better! I love to wear a sparkly top, jeans that hug my curves and killer heels. Sometimes I'll go for a mini, but I have to wear tights or else I feel a little too exposed.

  • AR

    gorgeous. sequins, furs, sparkle, silk, and musk.. to me, that is seduction.

  • I feel sexiest in a pair of skinny jeans and high heels. Legs and the resounding click of the heels, makes me feel confident!

  • Vee

    You look fantastic! I love how you're covered up but look just so classic and romantic. Only you can do that with gold sequins pants.

    I love touches of sparkle but have been wanting to buy an entire sequins top and you've gien me the gumption to do it. Thanks Kelly!

  • Oh, yeah, this definitely is seduction! Night, sequins, heels, a glimpse of the bare skin and the sexiest part of the body – nape 🙂

  • i am also a huge sequin fan! and those pants are amazing! gorgeous.

  • Those are fantastic sequin pants!!!! I need them. They are a perfect twist to the holiday when everyone is wearing dresses.

  • These are the hottest photos. Those pants, and pretty much your entire outfit are amazing!

  • Love the look! pants/heels/blazers and bling 😉 Also, the night shots are a nice touch!

  • Zanna Sutcliffe

    I adore the lighting in this, and the setting…lucky you to be given those amazing shoes!

  • It is a shame those pants are only borrowed… I love them!

  • A hint of skin is always alluring. Great styling on the pants, love.


  • Joan

    Hi Kelly..I think seduction is a muted kinda dark scent along with some yes sparkle some candles and black flowing and velvet along with some animal print..Gee almost just what you have done..I would have like to have seen a fireplace and a open window ..You look divine and your boyfriend is a keeper..I might add "i have never seen a diamond that didn't turn my head…
    Keep up the beautiful work..

  • Emy

    You look great in these shots! The dark works it really well:) Great outfit! I love your blog



  • You look so exquisite, Kelly! And what an extraodinary present from your bf, those lavin + h&m; heels are perfection. I adore the RL sequin pants too.

    The whole look is so smashing and mysterious, just like the scent.

  • Dear sequined pants,

    Please get in my closet.

    Thank you.

  • What a gorgeous outfit! It’s thee perfect Holiday ensemble! I’m totally drooling over the pants…

  • Ok…I think I'm in love with those pants!!
    I think being all covered up, with just a bit of skin peeking out (either from sexy cut outs, or a shoulder slipping out of a top) is very seductive.

  • Super picture! After looking at your photos I want to work up to wearing sequin pants.

  • i agree with you completely, sometimes the air of mystery is all you need to be seductive, just showing a lot of skin becomes trashy very fast.

    i like using the darker tones, with fabrics that move the eye over my better places, and the same goes for the accessory placement. where do you want to draw the eye.

    i love dusky cologne seductive scents more than anything else, im not really a flowery girl

  • Love the pants! Sadly sequin pants are tough to find on my budget.

  • Those…. those shoes… I'm… I'm mesmerized.
    UTTERLY SEDUCED one might say.
    I love this entire outfit. Menswear and shimmer: smart confident and sexy. Whats more seductive than that?

  • AHHHH, I saw your gorgeous sequin pants and then saw my name! So excited I won!

    Thanks so much. I just emailed you my shipping information. XOXO Valerie

  • Nice pants!!!

  • The combination of the jewellery, the pants and the shoes is magical!One of your best outfits for sure!
    Love, Danae

  • holy glitter pants! i LOVE them but could never pull that off myself. Nicely done AND might I add that scent #2 is my fav. of all!

  • your a vision of beauty in these photos!

  • this might be my favorite outfit of yours ever! you look absolutely gorgeous and incredibly seductive 😉 i want to add these pants to my xmas list now!! xo.

  • Definitely alluring, my eye would be drawn to you if I saw you out for an evening! looks beautiful!!

  • absolutely adore this look! and you should keep that RL pick… those pants are def worth more than a borrowed look!
    Glamourai-Guy did a great job with the sultry feel of these pics too.

    just love and so jealous of those shoes! 😉


  • I adore sequins, especially in the day time. I think they look so alluring hidden under a big coat with just a few gleams showing through, topped off with poison red nails, that is my idea of seduction… x

  • Amy

    I am SO desperate for a new scent that is seductive, not old or cloying! This is PERFECT!


  • victoria chau

    the lighting, the shadows, the pants, the shoes.. ugh. perfection.

  • #1Shopaholic

    Your pants are darling! Great scented cologne fragrances turn my gray skies blue. When I smell good and look and feel good!

  • Anonymous

    Please bring back the earrings I need those in my life!!!!!!!!

