Introducing: AYR

THE perfectly simple little line of elevated basics.


The Look

A curation of our favorite fall fashions: trends that will stand the test of time.


Audacious Beauty

An intrepid beauty study, inspired by NARS’ new Audacious Lipstick collection.


Beauty Flash

New looks through an iconic lens


Private Collection

A supreme selection of sultry tunes

Editorials | Les Fantasies

Beauty Flash // new looks through a time-tested lens

Moonlight in a Martini // as fresh and bright and full of promise as moonlight in a martini

Welcome To The Birdcage // Lord & Taylor's cool new concept store

Chanel: Concrete & Couture // the art of fashion

New York State Of Mind // our ode to the indomitable, inimitable spirit of New York

The Glamourai Shop