  • fro

    love the combination of a business blazer and party glitter pants!

    fgording [at] aol [dot] com

  • I love your cologne-inspired outfits! 🙂
    Just like you, I feel most alluring when "all covered up" in sparkly and glamourous clothing, especially with knee to calf length skirts, black tights, and kitten heels. 🙂
    coenobita54 [at] gmail [dot] com

  • One of my favourite of your outfits. LOVE the sequin sparkle pants. And, the scent sounds dreamy

  • Angeles Almuna

    The best post ever!!!!!! You shine lady!!!!!Fabulous style, the location is perfect…and those SHOES! that I'm dying for having something from Lanvin…but here in Miami……mmmmmmm….
    Well, you look stunning! Love your work!

  • I love those sequined pants, and those shoes are to die for! Your hair is also looking super cute! 🙂

  • The looks fit perfectly with the scents!

  • omg those pants are amazing. I have been eyeing the isabel marant pants for a while now and those are right up my alley. AND THOSE SHOES!!! AMAZING!!!!

  • What fabulous pants! A refreshing take on holiday-wear! The shoes are so fun. They look like a new staple!

  • Those pants and shoes together…OMG..
    I don't think it gets any better then that!

  • I have discovered two things about myself by reading this post:

    1) My object of utmost desire is now sequined pants.
    2) The man I want is the man that will buy me such fabulous shoes. What a sweetheart!

    You look wonderful, as always.


  • Brooke is completely right; the photos capture this divine elegance, but they are so sultry. I imagine they capture your true essence. Winter is the sexiest season, I feel. You can cover up in a voluminous coat, with fur, and add jewelry like yours for an effortless luxurious, with the most simple outfit underneath, even a T-shirt.

  • Kali S.

    LOVE the pants!

  • LOVE your pants!!

  • Memsaab

    love the blazer! lovelovelove

  • wow! those pants are amazing! love them. and i like shoes,too 🙂

  • this is a glamorous look! <3 i totally love love love the sequined pants/tights whatever it is called.. it is really sparkly!

  • Love the ensemble! Those pants were an amazing surprise. Ralph Lauren needs to give you the pants – they were made for you.

  • Those RL pants are amazing! Sexy and glam – you look gorg!

    x Antonia


  • kim

    those pants just blew my mind. wow. so awesome.

    clothes are cute

  • I feel most alluring in lots of layers and some quintessential sex-kitten eye makeup.

  • Beautiful!! love the sequins…you wear them just right!

  • I think sequins pants rock!!

  • lauren elizabeth

    The lighting in these photos compliment the pants so well! I am super envious of them.

  • Daniela

    i love letting a peak of my lacy under things show, a cami, a bra strap – just enough, and in a way that coordinates with the rest of the outfit.

  • Kerri@Treschiclifestyle

    Amazing outfit – you really wear it well! Love the way you put all those unique pieces together….

  • I adoreee the outfit. Anything sequin is amazing to me.

  • love it. collarbones and sequins = sexy.

  • bee

    I love this beyond words!!

  • stunning.

  • Maria S

    i love this entire outfit. not only does it make me want to go to a new years eve party, it makes me want to find hints of glimmer like in your cheetah shoes! love it!

  • I usually wear something from CB I Hate Perfume or Penhaligons- muskier when I want to feel alluring – but I am always open to new scents!

  • That outfit is the epitome of alluring! I agree that you don't need to show a lot of skin to be attractive- well placed sparkle, scent and color is enough!

    Does your bf have a brother?! 😉

  • Love the outfit and especially the gold pants! Great selection of a top and excellent choices on the accessories! Yes, there is something alluring about being covered up; it leaves something to the imagination!

  • Lovin' the entire ensemble!!!

  • So gorgeous.

  • Those pants are stunning!!!! But your shoes….I may NEVER recover! I cannot stop obsessing over them 😉

  • That blazer makes the outfit (and fantastic sparkle leggings:) I am with you when it comes to feeling alluring– artful concealment. In the words of Roland Barthes, seduction lies in imagining what we do not know.

  • In your outfit, you capture a great image of classy nighttime seduction. It's really effective/impressive. I love the blazer–it looks so comfortable and soft.

    I don't really have confidence in what I wear…ever…but I used to feel most seductive in a tight t-shirt and jeans or in one of my few dresses. I guess for me it tends to be a mood-based thing more than an outfit-based thing.

  • great statement pants!!!! they shout FUN! and your bf has great taste- i saw those in the collection and they rock!!! lucky girl 🙂


  • Love love love!

  • I love your comment how you feel the most seductive when you're all covered up. Such a wonderful attitude to being sultry 🙂
    I wish I could pull off those sequin trousers, they are to die for!

  • This outfit is SMOKIN! <3

  • OMG! This is the best holiday party outfit! You look incredible in the pants and shoes AND you'd be warmer and more comfortable than in a dress! Love it!

    xx Vivian @

  • amazing! i'm absolutely obsessed with those pants!

  • Liz

    Love this outfit! I agree–if styled in the right way, a covered-up outfit can be super seductive.

  • OMGOMGOMG…the pants!!!! Gorgeous! Obsessing. and saving my $! I got some great stuff at H&M; last Saturday, but of course by the time my wristband group got to the "roped off section", the shoes were all gone. Sadface. But they are FAB on you. J'adore! I recognize the earrings, and love them. I love a sexy, oversized earring as well. And of course, ALWAYS, the highest heel I can handle. No matter what I'm wearing, they always make me feel sexy. XO


  • I love your sequins! I'm a lover of sparkly things as well! But I feel most sultry when I have on something very feminine with a hint of masculine. Like an A-line vintage dress with a tuxedo or leather jacket. Or a lace lingerie looking tank with baggy pants. Or a new favorite, sheer tops with black trousers.

  • Those pants are amazing and the pictures look like they are from a magazine. Who takes your photos?

  • Love it! Those sequin pants take guts!

  • I think you look beautiful and sexy at the same time , yet classic…Its just a gorgeous set of photographs!
    I'm in love with everything in them 🙂


  • Katherine

    I love that silhouette!

  • those pants are beautiful ! i just love your sense of style …keep up the good work!

  • stellar outfit; perfect sparkle balance!! just lovely.

  • Even though I worked in factories a long time, I tried to wear sparkles under my overalls! They make me feel sparkly too. I feel good mostly covered up, but I love to show some shoulders now and then… A good scent is always sexy.

  • I must say, I love the first image of this post – everything's just right. The tilt of your face, the slight fuzziness of the background, and the way you're slightly shaded. To me, the latter really says intrigue and sultriness in a photograph.

  • Mei

    Love your outfit!

    I feel alluring when i'm in oversized knit tops with shorts!

  • These pants are SO the better, sexier, and more ahhmazine side of MC Hammer. Gosh, girl! You look gorgeous!

    My alluring is in a black blazer with a simple tank underneath, and some vintage necklace baubles. Clean, sophisticated, but comfortable at the same time.

    chloe **

  • wow, love the shoes 🙂 !

  • You look fabulous!! That outfit is to die for! I looooove those pants!!
    Love your blog, btw. Please stop by mine if you have a second:) Thanks!

  • Wow, these photos really look like from the movie 🙂
    You are sooo pretty!


  • personally I think you look irresistible 🙂 my definition of seduction is a little RED dress very, very, very, shamelessly high heels 🙂 covered up with Red Delicious by DKNY 🙂


  • I agree, sultry is all about leaving some to the imagination.


  • I love this look. It is so chic. I feel most sexy when I am comfortable and that often involves a good blazer, some standout pants and great jewellery. I love dressing up with a hint of masculinity in my wardrobe. Makes me think of waking up in my boyfriends shirts.
    p.s I love your H&M; shoes! Love. Love!

  • I am completely in love with those sequin pants. I would even wear them to sleep.

  • Kelsey

    So lovely! Especially the over the shoulder shot. Seductive is confidence, a little black dress, patterned tights and an outrageous shade of lip-color.

  • oh hello, AMAZING sequin pants!

    A Haute Mess

  • Love, love, LOVE.

  • Dibs Vintage

    never thought leopard + sequins + vintage would look thaaaat good!

  • Those pants need to be on my body right now. They look great with that fitted blazer.

  • Love love love the pants!!

  • keep the cologne send me those pants!

  • I'm absolutely in love with your sequin pants and Lanvin shoes! Your outfits are always gorgeous. x

  • Amity

    I think one of the most alluring things is something rough, like a flannel, or men's shirt, with the smallest girly detail, maybe lace peeking out of a neckline. little unexpected surprises like this just scream sexy. (:
    though I dare say your outfit just might pass that up.

  • I LOVE this outfit. The pants and the shoes together are perfect. I would die to have this in my closet.

    I personally feel at my best when I'm wearing something that's effortless. Something that I don't have to think about or feel self conscious in. Come to think of it, I don't know why I ever buy anything that I even have a second thought about. I'm trying to be more mindful of that in the future and feel at my best every day.


    This outfit has all fashion elements making it fantastic ! Statement jewelry, subtle but classic top that compliments the statement the gold shimmer of the pants with elegant detailing in the shoes with the little bows.

    With a short and sexy haircut, how could YOU not turn heads?

  • I think I feel most alluring when my hair, eyebrows, and nails are done. Once those details are right, all I want to wear is a loose boat neck tee with a ridiculously huge necklace, dark jeans, and flip flops. Done.

  • wow those pants are out of control. i need them NOW. you're amazing. the end 🙂

  • eeeeeeek! really like the leggings…never seen anyone actually pull those off

  • Love the sequin cigarette pants- dying. Great look all around. xx

  • Ces

    I want these pants! Siwy had a pair of red sequin ones last year and I was devastated I did not buy them. love love!!!


  • Wow! That is truly stunning! Do the sparkles come off? I would hate to leave a trail of glitter behind me.

  • WOW! I have always thought that sparkly was fun but never would I have called it sexy or seductive but it really is in this out fit.

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